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Thinking about notebook (1) (ver0.2) and notebook ver0.2

Thinking about notebook (1) (ver0.2) and notebook ver0.2Chapter:Thoughts on electronic laptops (1)Tao zhexuan emphasized in "solving problems, growth, and happiness -- TAO zhexuan teaches you to learn mathematics" that the importance of using paper and pen to "cache" thinking for solving mathematical problems: use the selected symbol to express the information you know and draw a picture. Writing all the in

Suitable for girls notebook 3500 notebook recommended

Samsung 450R4J-X06 Reference Price: 3599 RMBRecommended reason: Exquisite and colorful fuselage, sufficient performance Samsung notebooks have always been satisfactory in terms of design, giving priority to female users. Samsung 450R4J-X06 Notebook has exquisite fuselage design, the fuselage weight 1.9kg, has the good portability. In addition, the notebook also has a lunar black, mysterious sil

Millet Notebook Air 4G version How about the Millet notebook air 4G version good-looking?

Millet notebook air 4G and before the normal version, divided into 12.5-inch small screen core and 13.3-inch display version, a total of 2 versions. The following is the 4G version of Millet air detailed parameters: Millet Notebook Air 4G version configuration Version contrast Millet Notebook Air 4G version 12.5 Millet

Notebook resolution How to adjust the screen resolution of the notebook computer to how appropriate?

Whether it's a tablet, a smartphone or a laptop, screen resolution is a big selling point on the screen, and today's script's little book is about sharing the knowledge about the screen resolution of your notebook. For the notebook screen resolution, a lot of users are mainly concerned about the resolution how to adjust the resolution how much appropriate, and so on, below we explain in detail, I hope the

Millet Notebook Air 13.3 configuration How about millet notebook air can play games?

Millet notebook air13.3 inch parameter introduction 13.3 "all-metal body, heavy 1.28kg, the thickest 14.8mm,5.59mm Ultra narrow frame, 80.1% screen accounted for, borderless protection glass, Morse hardness up to 7H, with" Full HD glare screen. Nvidia 940MX Standalone graphics + Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB memory +256GB SSD Drive, support hard drive expansion, price 4999 yuan. Millet notebook

The difference between IBM Business notebook and general notebook is:

Preface: The difference between ThinkPad and other brands is hard to tell in a single word. The great brand effect of IBM is actually behind IBM's superior quality, generous design, operational performance, and excellent service, in addition, the things behind the scenes must be verified by customers for a long period of time.When a general buyer buys a notebook, the eyeball is basically attracted by the configuration,The configuration determines

Use notebook notes (1), use notebook notes

Use notebook notes (1), use notebook notes1. Precautions for enabling remote access to notebook After Ipython notebook is installed, you can enable the Service as follows: ipython notebook --profile=nbserver --ip=XXX.XXX.XXX PS : -- Profile = nbserver the value of t

How to see the Notebook screen size notebook screen model size View method Introduction

Recently, a Netizen "smile" asked a small series of such a question: the size of the notebook screen how to see? How to view the notebook screen model? For this problem, I feel simple, but not how to explain. We know that General notebook screen size mainstream relatively fixed several sizes, generally have 13.3 inches, 14 inches and 15.6 inches, these three size

The comparison between the Millet notebook and the Apple Air notebook hardware

The comparison between the Millet notebook and the Apple Air notebook hardware The comparison between the Millet notebook and the Apple Air notebook hardware How about a millet notebook? To do high-performance lightweight noteb

Millet Notebook Air Configuration How much is millet notebook air

Millet Notebook air. The Millet notebook air uses the whole metal ultra thin design, 13.3-inch all-metal fuselage, weighing only 1.28kg, the thickest 14.8mm, more than a penny coins also thin; the millet notebook air uses the 5.59mm Ultra narrow border, the screen occupies the ratio up to 80.1%, the boundless protection glass,

Impression notes how to share notebook impressions notes shared notebook tutorial

Impression notes how to share a notebook? Many people who use the impression notes should know that this is a very useful note software, good notes must be shared with friends. Below, the green tea Le elder brothers share the impression notes sharing notebook and text tutorial, teaches everybody how to share the notes with the friend!   Impressions Note Shared Notebook

Recommended guide for old notebook hardware How to upgrade your notebook hardware

Although the hardware scalability of the notebook is not as rich as the desktop, it can still improve its performance with some basic hardware upgrades. Upgrades will be promoted in all areas: solid-state drives The benefits: solid-state hard disk to bring the speed of the notebook is all aspects, it can shorten the response speed of various operations, such as the boot speed, game load speed

Millet Notebook air 4G How about millet Notebook air 4G Detailed introduction

Recently, the millet combined with China Mobile published "Millet Notebook air 4G", its bright spot is to support mobile 4G, but also the use of virtual card design, air activation, open the box is used. So, what about the Millet notebook air 4G? Next, small series for everyone to bring millet notebook air 4G detailed introduction. Millet

Summer Notebook is very hot how to do notebook cooling method recommended

Spring is coming to the summer, the spring of 2012 years is nearing the end, the author 2 years ago to buy a computer due to the weather gradually become hot and heat dissipation, now Dongguan, and so on basically have worn short sleeve, facing the notebook computer cooling face more and more severe test, so how to let the notebook shun this increasingly hot summer? Here are some solutions given by users.

Sony notebook is easy to use, and Japanese notebook is dying together?

650) This. width = 650; "class =" aligncenter size-full wp-image-3162 "alt =" 1 "src =" http://www.kjxfx.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/16.jpg "width =" 405 "Height =" 270 "style =" height: auto; Vertical-align: middle; Border: 0px; margin: 0px auto; "/> Vaio unspeakable parting In the early 1990s S, Sony was the leader in the consumer-type household appliances field. In 1995, he served as the President and CEO of Sony. He realized that the Internet era is approaching. If he continues to focus o

How to view a notebook memory strip model for a new notebook

method One: Use the hardware inspection software to view the Notebook memory strip model (recommended) Computer hardware detection software has a lot of, including Lu Master, Drive Wizard, Cpu-z and so on, the general author prefers to use LU Master to view the computer hardware, the following brief introduction, using a master view notebook memory model method. Download and install the Master software in

2016 Double 11 Notebook brand which is good? 8 about 3000 Notebook purchase recommendation

about 3000 notebook recommended: Lenovo small new air Reference Price: 2999 RMB Recommended reasons: 1080P Full HD screen, lightweight and portable Lenovo small new Air 12 cloud Notebook is a very popular small screen lightweight version, the use of all-metal fuselage design, fuselage thickness of only 13.4mm, less than 1.5kg weight, fuselage top design is very simple. The smooth surface o

How to clean your notebook keyboard? How to clean your notebook keyboard method

Failure phenomenon: Modern information society, more people choose to use the notebook computer office, entertainment, and we use the highest probability is the notebook keyboard, the keyboard into the dust accumulated more easily damage, affect our normal use, so the usual use of the keyboard after the dust can find ways to put the keyboard gaps in the dust clean off, Often clean and clean, you can maximi

What's the difference between an Internet notebook and a regular notebook?

In terms of appearance, although the netbook and ordinary notebook look similar, but the screen size will be a certain difference. Netbooks are mostly 7-inch, 10.2-inch screens, while ordinary notebooks are essentially 10.2 inches above. In addition, the netbook more emphasis on portability, the shape of most small and frivolous. In terms of configuration and performance, netbooks are essentially Intel Atom processors, emphasizing low power co

Shift and paste in the notebook, the sticky key setting is disabled, and shift in the notebook

Shift and paste in the notebook, the sticky key setting is disabled, and shift in the notebook In the past, I wiped my laptop's built-in keyboard with a wet rag, and some buttons failed. I thought it was all used in the dormitory. I took the opportunity to buy a mechanical keyboard... At the beginning, I found that a shift operation would be pasted. Baidu said it was a sticky key, but it was not enabled

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