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Processing of a JVM process memory leak problem

When it is known that a problem is caused by a memory leak, the problem is simple, the difficulty lies in the early identification work. A platform responsible for the international roaming business processing, the main business process is AMMs, running on the JVM, the problem starts with the following phenomenon:1, the CPU of the AMMS process is abnormal, in the

A process of solving JVM Memory Leak

, the new host is not considered during message sending, as shown in the figure below: After B sends a message to a, host a is designed to distribute messages to all its extensions (B, c, d, therefore, another group of message host D is also considered to be the extension of A. The message of B is propagated to D. After receiving the message, d checks its extension (E, F, ), After sending this message back to a (Step 3), A and D will continuously forward messages whose source is B, resulting in

Analyzer Tool (MAT) analyzes JVM memory leak cases

GC.As you can see from Figure 2, the objects of the Java.util.HashMap class occupy a lot of space.Dominator Tree 3:As you can see from Figure 3, Com.csii.ibs.lc.ClusterOnlineUserRegistry takes up a lot of memory spaceTop comsumers 4:Shows what the largest objects in memory are, what their corresponding classes are, and what class loaders are classloader. There are times where we can see where the code leak

JVM Performance tuning (out of memory memories overflow/leak out)

means a survivor area consumes 1/8 of Eden memory, or 1/10 of the Cenozoic memory) PermSize = 268435456 (256.0MB) # #perm区大小 MaxPermSize = 268435456 (256.0MB) # #最大可分配perm区大小Heap Usage: # #堆使用情况New Generation (eden + 1 Survivor space): # #新生代 (Eden District + survior) capacity = 322109440 (307.1875MB) # #新生代容量307M used = 226237024 (215.75643920898438MB) # #已经使用大小215M f

JVM memory Leak Simple example __JVM

How to judge the object's "death" and "live" in the article, how to judge the existence of the object, in which the root search algorithm, and the GC roots have access to determine the object's life and Death attribute. So, what is the reason that the Java virtual machine sends the memory leak, has the following two main features: (1) The Assigned object is accessible, that is, in the roots graph, there is

Memory Overflow (OOM) and memory leak (leak)

Memory Overflow (OOM): a situation in which running memory is larger than available memory. For example, the application of an integer space, the result is stored only a long to store the data memory leak (memory

How to see if a program has a memory leak and locate the memory leak code location (VC + +)

1. What is a memory leak?Memory leak refers to the dynamic application of memory in the program after use, no release, resulting in this part of the memory is not reclaimed by the system, over time, may cause the program

Memory leak lookup in Android with common memory leak case analysis

Common memory leak lookup methods see: http://hukai.me/android-performance-patterns/This article is an example of Google's release of the Android performance optimization paradigm, which provides a good demonstration of rendering, memory GC, and power consumption.Here I summarize the following, common memory leaks in A

What is a memory leak? (What is a memory leak?)

What is the memory leak in the program? We have written many programs with the keyword Free (). For example, I am in this post about some of the important operations of the list (Important operations on a Linked list) to delete the entire list of this function, the code snippet is as follows:struct node * deletelist (struct node * head) { struct node * temp; while (Head! = NULL) { =

[Android] [Memory Leak] Inputmethodmanager memory leak phenomenon and its solution

[Android] [Memory Leak] Inputmethodmanager memory leak phenomenon and its solutionphenomena : on the k_touch_v9 model of a particular model , an interface appears Inputmethodmanager hold a Activity, causes the Activity cannot be recycled . if the Activity be opened again , then the old ones will be released. , but the

JVM interpretation (III): JVM memory region, interpretation of jvm memory region

JVM interpretation (III): JVM memory region, interpretation of jvm memory region The full name of JVM is java Virtual Machine (java Virtual Machine). JVM shields software and hardware

Differences and connections between memory overflow, memory leak, memory overrun and stack overflow in C + + memory mechanism

when we use C + + to do the underlying driver, often encounter memory shortage warning, the reason is often because of memory overflow, leakage or cross-border reasons. So what's the connection between them? memory overflow (out of Memories)means that the program does not have enough memory space for it to use when it

JAVA memory leak reason and detection tool __java

Summary Although the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and its garbage collector (garbage COLLECTOR,GC) are responsible for managing most of the memory tasks, a memory leak may still occur in the Java software program. In fact, this is a common problem in large projects. The first step in avoiding a

VLD (visual Leak Detector) memory leak Detection Tool, Visual C + + 2008-2015

Original: https://vld.codeplex.com/Visual Leak Detector is a memory leak detection tool dedicated to Visual C + +, which is free, open source, and highly robust.VLD is easy to use:1. After installing VLD, just tell Visual C + + where to find its header files and libraries. (: https://vld.codeplex.com)2. You can then use VLD by adding the following line of code to

Memory leak detection in Linux (iv) record the size of the leak

subclass's destructor?Because the premise of polymorphism is virtual function.Under normal circumstances, the destructor of a class should be written as a virtual function, which, if forgotten, could cause a memory leak.(2) A space for an array is applied, but only the space of the first element is releasedclassnewclass[5];delete pA;Not all of these situations can lead to

Visual leak detector, a memory leak detection tool under VC ++

. the only exception is stdafx. H (or any other precompiled header ). a precompiled header, such as stdafx. h, must always be the first header encoded in a source file, so VLD. h must be encoded ded after any precompiled headers.2. if your program contains one or more DLLs that you wowould also like to check for memory leaks, then also include VLD. h in at least one source file from each DLL to be removed ded in l

Java Memory leak overflow

, allocating memory in the class's constructor does not release the memory in the destructor, so a memory leak occurs only once.4) An implicit memory leak. The program keeps allocating memory

Java leak detection series (1) -- JVM

I haven't worked on Java for more than a year. I recently studied hadoop, so I want to repeat java. In the past, I mainly focused on Java syntax and APIs, and seldom focused on the underlying memory, so now I am looking for time to pick it up. JVM, full name: Java virtual machine, that is, the Java Virtual Machine. Specifically, JVM can be regarded as an imaginar

Difference between heap memory and stack memory in JVM, and between jvm heap memory

Difference between heap memory and stack memory in JVM, and between jvm heap memory Java divides memory into two types: stack memory and stack memo

JVM Automatic Memory Management-Java memory area and memory overflow exceptions, jvm-java

JVM Automatic Memory Management-Java memory area and memory overflow exceptions, jvm-java Abstract: JVM memory division, which may cause memory

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