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SQL-server sorting rules

Syntax :: =      SQL_SortRules[_Pref]_CPCodepage_ ::=        _CaseSensitivity_AccentSensitivity | _BINParameters Sortrules A string that identifies the alphabet or language. It is used to sort by dictionary. For example, latin1_general

SQL Server 2005 case sensitivity settings reference

1. Set SQL scripts to be case insensitiveUSE [master]GOAlter database [DatabaseName] COLLATE Chinese_PRC_CI_AIGO2. Set high SQL script case sensitivityUSE [master]GOAlter database [DatabaseName] COLLATE Chinese_PRC_CS_AIGO3. Set reference value_

How to distinguish between uppercase and lowercase letters and halfwidth

Case Sensitive and full-width halfwidth (passed the SQL2000 test ):/*Use the defined sorting rules (chinese_prc_cs_as_ws, chinese_prc_bin) to differentiate,Two sorting rules are introduced:The first chinese_prc region (Chinese (Hong Kong Special

SQL Server database Chinese characters are sorted by letters, strokes, first letter of Pinyin

SQL Server sorting rules are usually not used many times, and many beginners may be unfamiliar, but someA common error occurs when you query a database that is connected to multiple tables in different databases.If the default Character Set of the

SQL Server database Chinese characters are sorted by letters, strokes, first letter of Pinyin

SQL Server sorting rules are usually not used many times and may be unfamiliar to many beginners. However, there is a common error: SQL Server databases, when querying cross-database, multi-Table connections, if the default Character Set of the two

Collate clause sorting rules for SQL statements

Collate is a clause that can be applied to database or column definitions to define sorting rules, or to string expressions to apply sorting rule conversion. Syntax Collate { | database_default} ::= {Windows_collation_name} | {SQL

Understanding collate Chinese_PRC_CI_AS

We often encounter such statements when creating a table, for example, password nvarchar (10)Collate Chinese_prc_ci_asNull, what does it mean? Let's take a look at the following: first,CollateIs a clause that can be applied to database definitions

First understanding of Japanese

First understanding of Japanese Japanese is composed of Kana (divided into hirakana and katakana), Chinese characters, and Roman characters. I will use the following example to introduce the Kana (hirakana and katakana) and Chinese characters.

Modify the sorting rules of the LocalDB database and fix question marks for Chinese Characters

VS2012 and VS2013 Add a lightweight database LocalDB. With this, developers do not have to install a large SQL server to conveniently test and run small projects. Since it is a lightweight database, it discards a huge body and is also limited in

The independence of Chinese characters and the particularity of Japanese

Chinese characters are square characters and field characters. The order from top to bottom is left to right. There are two dimensions and multiple degrees of freedom. Chinese characters are not phonograph from the very beginning, it is more about

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