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A summary of the kana play of the Japanese individual difficult to play

With the Japanese IME for half a year, some kana is not good to hit out. Record theEnter the English alphabet and Japanese switch shift+cap lockいi/yiうu/wuしshi/siちchi/tiつtu/tsuふfu/huんnnじzi/jiぢdiヴvuSound-Promoting our storeThe first letter in the word

How Word uses kana for kanji in Japanese

After you have entered Japanese with the Japanese input method from Word 2000/2002, select the kanji to be marked with a pseudonym, then click "format" → "Chinese Layout" → "Phonetic Guide", pop-up a dialog box, in the "benchmark text" listed in the

SQL-server sorting rules

Syntax :: =      SQL_SortRules[_Pref]_CPCodepage_ ::=        _CaseSensitivity_AccentSensitivity | _BINParameters Sortrules A string that identifies the alphabet or language. It is used to sort by dictionary. For example, latin1_general

SQL Server 2005 case sensitivity settings reference

1. Set SQL scripts to be case insensitiveUSE [master]GOAlter database [DatabaseName] COLLATE Chinese_PRC_CI_AIGO2. Set high SQL script case sensitivityUSE [master]GOAlter database [DatabaseName] COLLATE Chinese_PRC_CS_AIGO3. Set reference value_

How to distinguish between uppercase and lowercase letters and halfwidth

Case Sensitive and full-width halfwidth (passed the SQL2000 test ):/*Use the defined sorting rules (chinese_prc_cs_as_ws, chinese_prc_bin) to differentiate,Two sorting rules are introduced:The first chinese_prc region (Chinese (Hong Kong Special

Japanese--Various variants of verbs

1, the verb demasu shape change rule① five-paragraph verb: Turn the end kana into the one under which it was a companion +ますExample: Line く~ line きます buy う~ buy います② a verb: go to る+ますExample: Eat べる~ food べます from きる~ up きます③カ Change words: Come

Phonograph change of adjectives

What is the phonograph change of adjectives? When an adjective is a predicate and expressed as a ry, "です" is usually added after the end of the adjective "い」. For example, "Today's warm weather is coming soon .」 (It's warm today .) Also, it

DB database extracts and parses data using a third-party framework

DB packets are parsed and extracted from a three-party framework downloaded from GitHub, typically in the form of arrays and dictionaries. DB's viewing tool is the parse DB plugin on Firefox, SQLiteThree-party framework for Fmdb#import

LINQ Learning-Summary after first reading

Today will buy before the "ASP." NET Advanced Programming fourth Edition "took out to look at, where the 13th chapter about the LINQ technology, but also good, before oneself for this piece belongs to only smell its name do not know its rationale,

First understanding of Japanese

First understanding of Japanese Japanese is composed of Kana (divided into hirakana and katakana), Chinese characters, and Roman characters. I will use the following example to introduce the Kana (hirakana and katakana) and Chinese characters.

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