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Kanban in the development and operation of the project application _ Kanban

divided into several interconnected, but can also run independently of small projects, and completed, in this process the software has been in use. Reduce the inaccuracy, rework, procrastination, problem blocking and other waste, imbalance and risk caused by the original project estimate. Small-grained user stories can be developed and tested (in parallel development) within a two-week iteration, which can shorten the delivery cycle. and Kanban can e

Leangoo using Kanban--filtering Kanban data, importing, exporting

1. Quickly filter a person's task2. Combination filtering: Kanban data is filtered by keywords, tags, and membersKanban Import Export:1. Import, download the template first, the template is in Excel format, each card is a row. If you have more than one list, the categories are exported from left to right in Execel, and are displayed in order from top to bottom. Colors are displayed using numbers, and the corresponding numbers and colors can be seen be

Kanban Management Large Project -4-5. Project Kanban

Project Kanban:4.1. Project Progress Board: Displays the latest status of the entire process from the on-line development and system testing, as required by the project.Visualize, transparent and monitor the entire project operation process.Process: creative, function, next 10 functions, development, System test, user acceptance test, on-line4.1.1. Our Rhythm: Review summary (every two weeks), planning (every two weeks), demo and System test (continuo

Lean Kanban Management and agile software development

Recently, I've seen Infoq's article on the practice and application of lean kanban in software development, and agile software development draws on many of the ideas of TPs lean production, although the concept of kanban is not fully mentioned, but Kanban is necessary in the Agile software Development practice. For some specific infoq

How we use Kanban to introduce

figure is different, at this time to take the majority of the figure or approximate average. After a period of time, the understanding of the numbers will be approaching.ReportWe'll do two reports here (I'll just list the charts, not the numbers).We do not draw a Burndown chart or a map of general project management, because the work is continuous and not burndown for our operations.The first chart looks like this.The horizontal axis here is the "date", the vertical is the "Cumulative work Quan

The charm of a small and beautiful kanban collaboration tool Leangoo

Leangoo is a collaborative tool for a very simple team, and its design philosophy is to work with teams around Kanban. The learning costs of using Leangoo are very low, and the team takes a few minutes to start collaborating based on Leangoo, which is one of Leangoo's key highlights.Before we go into the details of Leangoo, let's look at Leangoo's background, Leangoo's development team comes from a well-known scrum Chinese web of Agile Development and

TFS 2015 Agile Development Practices – use of Kanban

Kanban is used extensively in modern application development processes, whether using traditional waterfall development or agile development, and Kanban management is available. Because Kanban has a simple management approach and intuitive display, many software development teams choose to use Kanban for software devel

Lean Kanban Practice

less bright corner of the earth, engaged in very primitive product development, what has been done, and what needs to be done is unknown. Let's ask each other orally. As a project manager, I want to know what everyone is doing. Form the first version of the Kankan wall For the current project, it is most likely to use the kanban of the physical wall. The introduction of physical wall Kanban can provide the

Analyzing Lean Product Development: Kanban Development method

Kanban (Kanban) Development method is the hottest agile and lean development method in recent years. A growing number of cases show that it can improve collaboration, optimize management, and significantly improve delivery speed, quality, and flexibility. The rule of Kanban development method is simple, but its effective implementation depends on the understandin

What is a kanban method?

Label: style HTTP color Io OS AR for strong What is the Kanban method? What is the difference between scrum and Kanban? Although I look at the panel method from the project level, does it also apply to the organizational level? What can I get from implementing the Kanban method? These questions about the panel method were raised by my team who considered usi

Mister Kanban to help enterprises adapt to the "Internet +" and the wave of waves

In order to help small and medium-sized enterprises to adapt to the development challenges of the new form, so that enterprises can obtain low-cost management advantages of large enterprises, Beijing Edask Technology Co., Ltd. and recently launched a strategy-oriented enterprise management type Tools-Mister Kanban.According to Edask founder Yi Ping, "Mister Kanban" integration of its team for many years of management consulting experience, contains a

Mister Kanban--what triggered up mister and staff so big disagreement and controversy

achieve commonTo serve as a source of information on annual plans and work arrangements, as an important input for business and resource deployment, and to focus on the growth of each employee.In this view, the Internet era of performance management ideas and ideas are advocating a quarterly cycle.2.Keep track of the progress of your goals and focus on process managementThe boss is not concerned about the ranked of an employee, but the actual progress of the business.If you can use the "Boss

Use Kanban for Agile development

Agile development Tool "Kanban", the word from the island, when I see the English kanban, I was really shocked, Kanban unexpectedly is kanban?! We can combine Scrum with Kanban, make project management more effective, make resource allocation more reasonable, make performanc

Agile development with Kanban

Editor's note: For teams that need to collaborate at different locations and times, electronic signage, such as Leangoo, can be used. BodyToday I would like to share with you an Agile development tool "Kanban", the word from the island, when I see the English kanban, I was really shocked, Kanban unexpectedly is kanban

Kanban and scrum Reading Notes

Label: style HTTP color Io Using Ar SP Div ArtThe simple idea of Kanban: work-in-progress (WIP) must be limited WIP ceiling and pull Production 1. Scrum and KanbanScrum: Organization splitting, work splitting, development time splitting, optimization of release plans, Process Optimization dashboard: process visualization, restriction of WIP, measurement of production cycle 2. Relationship between scrum and KanbanScrum and

Visual defect tracking Management with Leangoo Kanban

Defect management typically focuses on the following areas:1. Processing speed of defects2. Status of defect handling3. Distribution of defects4. Causes of defectsWith Leangoo Kanban We can manage defects visually, so that we have a clear picture of the progress of the defects, the person in charge, the current status and distribution. Let's learn how to use Leangoo to manage defects.1. Understanding the progress and status of defectsIn Leangoo, we ca

Odoo Kanban views and reports

* OverviewQWeb is a template engine that generates HTML based on XMLFirst, the code example:todo_task.py-----------------------------#-*-Coding:utf-8-*-From OpenERP import models, fieldsClass Todotask (models. Model):_inherit = ' Todo.task 'Priority = fields. Selection ([(' 0 ', ' low '), (' 1 ', ' Normal '), (' 2 ', ' High ')],' Priority ', default= ' 1 ')kanban_state = fields. Selection ([(' Normal ', ' in Progress '),(' blocked ', ' blocked '),(' Done ', ' ready for next stage ')],'

Leangoo How do I invite members to a Kanban board?

By inviting members:Open the Kanban members Sidebar, click Add Members, and enter the member mailboxes in the Invitation entry box to invite them.If the member has already registered a Leangoo account, join the Kanban directly after the invitation.If the mailbox is not registered, and the invitation succeeds, the new member receives the invitation, which contains the username and password, and the new membe

Design of TFS Kanban

ColumnThe entire process of product development, for example, is to configure the process to a column of Kanbans:Demand Pool--ready-to-develop-------------offIn general, the bug and requirements on a piece of the processing, work items have their own state, can be adjusted through the template settings, but not recommended (configuration is more difficult, and the more common), so here work items need to correspond to the Kanban column, so that in the

What is a Kanban method?

The Kanban method is a new technology used to efficiently manage the software development process. The Kanban method originates from Toyota's "in-time Production" (Jit=just-in-time) system. Although production software is a creative activity that differs from mass-produced cars, the principles behind production line management still apply.A software development process can be thought of as a tap water pipel

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