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Lean Kanban Management and agile software development

card as the core value stream and the carrier of information flow, Kanban management is outside the core elements. We also need to consider the following issues to enhance the application of kanban. How the life cycle model is, how the operations are divided How to determine the allocation of resources through historical productivity Is the completion of the project determined by the final

Kanban in the development and operation of the project application _ Kanban

Bo Jun a smile when it was written in a PMP essay campaign The application of Kanban in development and Operation Dimension Project Background Since the beginning of 2011, the company began to start a new project, I was appointed as the PM and PO for the project, began a two-year trip to the agile. Let me share with you the experience of using Kanban in prod

TFS 2015 Agile Development Practices – use of Kanban

Kanban is used extensively in modern application development processes, whether using traditional waterfall development or agile development, and Kanban management is available. Because Kanban has a simple management approach and

[Serialization] [FPGA black gold Development Board] those issues of niosii-Software Development (2)

addresses to perform register operations on the Nios soft core in the future to achieve the same register operation method as the single chip microcomputer, we will not go into detail here. We will explain this section separately later. After reading this example, we are looking at other things, which are similar. If there is no interruption, the * _ IRQ item will not appear. Do not believe it. This is what makes NIOS powerful. You can build soft Cores based on your needs, and then generate cor

WebEx for the 4412 Development Board Learning WIN8 Installation and learning of basic software

-up64bit virtualization! Win8under theCmd.exeprogramwhen you burn a system image in the back, you need to useWin8comes withCmd.exe. provided byCmd.exeYes, inWin8underCmd.exenot easy to find, here's a quick introduction to how toWin8found under "Cmd.exe". If you enterCdisk. Search "Cmd.exe",as shown in. as shown, search the“Cmd.exe". EnterCmd.exethe directory of the program. will beCmd.exeThe program is copied to the Burning folder, which is the "Usb_fastboot_tool"WenFolder.Read (0)| Comments (0)

The practice of Scrum&kanban in mobile development team (i)

Now most teams are talking about agile development, and it seems that agile is a silver bullet for software development. Just need to practice some of the agile development model can be how, in fact, I think whether it is agile development or the traditional waterfall flow

"Embedded Development Board" August Ultimate Summer promotion for CORTEX-A9 Four core primer Development Board

, refer to the user manualManuals------------User's basic manual referenceSchematic------------Development Board schematic and PCBNET disk informationThe link of the network disk can be downloaded in the QQ group after the purchase of the Development Board. If the link is updated, it isPosted in Group Notice:EXYNOS4412

Embedded Development Board-WebEx for 4418 Development Board modified Android dynamic logo content sharing

This paper is based on the iTOP-4418 Development Board, if you have not modified the dynamic logo, may be a multi-party search data is a bit difficult. But after doing that, for some simple replacement of dynamic logo is not a problem.1. First open android/device/nexell/drone2/device.mk, where you find device/nexell/drone2/bootanimation.zip:system/media/ Bootanimation.zip this sentence.The function of this

Build android2.3 System on s5pv210 Development Board-Based on x210 Development Board

I recently got the x210 Development Board. The software above is indeed perfect, so I compiled the official source code. The following is a detailed debugging record for your reference. Note: This document will be updated for a long time, and subsequent debugging notes will be supplemented. First, go to an official publicity image: Put it bluntly, prepare for tr

Schindler develops board platform for ITOP-4412 Development Board Android4.4

ground)Camera Interface: 1 (can support 2 million and 5 million cameras)WiFi Interface: oneHDMI interface: Standard HDMI v1.4,1080p HD resolution outputLCD Interface: Total 3, 2 LVDS interface, 1 RGB interfaceLCD POWER switch: oneMipi interface: OneReal-time Clock: internal real-time clock, with backup lithium battery holder, system time is not lost after power failureBuzzer:1 a buzzerJtag Interface: OneSerial, matrix keyboard, GPS interface: aARM Learning

TTM builds Android image content sharing for Development Board Knowledgebase-4418 Board

"3.2 Install virtual machines and software such as Ubuntu12.04.2".Users can also build their own compilation environment, refer to the "sixth chapter build Android Environment"Second, the source of the overall compilationAfter loading the built-in Ubuntu image, compiling Android also lacks a JAVAP command, in the Ubuntu command line, under any directory, using the command:Update-alternatives--install "/USR/BIN/JAVAP" "Javap" "/USR/LIB/JVM/JDK1.6.0_43/

Allows you to easily debug the software download function in single-board security mode in Win32 environments.

Allows you to easily debug the software download function in single-board security mode in Win32 environments.Wen Huimin (wenhm@sina.com) Abstract:This article first introduces the low efficiency and complexity of software download debugging in a single board environment, and then analyzes the feasibility of debugging

Shopping mall Screen Shopping guide display board system software requirements manual

characteristics, easy to be accepted and adopted, is a practical application of strong software tools, coupled with the advanced technology, so, once pushed to society, will drive the market and the expansion of the size of shopping malls and improve the quality of consumer consumption, the market's economic benefits have a huge role in promoting. 2.1.3 Function and Range Using the Chinese programming system to develop the screen Shopping guide dis

How do I use Issue to manage software projects? _ Software Development

Author: Ruan Yi Feng Date: August 29, 2017 Software development (especially commercial software) is inseparable from project management, and Issue is one of the most common management tools. This article introduces the basic usage of Issue. One, Issue is what. Issue refers to a work to be done, usually related to system improvement, in which Chinese can be transl

Linux device Drivers Learn notes on the first day (how to run the system on the Development Board, drive the development basic steps) __linux

How to run the system on the Development Board.4.0 acquisition of the Cross compiler. Manufacturers to provide online download (manufacturer confirmation)4.1 Uboot to operate.1, extract the source of the factory2, enter the source code3,make Distclean completely delete the source of the target, temporary files4,make Xxx_config is configured for a CPU and Development

5. Install the Linux system to the Development Board

5. Installation Linux System to Development BoardCourse Requirements:1. Understand the composition and startup process of Linux embedded systems.2. Automatically burn the Linux system to NAND flash via SD card.3. Experience the LINUX+QT system.Laboratory Equipment:Software:1.ok6410 disc A, B.Hardware:1. One PC machine.2. SD card reader each one3. OK6410 Development Boar

MT7688 Module-based development note 10--enables file transfer between Ubuntu and the Development Board via TFTP

This article is the continuation of the previous article, in this article I built a TFTP server on Ubuntu, implemented on the MT7688 Development Board to upload and download Ubuntu files, which for the subsequent development of the program to provide convenience.First, install the TFTP server: Install TFTP-HPA and TFTPD-HPA software1.1 Installation of the first

H9200m Development Board experiment document

, build a cross-compilation environment and compile a program that can recognize arm commands (PC X86 architecture, our h9200 Development Board is an ARM architecture ). Because we not only compile uboot and Linux kernel, but also some other application software, those applications require the support of other common library files, such as the libssl library, thi

MIS603 Development Board Tenth chapter USB2.0 CY7C68013A Development environment Construction

-click the installation package to install the Software Development Board STEP2: STEP3: STEP4: Step:5 STEP6: STEP7: 10.2 Driver InstallationSTEP1: To the MiS603 Development Board power, while using microUSB line to the board's CY7C68013A USB interface (COM3) to the USB

Minnowboard MAX Hardware Development Board

Minnowboard Maxminnowboard Max is a compact, cost-effective and powerful Development board for professionals and manufacturers. The open hardware design enables endless customization and integration of potential. It uses 64-bit intel® atom™? E38XX Series SOC CPU, integrated with Intel HD graphics. Video and digital audio output is available via HDMI with analog audio via expansion

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