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Lean Kanban Management and agile software development

Recently, I've seen Infoq's article on the practice and application of lean kanban in software development, and agile software development draws on many of the ideas of TPs lean production, although the concept of kanban is not fully mentioned, but Kanban is necessary in the Agile software Development practice. For some specific infoq articles, please refer to:Ap

Personal Management-Fourth Generation Time Management

ArticleDirectory Four generations of Time Management Theory Second quadrant Dare to say "no" Let's test it. Before personal management-target management, do you want to manage time? I talked about the four

Personal Management/Time Management Auxiliary Tools

As a developer, personal management of these software skills can be said to be as important as development skills. I wrote an article "PDA sentiment" (and "The brain is used to think about things, not to remember things"), this section mainly summarizes the use of PDA for GTD and personal management over the past year

Share your personal views on effective management time

environment: If the environment is not good, then it is involved in the question of personal willpower.2. To have a goal and their direction of progress.I have a lot of people around me on the way, I will think about how hard people around me, I want to become like that, but also to learn and so on, and then finally always with "not suitable for themselves", "I do not want to become a * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *, and then continue to However,

RunJS personal recommendations (useful functions such as real-time preview, editing, and management of JS and css), runjscss

RunJS personal recommendations (useful functions such as real-time preview, editing, and management of JS and css), runjscss RunJS is used to compile and display html, js, and css code online. It features real-time preview, sharing, Fork, code highlighting, Automatic completion, and many other features. It provides fi

How to use Emacs for personal time Management (GTD)

1. Introduction 1.1 What is GTDGet things Done (GTD) is a set of time management methods that face life in the following situations: Have a lot of things to do Every thing has a primary and secondary point Limited personal Energy We need to be readily aware of what we are going to do next, make reasonable arrangements for our limited

Seventh week PSP New Line chart and pie chart personal time management

words Knowledge points First week 71+123 603 JS array operation method, picture waterfall flow layout, inverse Polish expression, JS Basic package type, JS monomer built-in object Second week 36 + 55 510 Third week 112 + 233 143 Week Four 212 (HTML) +268 (JS) +css (46) 84 Week Five 528 79 Week Six 40+ (HTML) +132 (JS)

Personal Financial management considerations: Insurance Investment and elder care must take into account the elder care of personal financial management _ Sina finance _ xinlang net

management will accumulate university education funds for the two children, and the family will be guaranteed through reasonable financial planning.   Financial advice As individual industrial and commercial households, it is difficult for couples to avoid potential risks arising from unstable income. From the perspective of Household Income Expenditure, the annual household balance is RMB 0.248 million, which has a strong saving capacity, but there

Zhou JIU Chang: three key areas of Personal Knowledge Management

management of inspiration knowledge. Step 1: When a creative idea is emerging in your mind, a spark of wisdom is emerging, and Inspiration suddenly strikes, a novel idea (sometimes even a strange idea) appears, be sure to cherish it, never miss it, and never let it disappear. Be sure to record it in time to make it clear and explicit, no matter whether these ideas, sparks of wisdom, inspiration, and thou

Knowledge Management: A brief introduction to the establishment and management of personal knowledge system

Since the internet began to spread in China, we have been hearing this phrase-"We live in an era of information explosion." It is true that we can easily acquire all kinds of knowledge through computers and mobile phones, but have you ever felt that "we live in the ocean of information but suffer from the thirst of knowledge"? We are accustomed to the collection when we see what we think is good, but the number of collections always goes far beyond the amount of reading. Web sites look more and

Personal Knowledge Management-a hot topic in Web2.0 technology

Significance of Personal Knowledge Management: Knowledge workers spend 1/3 of their time searching for information they never find. The reason for inefficiency in personal work is that the management of personal knowledge is not

Enable "golden house"-Personal Knowledge Management

the knowledge accumulation process created by formal education. however, the accumulation of knowledge also exists through self-learning. The lifelong education advocated now emphasizes the continuous extraction of knowledge by a person rather than entering the classroom. In terms of personal knowledge management, to analyze the rationality of the knowledge structure, we also need to consider the

Personal management-from employee to expert

ArticleDirectory Why do you want to write this article-from the parenting topic Technology development path from the reuse level Personal Management Time management My focus Many people will ask, "How can I quickly improve my skills and become an expert? "And some other problems," Programmer

How can I achieve better results through personal knowledge management?

management software tools."Management. What is more important than personal knowledge management is "search engine usage" and "Mind Map", so the above concepts will not be repeated here. About "soushang", "Mind Map", and individualsFor the relationship between knowledge managemen

Personal Knowledge Management Basics

The rapid development of IT technology and the Internet has led to the "information explosion" and the arrival of the Knowledge Age, facing the "knowledge explosion" of today's society, Everyone must "continue to learn" to master the required professional knowledge resources in order to ultimately achieve the expected goals in career planning and workplace competition; in addition, the focus of learning has greatly changed, For professional workers, the focus of learning is no longer "Memory",

Perfecting one's own expertise system establishment and management of personal knowledge system

Article Description: The establishment of personal knowledge system is briefly described. Since the internet began to spread in China, we have been hearing this phrase-"We live in an era of information explosion." It is true that we can easily acquire all kinds of knowledge through computers and mobile phones, but have you ever felt that "we live in the ocean of information but suffer from the thirst of knowledge"? We are accustomed to t

[Reprint] Personal Knowledge Management Software recommendation

OneNote, which will make you feel at ease: supports text recognition in images, fast win + S, powerful tagging and hand-painting functions, over many personalized templates, and shared collaboration functions, data Synchronization, integrated desktop search and Outlook support, etc. Individuals also prefer page Jump link settings. data sources are automatically attached when a webpage is copied, quick functions such as table input and formula calculation during content editing.

Personal Management: several questions that should be answered before writing a book

I wrote an example book for getting started with Delphi with a colleague in.Delphi common database module and typical system development,At that time, I realized that writing a book is not as simple as I thought. Basically, I didn't want to write a book in my spare time. One of the more important reasons is that, I have not found a book that I really want to share with you and can write for myself. Blog i

Personal Knowledge Management Perspective

identification Multi-dimensional labels With remarks The main Office document is that any file can be associated. Date and Year Tree Fast network capture Single classification and color identification Yes Yes Webpage None Mybase Single category Yes Webpage-oriented, attachments can be associated with any file None Let's take a look at the management system V3.20 of the matrix

Personal Knowledge Management-next talk about the knowledge structure

My previous articles on Personal Knowledge Management talked a lot about the collection and analysis of knowledge, the application of knowledge, and the transfer of knowledge. The basis of Personal Knowledge Management is personal time

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