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Combined with Angularjs,karma and Jasmine automated Unit Testing

ObjectiveIn the Java World, the open source libraries of Apache, Spring, and JBoss three communities are all-encompassing, but each library stands out in its field. and Nodejs in a variety of open source Library, but let a person dazzling, do not

Install node. js, NPM on Linux, and build with KARMA--ANGULARJS environment

Installing Nodejs Build a dependent environment     First install the g++ compiler and Git, enter the following command in the terminalsudo apt-get install g++ Curl Libssl-dev apache2-utilssudo apt-get install Git-coregit does not need

45. Use Webpack,react,redux for two interfaces

Finish writing.{ "Private":true, "Version": "0.0.1", "description": "YOUR description-generated by Generator-react-webpack", "Main": "", "Scripts": { "Clean": "Rimraf dist/*", "Copy": "Copyfiles-f./src/index.html./src/favicon.ico./dist",

Why choose the installation of Yeoman and Yeoman

Today I'm going to introduce you to a relatively new network front-end development tool that I just contacted: Yeoman.What is Yeoman?Yeoman is a project developed by a team of Google and external contributors. Through the internal three tools

Parameter interpretation of Package.json and Bower

One, Package.json explanation: Package.json is used to declare the modules used in the project, so that when the new environment is deployed, the new required modules can be installed as long as the Package.json file is in the same directory as the

Your first ANGULARJS application-Tutorial II: Scaffolding, building and testing tools

IntroducedThere are a lot of tools available to help you develop ANGULARJS applications, and those very complex frameworks are not covered in my discussion, which is why I started this series of tutorials.In the first part, we have mastered the

Yeoman Teaching Case: Building WebApp with Yeoman

STEP 1: Setting up the development environmentAll interactions with Yeoman are through the command line. MAC systems use the Terminal.app,linux system to use the Shell,windows system to use Cmder/powershell/cmd.exe.1.1 Installation ConditionsBefore

Design and Build your own JavaScript code library: Tips and tips

Code library: We are always using them. The code library is formed by developers packaging the code they will use in the project, which can save time and avoid repeated efforts. Has a reusable package, whether open source or... Code library: We are

ANGULARJS: The development and test environment of building Phonecat project

Angularjs's official website provides a sample project for learning: Phonecat. This is a web app where users can browse some Android phones, learn more about them, and perform search and sort operations.For the development environment of the

The realization of the ANGULAR-PHONECAT project of angular learning

---restore content starts---Angularjs's official website provides a sample project for learning: Phonecat. This is a web app where users can browse some Android phones, learn more about them, and perform search and sort operations.Get Source codeThe

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