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Gitextensions Using Tutorials

gitextensions tool usage Tutorials First step: Install1.Double-click: Gitextensions24703setupcomplete.msiimage001.png (KB, download number: 4)Download attachments2014-10-20 19:35 Uploadimage003.png (35.18 KB, download number: 1)Download attachments20

An analysis of the activity of TOP10 project under Java classification in open source China git

TOP ten Thinkgem/jeesite project git stats145546_jjhv_1245989.jpg (198.18 KB, download number: 0)Download attachmentsUploaded 2 minutes agoAs seen from the above, there are 15 contributors in total, 10 submissions have 3, and no submissions in the

Use usbasp to write bootloader tutorials for the Arduino burn

Source: use usbasp for Uno burn write bootloader atmega16u2, atmega328p firmware burn -in tutorialArduino board Because the operation does not cause the firmware damage, or want to update the firmware? Today I would like to introduce you how to use

Steps for map caching and tile cutting

Steps for map caching and tile cutting Original article: http://bbs.esrichina-bj.cn/ESRI/thread-58288-1-2.html The first part mainly comes from the network, and the last part of my personal summary may be a bit cool. Download(49.5 KB) Download(41.13

Programming Data collection

Transferred from: http://jythoner.iteye.com/blog/570792Download brother Note, click to download, you can see in the URL suffix name:), if the suffix is wrong to see, all the information has been downloaded, should be able to see.Information about

Cottage Cottage version of mobile phone security defender Source project

This is a copy of the common mobile phone security guard application of the source code, the basic is to achieve the commonly used functions, but some are not perfect, we can study a lot of it.Detailed Description: http://android.662p.com/thread-5444

Tiny Template Editor

Feature Introduction Outline support: Supports displaying key content in the outline, and can quickly locate Syntax highlighting: support for coloring in the editor, based on syntax, making code easier to read and debug Error TIP:

"Open source framework that thing 23": Developed using the Tinydb component approach

Developed using the Tinydb component approachStepsIn the introduction of arithmetic's process programming development, the Icon described the process orchestration in the development of repetitive functions. Ability to develop at high speed with

"Open source framework that thing 23": Development using the Tinydb component approach

Developed using the Tinydb component approachStepsDuring the process programming development of arithmetic, the Icon described how the process orchestration can be developed quickly using existing component libraries when developing repetitive

Smobiler for recording and recording playback, calling the Address Book function (development log nine)

first, recording and playbackrecord000~2.jpg (190.05 KB, download number: 3)Download attachments2015-12-23 17:41 UploadDetailed steps:1. Add Voicerecorderbutton control ↓201.png (2.44 KB, download count: one)Download attachments2015-10-12 16:55

Process automation Layout

In many cases, process design is required, and the most difficult part of the process designer is the manipulation of the process node. One way is for the process designer to drag and drop the node to where it is, although freedom is free, but it is

Aurora Push Steps

Cover Chart: About the Aurora push, I also counted to do a few times, the following will give you a brief summary of the problems I have encountered when doing.    The following file, you need to import the Aurora SDK

Open Source Full version: "Open source framework Combat Treasure Book V1.0.0" beta version of the download address!

After one months of finishing, "Java Open source Framework practical Treasure"--tiny document PDF ebook began to be released, a total of nearly 600 pages, for love Tiny, Java open-source framework for friends to provide more thoughtful document

Java Multi-User mall PHP large B2B2C multi-user Mall system source code download

Source code Download address: http://www.zccode.com/thread-1293-1-1.html The Resource description: PHP Large B2B2C Multi-user Mall system source code download The program only supports versions above php5.3, do not use Notepad to open or modify,

. shp format National Basic data (highways, railways, water systems, national boundaries, provincial, etc.)

Land-level administrative boundaries. zip (431.86 kb, downloads: 347) national boundaries. zip (844.03 kb, download times: 427) national boundaries and provincial. zip (1.11 mb, download number of times: 366) three-bounded river. zip (1.42 MB,   

Korean mobile game Elf defense character scene

! [Copy link] CG Nest Micro BoNumber of sign-in days: 36 daysConsecutive sign-in: 1 days[Lv.5] resident I 22Theme 0Essence 2729Nest coin Super

[Original] "2014.12.02 Update network Disk link" EasySysprep4.1-based Windows 7 x86/x64 "video" encapsulation

[Original] "2014.12.02 Update network Disk link" EasySysprep4.1-based Windows 7 x86/x64 "video" encapsulationJoinlidong published on 2014-11-29 14:25:50Https://www.itsk.com/thread-341565-1-4.html[Original] "2014.12.02 Update network Disk link"

"Turn" ST05

First, SQL TraceWith SQL tracing, you can query exactly which database tables the data originates from,For example, you can query the database tables involved in a transaction (or several transactions). To reduce the amount of work in the final

Auth User Authentication Library

For the Auth library, the following are recommended:1. Ion_auth, based on Redux rewrite, very good certification library, a lot of foreign use, a few of the latest ci2.0.2 based on open source systems (such as doveforum) used it, support CI 2.0 and

"Open source framework that thing 20": Write your own front end frame

Previously published an article:Tinyadmin front-end presentation frame, whose online presentation path is:http://www.tinygroup.org/tinyadmin/, it should be said that there are many people still feel interest, but because this is based on the

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