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Install KDE in Ubuntu and install the Chinese Environment

Enter the default installed desktop in Ubuntu, open the terminal, enter sudoapt-getinstallkubuntu-desktop, press enter, enter the password, and then prompt how much space is required to download KDE, how much space is required after decompression, and ask whether to install it, enter Y or N. Enter Y to start downloading and installing. It takes a long time to download K

Install KDE in Ubuntu

Gnome has been used for a long time and I like its style. Curious to install KDE today, the interface is quite beautiful. It is not a habit, and it is much slower than gnome. I don't know if it is a problem with my computer. Download 130 MB with a single command, and occupy 550 MB space after installation.Sudo apt-Get install kubuntu-Desktop After the downloa

Install (uninstall) KDE and GNOME with yum in redhat or centos

Nbsp; wait for the system to display the installed components and installable components: # yumgrouplist if the system is installed with minimal installation at the beginning, and xwindow is not installed, install the system first: # yumgroupinstallXWindowSystem install GNOME desktop environment yumgroupinstallgnometrictopenv Dedicated waiting Display the components that have been installed in the system

How to install kde SC 13.04 in Ubuntu 12.04 and 4.11

After six months of intense work by the development team, KDE 4.11 SC was released. This is a long-term support version, so you can safely use it within two years. The development team will spend two years developing KDE Framework 5 and Qt 5. The new version of the many improvements and new features will not be said much, you can look at the official announcement (http://kde.org/announcements/4.11 ). Gorgeo

How to install KDE on Ubuntu12.04

How to install KDEKDE on Ubuntu12.04 is a popular GUN/Linux user window manager. KDE fans proprietary Ubuntu, but it is only based on the ubuntu Core and kde kit. If you have installed Ubuntu12.04LTS (Uni is installed by default... how to install KDE on Ubuntu 12.04 is a pop

Install Ubuntu KDE

(Data from web) Download 1v30m and occupy 550 m space after installation. Sudo apt-Get install kubuntu-Desktop After the download is complete, the terminal automatically configures and then becomes a text window on the blue screen, asking whether to select KDM or TPD. Here, it is only the difference between Ubuntu KDE installation and gnome in the boot login window. In this way, the Ubuntu

Install KDE or GNOME desktop in Centos

Install KDE # yumgrouplist # yumgroupinstall quot; XWindowSystem quot; # yumgroupinstall quot; gnometrictopenvironment quot; or # yumgroupinstall quot; kdemo-topenviron Install KDE in Centos # Yum grouplist# Yum groupinstall "X Window System"# Yum groupinstall "GNOME Desktop Environment" Or # Yum groupinstall "

Install KDE Desktop in Ubuntu

First, open the terminal and enter Sudo apt-Get install kubuntu-Desktop The terminal prompts you to download files of around mb. Select "Y" when prompted, and then wait for a long time (depending on your bandwidth, after all, you need to download files of around MB ). After the download is complete, the terminal automatically configures and then becomes a text window on the blue screen. If you want to select KDM or GMS, check your personal preferences

Install the kde Desktop Environment in Ubuntu

Before installing Ubuntu, I learned several versions, such as Ubuntu and Kubantu, and finally chose Ubuntu. However, I have always heard that the interface of Kubuntu is beautiful, but now we can't just re-install it to see the interface, but after searching for it online, we can find that we can directly download the KDE environment in Ubuntu. Haha. The specific method is as follows: sudoapt-getinstallkubu

Install and switch between KDE and gnome in Ubuntu

Reprinted: http://apps.hi.baidu.com/share/detail/18919303 1. Install the KDE Desktop command in UbuntuSudo apt-Get install kubuntu-Desktop CancelCtrl alt backspace 2. Set the Chinese EnvironmentSudo apt-Get install language-pack-KDE-ZH-base language-pack-ZH-base language-su

Try to install KDE

Try to install KDE-general Linux technology-Linux technology and application information. For more information, see. Today I saw an article about the linux application in the desktop operating system, Obstacles to linux applications in the desktop operating system: kde should be the only desktop environment in linux. The correctness of this viewpoint does n

How to install KDE 8.04 on Ubuntu 4.1

As you know, KDE 4.1 has finally been released with many innovative Linux desktop environments. KDE 4 is a new generation of popular K desktop environments designed to provide a powerful and easy-to-use desktop for personal and enterprise computing. The new version of KDE provides longer stability and more visual effects than the first release of

Upgrade Ubuntu/Kubuntu or install the latest KDE Plasma 5.12.0

Upgrade Ubuntu/Kubuntu or install the latest KDE Plasma 5.12.0 KDE Plasma 5.12 is a new long-term support version. The following describes how to use PPA in KUbuntu 17.10/17.04/16.04, install and upgrade the latest version of Plasma 5.12.0 in Ubuntu 17.10 Artful/17.04 Zesty/16.04 Xenial. For more information about ava

Install Fcitx+sougou IME on Linux Mint KDE

Today in Korea's total discarded notebook installed Linux Mint system, after the first thing to think about is to install an input method, because the system comes with the Input method framework is IBUs, I tried to find it is not humane, so decided to change the Fcitx+sougou: Delete IBUs: Execute sudo apt-get remove ibus* at the command line or search for IBUs in the software manager, then delete the installed and IBUs input methods related

Install the kde, kde4, and xfce desktop environments in Ubuntu

First, warn that it is troublesome to uninstall the kde, kde4, and xfce desktop environments in Ubuntu. If your hard disk space is insufficient, proceed with caution (each additional desktop installation consumes about 300 to MB of space) everything is done under the terminal: kde: sudoapt-getinstallkubuntu-desktopkde4: sudoapt-getinstallkubuntu-kde4-desktopxfce: sudoap First, warn that it is troublesome t

How to install and uninstall KDE Desktop in Ubuntu10.04

I remember that OpenSUSE was first used in March July, and the desktop environment seemed to be KED1.5. It often crashed. It was too speechless and collapsed without moving, but I was not familiar with Linux, there was no better method. Later I switched to Ubuntu and saw a piece of nenew logs today. In addition, I was excited by the praise of KDE And KED news on the Internet. I didn't use nenew's PPA source method (this method will

How to install and delete the KDE desktop environment in Ubuntu

Install KDE in Ubuntu or delete my personal favorite KDE desktop. the installation method of KDE in Ubuntu is as long as you run sudoapt-getkubuntu-desktop, to save some resources, delete sudoapt-getremovekubuntu-topics topsudoapt-getautoremovesudoapt-get- Install or delete

Install and use the KDE environment MSN client KMess in Ubuntu8.10

KMess is a MSNMessenger chat tool used in Linux (This article describes how to install KMess1.5 in Ubuntu8.10, it allows you to chat with friends who use MSNMessenger in Windows or MacOS. KMess is closely integrated with KDE Desktop. It focuses on providing unique features of MSNMessenger and has a simple and easy-to-use interface. KMess includes the following features: KMess is an MSN Messenger chat tool u

How to install DigiKam 4.2.0 in Kubuntu 14.04/Linux Mint 17 KDE

How to install DigiKam 4.2.0 in Kubuntu 14.04/Linux Mint 17 KDE Digikam is a photo management application that imports, organizes, and outputs digital photos to your computer. There is a simple and fast interface. There is also a quick image editor that allows you to comment, grade, correct, or modify photos. The latest available version is digikam 4.2.0 and has been released recently. For detailed change

RedHat6.2yumgroup install KDE Desktop

Yum source configuration file/etc/yum. repos. in the d directory, configure the yum sample [rhel-source] name = RedHatEnterpriseLinux $ releasever-$ basearch-Sourcebaseurl = file: /// home/Oracle/rh6.2/Server/enabled = 1 gpgcheck = 1 gpgkey = file: Yum source configuration fileUnder the/etc/yum. repos. d directorySample for configuring yum[Rhel-source]Name = Red Hat Enterprise Linux $ releasever-$ basearch-SourceBaseurl = file: // home/Oracle/rh6.2/Server/Enabled = 1Gpgcheck = 1Gpgkey = file: //

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