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On the Data,idata,xdata,pdata,code data types in the programming of Keil microcontroller

MODE;Sbit mode_7 = mode^7;Sbit mode_6 = mode^6;Sbit mode_5 = mode^5;Sbit mode_4 = mode^4;Sbit mode_3 = mode^3;Sbit mode_2 = mode^2;Sbit mode_1 = mode^1;Sbit mode_0 = mode^0;A 8 bit variable mode_n is defined.This is the special data type that defines the statement, KEILC. Remember, it must be sbit.Cannot bit mode_0 = mode^0;Assignment statements If all these C languages are treated as XOR or arithmetic//--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Relationship between Keil, uvision, realview, MDK, and Keil C51)

Keil uvision, Keil MDK, Keil for ARM, realview MDK, Keil C51, Keil c166, Keil c166 From contact with MCS-51 microcontroller, we know that there is a software called

[51 single chip microcomputer] Keil C51 the use of variables in the detailed

Introduction8051 Core SCM is a universal monolithic microcomputer, which occupies a large market share in China. Keil has been the most successful in the study of the use of C language for 51-core microcontroller. Due to the particularity of the storage structure of the 51-core microcontroller, the use of variables in Keil

Keil C51 and Keil arm coexistence

Transferred from: and MDK coexist, follow these steps:1 Install Keil C51 First, install directory to: "D:\Keil2" (I was installed on the D drive)2 Reinstall RealView MDK, directory: "D:\Keil"3 Copy the C51 folder under Keil2 to Keil4 Copy and paste all the files under Keil2 under UV4 (or UV3) to the UV4 folder under

Keil how to generate the bin file "Keil How to generate a bin file"

The same shoes that used Keil know that now the Keil can be output by default. AXF debug files and the. Hex executable file that can be checked for output, there is no output option for the bin (binary) file. However, there are times when it is necessary or customary to use the. bin file for Burn-write, one example below:1. users who have been using ads habitually use the. bin file;2. some of the applicatio

USB learning notes serialization (13th): keil configuration environment, learning notes keil

USB learning notes serialization (13th): keil configuration environment, learning notes keil When changing the driver name of a USB device, you must use the keil software to modify the firmware and generate the firmware. iic files are burned to the external EEPROM of CY7C68013A, which is generated by keil. hex files ca

Scheduler, minimal resources microcontroller is worth a use

already indicates the problem. Keil, this routine ram consumption: 22 bytes, rom consumption 126 bytes.2) Learning Cost: The small scheduler has only a total of more than 10 lines of code, if we do a simple explanation, the understanding is actually very fast. I believe that learning time is shorter than other scheduling systems.3) transplant cost: almost no transplant workload, almost all-in-one for a variety of CPUs.4) Efficiency cost: We have been

Install colinkex plugin for Keil realview MDK in Keil 4

At the beginning of contact Cortex-M0, so everything starts from 0! First, you must have your own hardware platform. I have a coocox M0 board, and then the download tool. coocox has its own download tool. This afternoon, the driver will be installed, then you need to find this download tool in your own Keil! I have never touched this item before, so it was a little difficult at the beginning. I found it online for a long time before seeing how to ins

Microcontroller-C language-definition and declaration

The following code is a single-chip microcomputer program, 51 microcontroller, compiler for ht-ide3000,Simply put,Can only be stated in the header file,When the variable is declared in the header file, add the extern keyword to tell the compiler that the variable is defined in other files,Enum is not a variable, it is a data type we define ourselves, like int char, but we define it ourselves, so we don't have to add it.1 externU16 G_u16timebasecount;2

Keil problem: error:failed to execute ' C:\Keil\ARM\BIN\ArmCC '

1. Open cmd and go to the appropriate pathCD C:\Keil\ARM\BIN\Input ARMCC The following interface indicates that Keil is already registered2. If the registration success has not resolved the problem, then the software is downloaded on the Internet cracked version, it is recommended to uninstall. Go to official website and install the official software package again. The problem i

Build the C51 Keil project environment using RTX51-Tiny

the target name, which looks nice, and then set the project properties: Write the crystal oscillator frequency and select "RTX-51 tiny" as the operating system, so Keil will automatically compile the Lib file into the output (Memory Model with small better, to avoid data modification for each declared variable ): Then select the output and listing directories to the preceding directory structure: Then, ignore the call warning inform

How to use Keil-common functions (i)

commonly used two, the author also used the two software for many years, there are many similarities. I mainly use mdk-arm To summarize how it is used, and if you use several other software, there may be some differences in some places. Mdk-arm meaning is based onARMMicrocontroller Development Tools (microcontroller Developer Kit), byKeilCompany Development,Mdk-armcontains industry-standardKeil Ccompiler, macro assembler, debugger, real-time kernel a

Install keil uvision4to register keil_lic.exe and install keiluvision4

Install keil uvision4to register keil_lic.exe and install keiluvision4 1. First of all, download the EXE executable file of keil uVision4 on the Internet. There may be two versions: 51-core single-chip microcomputer (33.3 M) and microcontroller Development (244 M ), you can choose based on your actual needs. 2. Follow the steps to install

STC12C5A60S2 51 microcontroller minimum system,

STC12C5A60S2 51 microcontroller minimum system,STC12C5A60S2 1. Connect the physical circuit according to the chip documents. Minimum system:Circuit Diagram 2. Install the driver according to the usb downloader1. first, plug the usb downloader into the computer, View computer device management, view the occupied com port if the device is not identified, you need to install the usb driver 2. install the keil

Remote Upgrade Design Based on IAP and Keil MDK

Preface: Three weeks ago, I suddenly wanted to write a Remote Upgrade Program. At that time, I only knew that IAP meant application programming, but I still knew nothing about how to compile it. I set a stage objective for myself to solve one problem after another by writing the most basic code. Three weeks later, I tried the experiment more than 50 times using my own design method. No upgrade failed. In the past three weeks, I have encountered a lot of puzzles, puzzles, and even the desire to g

MSP430 microcontroller adconverter

MSP430 microcontroller adconverter 20:14:05 | classification: MSP430 microcontroller | report | font size subscription I. Brief Introduction: The adc12 module consists of the following parts: the input 16 analog switches (eight external channels, four internal channels), the ADC internal voltage reference source, the adc12 kernel, and the ADC clock source, collection and holding/trigger source, ADC data out

How to encrypt a PIC microcontroller

. Void main () { ...................................... // Program subject } Compile the program and then use the burning tool to burn it into the microcontroller. Please note that idloc (x) contains a maximum of two hexadecimal bytes. the excess part will be invalid. For example, if you write 987fe3, E3 will be lost. In addition, let's talk about how the two hexadecimal numbers are stored in the ID area. We already know that idloc (x) can cont

Design of universal USB Interface Module Based on AVR Microcontroller

Design of universal USB Interface Module Based on AVR Microcontroller [Date:2008-6-25] Source:China Power GridAuthor:Zhang Hong, Dong xiucheng [Font: large, medium, and small] 1 Introduction USB interfaces have become one of the main ways for peripherals to communicate with PCs due to their fast data transmission, simple connection, easy scalability, and support for hot swapping. With the development of embedd

Microcontroller Remote Control stepper motor, LED lights and buzzer

Microcontroller Remote Control stepper motor, LED lights and buzzer The stepping motor module, LED lamp and buzzer module of the single-chip microcomputer are controlled by the C # language to enable the stepping motor to perform forward, reverse, and stop and control the speed; the LED lamp module performs selective breathing expression; the start and end of the buzzer module. The host computer controls the stepper motor, LED lamp, and buzzer module

Windows Universal app tries to develop "51 microcontroller assembly" summary

First, prefaceFinally completed the Windows universal application "51 microcontroller assembly", six months ago began to play WindowsPhone development of the first real meaning of the app (also many shortcomings =_=). Development from mid-January to the end of the test to today, during the internship for half a month, play a few days, calculate the basic get 3 weeks. Not much to say, summary summary.Second, the development of data preparationThe main

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