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Relationship between Keil, uvision, realview, MDK, and Keil C51)

Keil uvision, Keil MDK, Keil for ARM, realview MDK, Keil C51, Keil c166, Keil c166 From contact with MCS-51 microcontroller, we know that there is a software called

Debugging tutorials with Stlink breakpoints under Keil uvision (RVMDK)

Lou Pig is used to download and debug Stm32 program, because JTAG is the D version (you understand), the official upgrade when the hands of the cheap upgrade, JTAG changed brick. Later found used for STM8 download debugging with the Stlink can also be used to debug Stm32, Lou Pig bought is more than 20 yuan Stlink,x Bao bought, claiming to be able to use the official firmware, so there is this article:First of all, the building pig with win 10 64, Keil

Protues software and Keil uvision combination settings

(1) copy the file vdm51.dll (C: \ ProgramFiles \ labcenterelectronics \ proteus6 \ Professional \ models) under the Proteus installation directory to the \ C51 \ bin directory in the Keil installation directory;(2) edit the tools. ini file in C51 and add:Tdrv1 = bin \ vdm51.dll ("Proteus VSM Monitor-51 driver"); Number "1" flexible change(3) set in Keil uvision:

Linux installation Run Keil uvision 4 (MDK v4.7) __linux

The Keil uvision (MDK v4.7) was run on Ubuntu 12.04LTS a few days ago. The process is also smooth, sharing the next steps to the needs of friends. A screenshot of the previous installation (I'm using the old-fashioned Gnome classic interface) to see Keil uVision4 in the Wine menu. In fact, using wine (HTTP://BAIKE.BAIDU.COM/LINK?URL=8TJGR-T30E9PQ-H4MOY_55BL__W

Keil uvision4 usage summaries (Chinese Character comments, C keywords, etc)

Recently, I tried to download the latest version of Keil and add protues to create a virtual environment. The main cause is the economic problem. Electronic components cost money... Today, I encountered some problems with using Keil uvision 4 and recorded them for later viewing :) As for activation, there is no shortage in town. No more Problem 1: No STC in

Install colinkex plugin for Keil realview MDK in Keil 4

At the beginning of contact Cortex-M0, so everything starts from 0! First, you must have your own hardware platform. I have a coocox M0 board, and then the download tool. coocox has its own download tool. This afternoon, the driver will be installed, then you need to find this download tool in your own Keil! I have never touched this item before, so it was a little difficult at the beginning. I found it online for a long time before seeing how to ins

Keil problem: error:failed to execute ' C:\Keil\ARM\BIN\ArmCC '

1. Open cmd and go to the appropriate pathCD C:\Keil\ARM\BIN\Input ARMCC The following interface indicates that Keil is already registered2. If the registration success has not resolved the problem, then the software is downloaded on the Internet cracked version, it is recommended to uninstall. Go to official website and install the official software package again. The problem i

Ways to format your code in Keil using Astyle 2 articles

(custom menu name, can be used in Chinese)I've added two menus here, which are formatting the current file and formatting all the files in project.3: Add command command: Click ... button, select Astyle.exe.4:arguments:Astyle Current File menu fill in! EAstyle All Files menu fill in "$E *.c" "$E *.h"Note:! E represents the file that is currently in focus and being edited.$E *.c and $e*.h represent all. C and. h files that are currently in focus and are being edited in the directory where the fi

Keil C51 and Keil arm coexistence

Transferred from: and MDK coexist, follow these steps:1 Install Keil C51 First, install directory to: "D:\Keil2" (I was installed on the D drive)2 Reinstall RealView MDK, directory: "D:\Keil"3 Copy the C51 folder under Keil2 to Keil4 Copy and paste all the files under Keil2 under UV4 (or UV3) to the UV4 folder under

Keil how to generate the bin file "Keil How to generate a bin file"

The same shoes that used Keil know that now the Keil can be output by default. AXF debug files and the. Hex executable file that can be checked for output, there is no output option for the bin (binary) file. However, there are times when it is necessary or customary to use the. bin file for Burn-write, one example below:1. users who have been using ads habitually use the. bin file;2. some of the applicatio

"STM32" Keil New project template

Ⅰ, write in front This article uses the current (November 2016) Latest version of the Keil (mdk-arm) V5.21A development environment , taking the STM32 processor as an example to tell you about the detailed process of creating a new software engineering. Keil (Mdk-arm) V4 and V5 new software engineering are basically the same, this article is also suitable for the V4 version of the new software engineering.

USB learning notes serialization (13th): keil configuration environment, learning notes keil

USB learning notes serialization (13th): keil configuration environment, learning notes keil When changing the driver name of a USB device, you must use the keil software to modify the firmware and generate the firmware. iic files are burned to the external EEPROM of CY7C68013A, which is generated by keil. hex files ca

EFM32-chip peripherals-Special Keil configuration of MSC

When you look at the functions in the MSC of EFM32, for example, when you look at the function MSC_ErasePage (), do you have to pay attention to a large part of the above explanation. The detailed English is as follows: This function MUST be executed from RAM. failure to execute this portion of the code in RAM will result in a hardfault. for IAR, Rowley and Codesourcery this will be achieved automatically. for Keil

Remote Upgrade Design Based on IAP and Keil MDK

disable interruption, you only need to use disableirq (); if you can interrupt, you only need to use enableirq (). 3.3.3 use the Distributed Loading Mechanism to precisely locate the entry address After the application receives the upgrade command, it will jump to 0x00000400 to execute the bootloader Upgrade Program. Therefore, the entry address of the bootloader must be precisely located at 0x00000400. This can be done using the distributed loading mechanism provided by the

How to format code using the Astyle plugin in Keil [go]

Astyle.exe.4:arguments:Astyle Current File menu fill in! E Astyle All Files menu fill in "$E *.c" "$E *.h" Note:! E represents the file that is currently in focus and being edited.$E *.c and $e*.h represent all. C and. h files that are currently in focus and are being edited in the directory where the files are located (refer to the Help document for Keil uvision)Use the Astyle default format to format the

Debug one of at91sam7x256 using Keil and jlink

Follow the Keil for ARM tutorial to create a project, write the main function, and operate gpio,ProgramThere is no problem with compilation after writing, "At91sam7x. axf"-0 error (s), 0 warning (s ). Set debug to jlink. When the program is downloaded to flash, The following error is prompted when the out window of Keil is displayed: No algorithm found for: 00100000 H-001004e7h. Very depressing. Why not

The keil 4.60ST-linkII of stm32f407discovery cannot be used.

1. Replace C: \ Keil \ ARM \ STLink with the STLink file in the resource. Remember to back up the original file, 2. Change C: \ Keil \ TOOLS. INI to the following [UV2]ORGANIZATION="cs2c"NAME="jianzhong", "cui"EMAIL=""ARMSEL=1BOOK0=UV4\RELEASE_NOTES.HTM("uVision Release Notes")[ARM]PATH="C:\Keil\ARM"

[51 single chip microcomputer] Keil C51 the use of variables in the detailed

Introduction8051 Core SCM is a universal monolithic microcomputer, which occupies a large market share in China. Keil has been the most successful in the study of the use of C language for 51-core microcontroller. Due to the particularity of the storage structure of the 51-core microcontroller, the use of variables in Keil C51 differs from standard C. The correct use of variables facilitates the acquisition

Keil Optimization Level setting

Keil Optimization Level settingOptimization level description (for reference only):The Code optimization bar is used to set the C51 level of optimization. There are 9 levels of optimization (as written in the book), and the high level of optimization includes all the previous levels of optimization. The various levels are described below:0-Level optimization:1, constant folding: Whenever possible, the compiler executes a calculation that evaluates to

How to use Keil-common functions (iii)

Ⅰ, overviewThe previous article is a summary about the use of Keil-common functions (ii), the article then summarizes the previous article.I will summarize each article of Keil use method together, review the previous summary please click the following link (click to read the original), Keil use Method (summary):

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