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WIN2012R2 Hyper-V Beginner Tutorial 15-system disaster recovery based on Kerberos and CA certificate (medium)

Twobased onHTTPS replication for CA certificates ??????? I just looked at it. On the system disaster tolerance based on Kerberos and CA certificate (on) or in 2017-08-31, until now half a year passed, lazy cancer is too heavy, has not been updated, from today onwards will gradually update the beginning of the tutorial, I hope to have more friends to understand and learn Microsoft virtualization technology.

[Kerberos] Kerberos Authentication Process Collation

Kerberos is a security authentication protocol intended to provide More secure authentication Simplified management of password Convenience of single The basic structure of Kerberos Kerberos Client: The party requesting the service Kerberized Service: The party providing the services Ker

SharePoint 2013 Platform Kerberos configuration detailed description (Configure Kerberos guideline)

, and there is no dependency, you can continue with this section. Otherwise can jump to the following sectionStart > All Programs > AccessoriesLaunch a Command Prompt as an administratorTo add the dependency, type the following command: "SC config c2wts depend= cryptsvc"Note that a space was required between the equal sign and the valueYou can then go back to the Services list and check for the ' Claims to Windows Token ' service that the dependency have been Added SharePoint 2013 Platform

Kerberos Installation Tutorials and use detailed _linux

authenticated user 3.2.3 Certified User Kinit-kt/xx/xx/kerberos.keytab HDFS/HADOOP1 3.2.4 deletes the current authenticated cache Kdestroy 3.3 FAQ 3.3.1 See if ticket is renewable View through the klist command If the value of the valid starting is the same as the renew until, the principal of the ticket is not renwable. 3.3.2 Ticket cannot be updated If you pass the expires, you can update the ticket by command Kinit–rBut if ticket cannot update [root@vmw201 ~]$ kinit-r k

Core of Single Sign-On (SSO)-technical reference of kerberos Authentication Protocol (I)

The Microsoft Windows Server 2003 operating system implements the authentication protocol for Kerberos version 5. Windows Server 2003 also extends public key authentication. The client for Kerberos authentication is implemented as a SSP (security support provider) that can be accessed through SSPI (Security Support Provider Interface. Initial User Authentication was integrated with Winlogon's Single Sign-On

Hadoop1.0 Security Authentication (kerberos) Installation and summary

can go to this tutorial and read my article. Cdh5.0.2 hadoop users are no longer used here, instead of mapred users and hdfs users. Here, the ssh public key and secret key must be produced for them respectively, and configure password-free login (of course, you can generate one of them and copy it directly ).1. Kerberos Installation First, check the principles of Kerbe

Use Kerberos for Sharepoint Authentication

From: Although SharePoint provides multiple authentication options and authentication regions, the two most common options implemented by enterprises in the Intranet solution are NTLM and Kerberos. Both protocols are used to integrate Windows Authentication in a typical question/response solution. NTLM relies on IIS to generate a token during the Query Process, send the token to the cli

The server uses Kerberos security verification to protect the Network File System (NFS)

using the rpcsec_gss protocol in the Network File System Using Two Kerberos modes: krb5 and krb5i. Krb5 provides Kerberos authentication at the RPC Request level, while krb5i (ipvo V5 also includes integrated authentication) can prevent the theft of Network File System load. The best way to explain how to set Kerberos security verification on UNIX clients and Wi

Deploy Hbase in the Hadoop cluster and enable kerberos

installation and deployment notes-HBase full distribution mode installation Detailed tutorial on creating HBase environment for standalone Edition Reference documentation (hortonworks will be short for hdp; cloudera is cdh ): 1. Create a system template. Because I found the centos6.5 template in openvz, we tried to keep it consistent with production in the test environment, so we should use CentOS6.3, note automatically according to the official docu

[Reprint]kerberos Authentication principle

A few days ago in explaining how Windows was authentication through Kerberos, it was a long time to talk about the man and almost put himself in. Then think of the following two points: for a person who does not fully understand Kerberos, the whole authentication process of Kerberos does not really understand--a moment to encrypt this key, and then another key to

Kerberos authentication process)

Http:// I. Basic Principles Authentication solves the problem of "how to prove that a person is indeed the one he or she claims. For how to authentication, we adopt this method: If a secret exists only in A and B, then one person claims to B that he is, B asks a to provide this secret to prove that this person is the he or she claims. This process actually involves three important aspects about authentication: How to express

Introduction to Kerberos and history

KerberosThe Kerberos protocol is primarily used for the identification of computer networks (authentication), which is characterized by the ability for a user to enter authentication information to access multiple services (Ticket-granting ticket) with this authentication, which is SSO ( ON). Because a shared secret is established between each client and service, the protocol is quite secure.conditionsFirst look at the prerequisites for the

"Turn" Athena to the dialogue with Zeus. (Kerberos principle)

1 August 2010 22:07:51The conversation about Kerberos (MIT)Athena and ZeusAthena and Zeus ' dialogue on the keeper of the Gates of HellKerberos:network Authentication ProtocolThe term Kerberos is derived from the Greek mythology "three-head dog-the gate Keeper of Hell" Kerberos is a network authentication protocol designed to provide a powerful authentication ser

Apache Hadoop configuration Kerberos Guide

Apache Hadoop configuration Kerberos Guide Generally, the security of a Hadoop cluster is guaranteed using kerberos. After Kerberos is enabled, you must perform authentication. After verification, you can use the GRANT/REVOKE statement to control role-based access. This article describes how to configure kerberos in a

Configuring a Kerberos-authenticated server for NFS on a Linux client

in this article we will cover the entire process of configuring an NFS share based on Kerberos authentication. Suppose you have configured an NFS server and a client. If not, you can refer to installing and configuring server for NFS [2]-it lists the dependent packages that need to be installed and explains how to initialize the configuration on the server before proceeding to the next step. In addition, you may also need to configure SELinux[3] and F

Configuring Kerberos authentication in the WebSphere Application Server Community Edition

Websphere®application Server Community Edition does not currently support Kerberos authentication. This article describes how to implement Kerberos authentication in the WebSphere application Server Community Edition using Kerberos provided by Ibm®java™platform. Brief introduction IBM WebSphere application Server Community Edition V2.1.1.2 (hereinafter referred

Use Kerberos 5 authentication on FreeBSD

Source: Perls Blog Part 1 Introduction to Kerberos protocol1. Kerberos protocol Introduction In Greek mythology, Kerberos is the three dogs that guard the gate of hell. In the computer world, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) named the network authentication system they developed as Kerberos. The

NFS server steps for Linux client configuration Kerberos Authentication

If you need to configure file sharing for a group of Unix-like clients, it's natural for you to think of a network file system, or NFS.In this article we will cover the entire process of configuring NFS sharing based on Kerberos authentication. Let's say you've configured an NFS server and a client. If not, you can refer to installing and configuring an NFS server-it lists the dependent packages that need to be installed and explains how to initialize

Install Kerberos under redhat6.4

1. Install the RPM packageRpm-IVH krb5-libs-1.10.3-10.el6.x86_64.rpmRpm-IVH krb5-server-1.10.3-10.el6.x86_64.rpmRpm-IVH krb5-workstation-1.10.3-10.el6.x86_64.rpm 2. Configuration File/Var/Kerberos/krb5kdc/KDC. confThe content is as follows:[Kdcdefaults]Kdc_ports = 750,88 [realms] = { database_name =/var/Kerberos/krb5kdc/principal admin_keytab =/var/Kerb

Kerberos Basic Installation and configuration

Because of the recent need to use Kerberos authentication for the environment, there is very little understanding of Kerberos before, today, take the time to manually install Kerberos, so as to deepen the understanding of Kerberos. 1 Select a machine to run KDC and install Kerberos

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