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Three DLL injection methods

From There are three main DLL injection methods: Application hook technology, remote thread creation, and trojan dll. I. Apply Hook Technology for DLL Injection I have

Find some articles about debugging by using the map file.

Article 1Identify the source code error line through the crash address only As a programmer, what do we worry most about? Is memory leakage? Is the interface hard to see ?...... Wrong! I believe that there will be no objection in my opinion-

FAQs about classic XP system faults

Classic XP system faults I. Typical XP fault Case Analysis There are too many XP faults. To learn the opposite, we should look at what classic faults we usually encounter starting from the installation of XP. How should we solve them? Installation

XP installation startup failure

Fault 1. Installation Prompts unknown hardware error "Symptom" After you install Windows XP SP3, restart your computer, prompting the C0000135 unknown hard error message, and Windows Installer cannot continue. "Fault analysis", according to

[Reprint] Parsing DLL files in Windows---interpretation of classic DLLs

[Reprint] Parsing DLL files in Windows---interpretation of classic DLLsIn the Windows world, there are countless blocks of active continents, and they all have a common name-the dynamic link library. Now walk into these magical activities of the

Unable to locate program input point k32getmoduleinformation on dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll

Preface vs2013 compiled program, run on WinXP.Changed the tool chain to XP, using the static MFC library.Run on XP escalation error: Unable to locate program input point k32getmoduleinformation on dynamic link library

Windows XP system failure Ultimate Troubleshooting Encyclopedia

First, boot up troubleshooting "Q": My operating system is Windows XP, but after the start of the login interface, click on the user name to log in, "is loading personal settings" after the cancellation of their own, excuse me, what is the reason?

Sfc_ OS .dll function replacement File

Windows File Protection is an annoying thing. When we write a pony, we inevitably want to take it out.There are several popular ideas:1. Remotely inject the Winlogon process to uninstall sfc_ OS .dll2. forcibly replace the files in the dllcache,

Hook api dll Injection

I,Preface for most Windows developers, how to intercept API function calls in Win32 systems has been a very challenging topic, because it willThe computer knowledge you have mastered is a comprehensive test, especially the knowledge that is not

Call Win32 DLL through P/invoke in C #

DownloadCode: Net0307.exe (133kb) I have noticed a trend in my recent programming, which leads to the topic of this month. Recently, I have been using Microsoft. NET Framework-based applications.ProgramCompleted a lot of Win32 InterOP. I am not

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