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PR the latest with PHP to get Google PR value algorithm, attach PHP query PR Value code example

Copy CodeThe code is as follows: /** Function: Encode the URL* Parameter description: $web _url website URL, does not contain "http://", such as*/function Hashurl ($url) {$SEED = "Mining PageRank is against GOOGLE's TERMS of SERVICE. Yes, I ' m talking to you, scammer. ";$Result = 0x01020345;for ($i =0; $i { $Result ^= Ord ($SEED {$i%87}) ^ ord ($url {$i}); $Result = (($Result >>) 0x1ff) | $Result } Return sprintf ("8%x", $Result); } /* * Function: Get PageRank *

The significance of Google PR update on the role of PR is losing

Hello everyone, I am Chengzhou. Yesterday is the webmaster session of the latest sensation of the day, the first is Google PR big update, and then Baidu included to a large reduction, and today to a wolf Rain Brother's forum first, beyond the seowhy of the first throne, really thrilling, so that the webmaster excited like watching Hollywood blockbusters. But for Google PR update, more webmaster is still ver

PR is not immutable, the server will also affect the PR

Today to talk with you about the PR problem, although in the first two years we have said that PR is not important before, there have been rumors that Google will cancel the PR, not to the PR to measure the authoritative value of the page, but over time, Google did not cancel the P

Matt Cutts talk about PR and PR updates

We have noticed that the Toolbar PR has been updated two days ago. Matt Cutts posted a post to answer some questions about PR and PR updates.Q: I'm curious about how the prvalue is stored internally? Is it decimal, like people guess, or an integer?A: make it more accurate to decimal places. Of course, our internal PR

Application, improvement and value of pr-a little research on pr

1. Application of prIt is best to reserve a few more high pr websites/pages, which will be easily carried out in the future?Pr statistics on top 10 webpages with some popular keywords on googleMovie 5 ~ 6Online movie 4 ~ 5Sex 5Beauty 4Photo 5Music 6Mobile phone 5 ~ 6Flash 5 ~ 6Game 6Does it mean that some websites with high pr can surpass these websites with popu

Seo optimization factors affecting google's PR value and methods to increase the PR value

1. Confirm that the other site is the search engine punishment or shielding (use site to query the site's search engines included in the number, if the number is zero or in the search engine directly input to the other site, if not shown to change the site search results, stating that the other site was the search engine punishment) 2. As far as possible to choose with their own site theme content related to the site Exchange links (such as renting this page to exchange links, you can choose to

Baidu included agitation is for Google PR update another PR

conclusion: This time Baidu contains sharp fluctuations in fact, Google's large-scale update PR of a "PR" and "counterattack." Why do you say that, please look at my analysis of this incident: first, Baidu's "PR" for Google has a precedent We often compare the relationship between Baidu and Google as a pair of "enemy", from the date of the birth of Baidu, has

PR update belated, Google PR is not a cloud

Look forward to Google PR finally in 2011 before the advent of the Spring Festival significantly updated, the previous PR has ceased to update the rumors also collapse. Regardless of the Sogou of the SR or Alexa, Baidu itself also has a measure of the standards of the site, it goes without saying that the PR value of some sites. Natural site quality is relatively

PR Value Update: An analysis of the value of PR value

Webmaster in the past for the PR value and crazy, but as Google withdrew from the Chinese market, PR value is more and more neglected, and even some webmaster think the PR value has no effect. However, according to the author's point of view, the PR value still has a certain value. Google

The latest PHP to get Google PR value algorithm, enclosed PHP query PR Value code example _php tips

Copy Code code as follows: /* * Function: to encode the URL * Parameter description: $web _url Web site URL, does not contain "http://", such as */ function Hashurl ($url) { $SEED = "Mining PageRank is against GOOGLE ' S TERMS of SERVICE. Yes, I ' m talking to you, scammer. " $Result = 0x01020345; for ($i =0; $i { $Result ^= Ord ($SEED {$i%87}) ^ ord ($url {$i}); $Result = ($Result >>) 0x1ff) | $Result } Return sprintf ("8%x", $Result); } /* * Function: Get PageRank

Google PR value to get Google PR value of PHP code

Today, after the update blog program, suddenly found that Google Toolbar PR bar added a little, but has been the Google Toolbar PR because of the buffer problem, so that the current display of the PR value is not necessarily the current page PR value, so to check the next, found blog site (HTTP/

From Google PR big update to see Stationmaster's optimization work

Today in the morning, open their own website Trend Shopping Network, found that PR rose to 3, at that time still dare not believe their eyes, thinking that they are wrong, but changed a number of query tools, found that it is 3, it is expected that Google's PR has begun to update. Although the industry rumors of PR is no longer updated, but this update let rumors

Google PR Update What kind of signal we bring

Long time no A5 hair article, yesterday (that is, January 20) long-lost Google PR, we are not aware of the time update, there has been a period of times webmaster Circle has been boiling, said the PR to be canceled, and now finally updated. Google PR Last big update time is April 3, 2010, after the 9 months of silence, caused by many of our webmaster speculation,

I swim the net: Google PR for SEO reference value is getting smaller

Google PR has always been webmaster friends are very concerned about, see the PR value reached more than 4, you can probably determine this is a good site, at least it is a long time to judge it is a station, for links, the PR value reflects its true value, Because a lot of webmasters have requirements PR value to achi

Google PR value Big update revelation trading links Dangerous high

About this Google PR big update, looking at those big Web site PR bad, and some new station PR Dodo rise, many stationmaster again excited, the forum of the big stationmaster like is to explode a pot. One of the highest PR sites in China, Xinhua unexpectedly fell from Pr9 to PR6. However, there are also a few from Pr0

Google's PR value updated after the feeling

The day is the last year of 2009, and tomorrow is New Year's Day. Webmasters to meet the beginning of the new year at the same time to meet the new Year's expectations. In the day before the new year, foreign search engine Google to the Chinese webmaster to send a gift: PR value update. Fast push site long do not want to say their own several sites PR value update how? just want to talk about Google's

2013 PR Value Update date forecast

PR value is Google's rating for a website, the higher the rating, the more popular the site. Webmaster for the PR value of the slightest less than Baidu weight, and even every time exchange links, the PR value will be placed in the first place. In 2012 years the PR value of the larger update has 4 times, February, May

Google PR Value change query interface impatient webmaster why impetuous

Recent microblogging on the hot topic: "Yesterday woke up iphone5 No, today woke up jobs did not, Google PR value is not, tomorrow woke up, the National Day holiday No". It is true that the events of the past few days are many, webmasters are increasingly concerned about the Google PR value has changed again, suddenly the major forums, QQ Group is a group of hot pot explosion opened the discussion, these im

When the changes in the Web site construction, Google PR still can not be ignored

Is today, Google reluctantly moved to Hong Kong after nearly two years, its weight performance factor PR, is still a large number of Web site Exchange links when the important reference factors. Many people may not understand, since Google has been non-mainstream, and slowly fade into the eyes of people, why is still so fond of Google PR? It is well known that Google, because of its almost no manual interve

Mixed boy: Do you still very concerned about the PR

Yesterday, the PR updated, in the major webmaster forum, webmaster QQ Group are all over the discussion of this, the original mixed-Kid blog is also in the establishment of 2 months, PR from 0 directly up to 4, actually did not expect to update this article today, because just today nothing to go to some forums turned, found that a lot of friends concerned about this , has reached a morbid point, and a lot

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