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The difference between key, primary key, unique key and index in MySQL

Key differs from primary keyKey is usually the index synonym. If the keyword attribute primary key is given in the column definition, then primary key can also be specified as key only. The purpose of this is to be compatible with other database

MSSQL-Logical primary key, business primary key, and composite primary key

Reprinted from: days on the logical primary key, business primary key and composite primary key have some thinking, also searched the related discussion on the net, related discussion can

Go The difference between Delphi:keydown and KeyPress, key combinations

Shift is a collection variable. Type tshiftstate = set of (Ssshift, Ssalt, Ssctrl, Ssleft, Ssright, Ssmiddle, ssdouble), which means tshiftstate, Ssshift, Ssctrl, Ssleft (left mouse button), ssright (right mouse button), Ssmiddle (middle mouse

Virtual-key codes virtual key code

Virtual-key codes -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The following table shows the symbolic constant names, hexadecimal values, and mouse or keyboard equivalents for the virtual-key codes used by the

Thoughts on logical primary key, business primary key, and composite primary key

Reproduced: In the past few days, I have thought about logical primary keys, business primary keys, and composite primary keys. I also searched for some discussions on the Internet. For more

Keytool-Key and certificate management tools (2)

Copies the original key entry. See-keyclone. Generates a new self-signed certificate for the replica with the new feature name. See below. Generate a certificate signing request for the replication item and import a reply certificate or certificate

VBS SENDKEYS VIRTUAL-KEY codes hexadecimal symbol _vbs

Constants Vk_lbutton (0x01) Left mouse button Vk_rbutton (0x02) Right mouse button vk_cancel (0x03)

Public key cryptography system and RSA public key algorithm

  Public key cryptography system and RSA public key algorithm Abstract: This article briefly introduces the ideas and features of the public key cryptography system, and introduces the theoretical basis, working principle and implementation process

SSH HTTPS public key, secret key, symmetric encryption, asymmetric encryption, summary understanding

Des:Digital Encryption Standard. Obsolete Standard.Single key algorithm is the sender of the information using key A for data encryption, the receiver of the information uses the same key a for data decryption. The single key algorithm is a

Primary Key and foreign key in the database, primary key of the database

Primary Key and foreign key in the database, primary key of the database 1. What are primary keys and Foreign keys: A record in a relational database has several attributes. If one of the attribute groups (note that it is a group) uniquely

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