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Use the putty (ssh) Key to securely log on to the server

Step 1: generate a keyRun puttygen.exe and select the required key type (parameters) and length (bits ). Putty uses the SSH1 protocol by default. The default length is 1024, We will use the SSH1 protocol for the time being. We will discuss the

Configure the SSH service to log on to the Linux server using the certificate

Configure the SSH service to log on to the Linux server using the certificate Common authentication methods for logging on to a Linux server through SSH (Secure Shell) include passwords and certificates. From the security perspective, we recommend

[Linux] using Ssh-keygen to generate RSA keys in the Linux CLI

RSA is a public-key cryptography algorithm, which was presented in 1977 by Ron Rivest of MIT, Adi Shamir, Leonard Adleman, so the algorithm is named after the first letter of the three-person surname.SSH is the secure shell abbreviation, which is a

Python implements certificate-based encryption and decryption, and python encrypts and decrypts data.

Python implements certificate-based encryption and decryption, and python encrypts and decrypts data. The example in this article describes how to implement encryption and decryption with a certificate in python. Share it with you for your reference.

Python certificate-based encryption and decryption implementation

This article mainly introduces the implementation method of python certificate-based encryption and decryption, and uses the M2Crypto component for related encryption and decryption operations, including the complete implementation process in detail,

Maven2 configuration file Settings.xml parsing

Brief introduction: Overview When the various configurations in Maven run, such as Pom.xml, do not want to bind to a fixed project or are to be assigned to a user, we use the settings element in Settings.xml to determine these configurations. This

God-level programmers bring: the implementation method of encryption and decryption with the Python certificate!

This paper describes the implementation method of encryption and decryption of Python with certificates. Share to everyone for your reference. The implementation method is as follows:Recently in Python to do the encryption and decryption work, at

Basic Linux protection measures

1. Case 1:linux Basic protection measures2. Case 2: Assigning administrative rights with Sudo3. Case 3: Improve SSH service security4. Case 4:selinux Safety Protection1 Case 1:linux Basic protection measures1.1 QuestionsThis case requires practicing

Data Backup tool under Linux rsync

Rsync is a file synchronization and Transfer tool under a Unix system. Rsync can not only synchronize data remotely (like an SCP), but can also synchronize data locally (similar to CP), but unlike CP or SCP, rsync does not overwrite previous data

Set up sshd service through cygwin in Windows

From: Reprinted: Copyright belongs to the original author.       The sshd service is a secure connection that

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