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Oracle stored procedure Update the Integrity conflict solution when the primary key value is constrained by a foreign key

further explained: We need to modify the following SC table foreign key Declaration, add the name of the foreign key constraint, to facilitate our subsequent masking and recovery of foreign KEY constraints: create table SC (s# integer , C # integer , Scor E integer , constraint sidfk foreign key (

Multi-threaded calls generate primary key serial number stored procedure creates a primary key conflict problem solution

number)Insert into table values (serial number as ID, other columns);EndProgram code Con.commit ();Serial Number Stored procedure:Update tab Statistics Field +1Update tab Final serial number set type + Month Day + complement 0 bit + statistic fieldSelect final serial number;//as Primary key-----------------------------------------------------------------But where does the problem occur, since it is a primary key

About hibernate when using a combined primary key, the solution for some fields in a composite primary key that are null

When you use a view for querying, you often use the method of combining the primary key. In Hibernate, a field that is configured in a combined primary key, if one of the values is NULL, hibernate sets the corresponding entity for the entire row to null. Sometimes, it's not what we want. The most likely solution on the web is to place a potentially null field ou

Solution to the problem of the white chrome logon key ring and the garbled characters entered by sogou pinyin (Security trial version) and the chrome key

Solution to the problem of the white chrome logon key ring and the garbled characters entered by sogou pinyin (Security trial version) and the chrome key This is two recent problems. Chrome logon key ring Solution In linux, the key

iOS client RSA public key encryption. NET background private key decryption solution (based on OpenSSL)

1. The. PEM-formatted OpenSSL public key file is required to be available in the background. For details, please refer to: (OpenSSL key-related command )Char *my_encrypt (const char *str,const char *path_key) {Char *p_en;RSA *p_rsa;FILE *file;int Flen,rsa_len;if ((File=fopen (Path_key, "R")) ==null) {Perror ("Open key file

GitHub SSH key key is invalid. Ensure you ' ve copied the file correctly solution

This error occurs because when you add a new key on GitHub, the ~/.ssh/ content is copied incorrectly. Generally occurs under Linux, because Windows uses notepa++ to open this file and copy is generally not a problem, and Linux under the use of Vim to open and copy will be added to vim because of the addition of the key to add failure. The workaround is to use the cat command to output the. ssh/id

Step rate solution in the project, find the key value in the array by key name

$a = 3.5;$arr = Array ("1" =>4, "2.5" =>5, "5" =>6);//decimal key name, need to quote$arr = Array_flip ($arr);foreach ($arr as $key = = $value) {$b [] = $value;}The main idea is to flip the array, take out the original array of all the key names to form a one-dimensional array, determine in which ladder range, and then reverse the array to array_search out the co

Under Ubuntu use VI is the direction key garbled backspace key cannot use the solution

"compatible" to "nocompatible" non-compatible mode solves the problem of the direction key becoming ABCD. The next problem to solve the backspace key is also very simple, in the sentence after just add a sentence: Set backspace=2 becomes as shown:Hint: There is no space on either side of the equals sign in set backspace=2 herecan solve the problem. This time, regardless of which user, the use

Under Ubuntu use VI is the direction key garbled backspace key cannot use the solution

After this installation, we still use the "VI" command to start the newly installed VIM when editing the file, but it is more convenient to operate than the tiny.Third, add ". VIMRC" FileIt's not a clever way. It is in the user's personal directory, edit the. vimrc file (Note that the file name is ".") ), add the following two sentences: Set nocompatible //working in non-compatible mode Set backspace=2 As shown in the following:After saving the exit, the user will be abl

Solution for failure of all certificates in the iOS-key string (invalid issuer of the certificate), ios-Key

Solution for failure of all certificates in the iOS-key string (invalid issuer of the certificate), ios-Key Today, I used Xcode to package the IPA file to my colleagues. When the result showed that the import was prompted, I was prompted for the certificate missing. After finding the file for a long time, I did not find any problem. Then I opened the

Android activation key failure to start the mobile phone solution, android Solution

Android activation key failure to start the mobile phone solution, android SolutionProblem description The Android phone's key is damaged and cannot be started. Solution Connect your mobile phone to your computer through USB cable, go to the command line, find the directory where the adb command is located, an

Win2003 Install SQL Server 2000 prompts the solution for the product key cannot be verified _mssql

: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager On a server running Windows 2000 with SP 4, this registry key is located under the following registry subkey: Hkey_local_machine\system\control\session Manager Note If the SafeDllSearchMode registry key does not exist, create the SafeDllSearchMode registry key as a DWORD value. 4. In the Value

Solution to multiple primary key defined error message in MySQL

Tags: share pictures block example appears a table name term error-OThere are two ways to create a primary key: CREATE TABLE Table name (Field Name Type,Field Name Type,......Primary key (name)); or a CREATE TABLE Table name (Field Name Type primary key,Field Name Type,......); However, it is important to note that

OpenWrt signing key has not been configured solution

When compiling OpenWrt source code, make V=s prompts OpenWrt to appear signing key has not been solution The compilation appears as follows: Generating index for package./UHTTPD_2014-10-27-FD8E5E379C23C5FBCEC3E76894B839233DF09067_RAMIPS_24KEC.IPK Generating index for package./WATCHDOG_1_RAMIPS_24KEC.IPK Generating index for package./WIRELESS-TOOLS_29-5_RAMIPS_24KEC.IPK Signing

Xshell when you switch to Oracle's sqlplus console when connecting to a Linux server, you cannot use the ENTER key solution!

Label:When using Xshell to connect to the Linux server, switch to the Sqlplus console, when using the return, the ^h symbol appears, it seems that the return can not be used! Solution:1) $ stty erase ^h: The setting associated with the BACKSPACE key is erase, which represents the deletion of the last character.If the current window is executed, only the current window is valid, the next time you log in will

The solution of 10010 error after the white Cloud one key reload system

A lot of people in the use of white clouds after a key to reload the system appeared 10010 wrong problem, we are helpless, this time we do not need to hurry, the following small series to teach us Baiyun a key to reload the system after the 10010 error solution . The reason for this error is simple, after using some sort of one-click Restore Wizard o

Failed to open the key database file. C;\\user\\w\\destop\\securecrt_fx6.5.3\\config\\knowhosts\\hostsmap.txt the solution to this problem

1. First this error in Baidu translation above query, what is the meaning of the query results are as follows:Failed to open key database file. c;\ user \ w \ platform \ securecrt_fx6.5.3 \ \ \ \ hostsmap.txt knowhosts Configuration2. Then Failed it to open the key database file. C;\\user\\w\\destop\\securecrt_fx6.5.3\\config\\knowhosts\\hostsmap.txt this error in Baidu above query,

MySQL Add foreign key failed solution

MySQL Restart command:Redirecting To/bin/systemctl Stop Mysqld.service[Email protected] centos7share]# systemctl start Mysqld.service[Email protected] centos7share]# mysql-uroot-proot123MySQL Run SQL file: Source/mnt/hgfs/xxx.sql;Failed to initialize the foreign Key association caused by SQL run:: 35:31.428 ERROR jdbc.sqlonly 4. Statement.executeupdate (Alter table1Add index fk_atx28tyc1c6j00d5mi7e5xt9d (key_id),Add Constraint fk_atx28tyc1c6j00d5mi7e5

SQL Server 2000 skips the Cd-key solution during the installation process

Tags: install. com regedit ref run Mac DLL chmod logHow does SQL Server 2000 skip Cd-key during the installation process? Solutions from the cloud network are as follows:1. Run "regedit" to open the registry.2. Locate the registry branch HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager.3. Change the key value of the SafeDllSearchMode DWORD to 0, and if not, create the

myeclipse6.5 code hint shortcut key does not work solution

Reason: Content Assist shortcut keys, this means that the contents of assistance, that is, we are accustomed to the prompt function, the default shortcut is Ctrl+space this and we in Windows to change the keyboard shortcut key conflicts.1. Select window->preferences; in the MyEclipse6.5 menu bar2. Select general->keys;3. In the middle right form, click Word Completion and then click Remove Binding to enter a shortcut

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