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New gestures, side-by-side return, global right-slip back all out!

).Someone might ask, "Is this not going to conflict with the global right-slip return?"It is logically true that it is a conflict, but it does not conflict from the point of view of use:Users usually put their fingers in the middle, since the direct swipe to switch tab, drag the page, will not move your finger to the bottom of the screen.So if you move your finger to the bottom of the slide, you're going to

tab navigation and side drawer Navigation Peak showdown

(through the two tab switch to different pages), on my colleague's phone show is the right one of the scheme, through (side navigation switch to different pages). Facebook must also be testing the user's different response to the drawer Navigation and tab with a/b test, and I'm looking forward to Facebook's final resu

One of the issues with Eclipse: Selected items-> (right) build path->configure the label button on the right side of build path is not visible

Background: It is not known for any reason that the ability to add a jar package was found on build path. At the beginning, directly select the Item right button to add on it. But today, two jars were added, and the result was an error, because I accidentally clipped the jar to another folder. And the direct remove is not good. Really can not, simply, see if you can put the right button out, may be deleted

Product Design Course -- interaction between tab navigation and side drawer

If you are a product design manager or a product designer. Now you need to design an application that contains many pages and modules and cannot display completely in one screen. You will first think of designing a tab navigation at the bottom or top. However, the extra navigation lines seem a little inconspicuous. What if I try to get them in the sidebar, such as "side drawer navigation? Today, let's take

Mobile-side page, hide virtual keyboard

Native JS There is no way to control the phone virtual keyboard hiding and display, when the input box will automatically pop up when the focus of the virtual keyboard, many times the page has been scrolled elsewhere, the keyboard should be hidden, keyboard or not retract, at this time can be a flexible way to hide the

On the right side of jQuery, the Focus Image carousel special effect code is shared, and the jquery special effect code is

On the right side of jQuery, the Focus Image carousel special effect code is shared, and the jquery special effect code is This example describes the code of the playback effect of the focus image on the right side of jQuery. Share it with you for your reference. The details are as follows:The source code of the Focus

Computer Mouse right Button menu cannot find a way to resolve the tab

Sometimes our program does not run smoothly, especially large 3D games, in addition to the memory of the relevant, but also with the graphics card has a great relationship. Also, many of today's computers are dual graphics cards (integrated-independent or independent-independent). Then, if the "integrated-standalone" graphics card, we will play the game to apply the independent graphics, playing games, performance and fluency can be greatly improved. The following small series to Win7 32-bit, AT

Small figure Toggle code based on the right side of jquery

Based on jquery, the right side of the large image switch code is a tab with the right thumbnail of the jquery picture switch effect. As follows:Online preview Source DownloadThe implemented code.HTML code:Divclass= "Examples_body"> Divclass= "EXAMPLES_BG"> Divclass= "Examples_image"> imgsrc= "

Qq online customer service code floating on the right side of the QQ customer service JS special effect demonstration

Steps for online QQ Production 1. log onHttp:// Select a style3. Fill in relevant data4. Generate a webpageCode5. Copy the code to the keyboard. The file name is 001.html.6. Create a self-built topic and copy the pattern and style section in the WordPad to the "self-built topic ". 7. After completing all the settings, set the icon link:Http:// V = 1 uin = your QQ number Site = 240zt Save t

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