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Call the Windows API in C # to send a keystroke message to the specified window

| 0x0001); Set Window PositionSetcursorpos (476, 177); Setting the mouse positionMouse_event (0x0002, 0, 0, 0, 0); Simulate mouse down actionMouse_event (0x0004, 0, 0, 0, 0); Simulate Mouse release actionSendkeys.send (_gameid); Analog keyboard input Game IDSendkeys.send ("{tab}"); Analog Keyboard Input TabSendkeys.send (_gamepass); Analog keyboard Input Game passwordSendkeys.send ("{ENTER}"); Analog keyboard Input EnterAnother: The Keybd_event method is mentioned above, the usage and the Mouse

Python3 Tkinter base Frame bind bind keystroke keyboard event print key to Shell

Town Field Poem:The Pure Heart sentiment wisdom language, does not have the world name and the benefit. Learn water under the hundred rivers, give up arrogant slow meaning.Learn to have a small return to feed root, willing to cast a conscience blog. Sincere in this writing experience, willing to see the text to inspire.——————————————————————————————————————————CodeFrom Tkinter import *root=tk () #创建一个框架, responding to event frame=frame (root,width=200,height=200,background= ' green ') def in thi

e620. Activating a keystroke when all Component in the Window has Focus

Normally, a keystroke registered to a component was activated when the component had the focus. This type of activation condition is called WHEN_FOCUSED . It's possible to specify, a keystroke be activated if any component (including itself) in the window with the focus. This type of keystroke activation condition is called WHEN_IN_FOCUSED_WINDOW .Keyboard accele

VBS SendKeys Simulation Keystroke operation Problem Resolution _vbs

Copy Code code as follows: ' ====================================== ' VBS SendKeys analog keyboard keystroke ' 2009-07-26 ' Liu ' ====================================== Dim WshShell Set wshshell=wscript.createobject ("Wscript.Shell") "cmd" ' Let the script wait 1000 milliseconds, that is, 1 seconds to execute the next statement. Wscript.Sleep 1000 '--When sending characters, the input method must be in the English file stat

Keystroke Wizard Script-a good tutorial for learning VBS _VBS

want to let the program say different words, first say 10 times sell xxx, say 10 times sell yyy. Then we can write: VBS I VBS I=10 While I>0 Ifexpression isaystring sell xxx, price negotiable. endif Ifexpression i>5 Saystring sell yyy, price negotiable. endif VBS I=I-1 Delay 10000 ENDfor In fact, we use a small programming skills, is the size of the variable I control program direction. Visible 5 times before selling yyy, 5 times after selling xxx. Or we first call XXX once, then call yyy once,

Linux Kilin installation and keystroke server steps

USB flash drive, fool-mountedSet root password sudo passwd rootVSFTPD and SSH ServicesUse Apt-get to install VSFTPD and SSH directly, first to sudo apt-get update source list1.SSH InstallationInstall command: sudo apt-get install Openssh-serverUninstall command: sudo apt-get remove openssh-serverAfter we run the sudo apt-get install openssh-server command, confirm that the installation is OKPs-e|grep SSH1418? 00:00:00 sshdSee sshd That means Ssh-server's started.If not, you can start this way: s

JavaScript implements keystroke logging and posts the contents of the record before turning off the page

Recently, Mr. Chen asked me to add a key record of the new architecture to the business. To learn JavaScript, find some code on the Internet, and finally write out:This code modifies the code called "Yu Yan Ren" from the net.Reference: implements keystroke logging and posts the contents of the record before turning off the page

Panda burning Incense virus, panda virus kill, the latest variant clear, Delete method super recommended virus killing

Recently, Jiangmin technology issued an emergency virus warning, a disguised as "panda incense" pattern of the virus is crazy crime, has dozens of of corporate LAN has been hit. Companies from different parts of the country reported to the Jiangmin Antivirus center that their company was being attacked by an unidentified virus, and that all of the executable. exe

C Virus Program Principle analysis (prevent virus C language small virus example) _c language

Characteristics of the virus: The biggest feature of the virus is self-replicating, from the classification of viruses there are many kinds, here we will introduce the most popular add-onVirus, which is adapted to the normal file to achieve its own replication purposes.From a procedural point of view, we have two things to do: 1, so that the program can be copied to other programs without affecting the wo

"Panda incense" criminal suspect Li June wrote the virus Kill tool (not virus) Download _ Virus killing

In the middle of January this year, the network Supervision Department of Xiantao Public Security Bureau of Hubei Province conducted a survey on the producers of "panda incense" virus according to the unified deployment of the Security Supervision Bureau and provincial Police Department. After investigation, the producer of panda incense virus in Hubei province, Wuhan Li June, according to Li June, on Octob

No weaker than the panda can penetrate the freezing point 5.7--6.2 robot dog virus solution and Machine Dog virus Official Defense Method 1th/2 page _ Virus killing

Just repeatedly tested several versions, DF of the above version is all worn ... Completely crazy ing .... Currently, only a few sites can be blocked on the route .... Look forward to the emergence of the master! Sample sent up .... Say you can't penetrate yourself first Test Overall protection, the system is completely open, without any restrictions! Now do not know why some systems do not wear ~ Immediately after running, look at the startup item. The

happy2008 virus specifically kill happy2008 virus _ virus

File name:\svchost.exe File size: 26014 byte Name of AV: (rising) backdoor.win32.pbot.b Adding shell mode: Unknown Writing language: VC File md5:66951f5a5c5211d60b811c018a849f96 Virus type: IRCBot Behavioral Analysis: 1. Release virus copy: C:\WINDOWS\ 26148 bytes (virus compression package) C:\WINDOWS\svchost.exe 26014 b

The latest virus SxS virus special kill way, recently hung horse serious _ virus killing

[%repeat_0 match= "/data/option"%][%= @title%] [%= @count%] ticket [[%= @percent%]%] [%_repeat_0%] SXS. EXE this is a theft of QQ account password Trojan virus, the characteristics can be transmitted through removable disk. The virus's main harm is to steal QQ account and password, the virus will also end a large number of anti-virus software, reduce the securi

Auto virus triggers the perfect solution for Trojan virus (original]_ virus)

Today encountered auto virus, his actions include each packing directory has auto.exe,autorun.inf, registry startup, Task Manager appeared multiple EXE virus, cannot be banned. K11986325364.exe Xkpnoo.exe C:\WINDOWS\ktwlqd.exe Lguezc.exe NAVMon32.exE Xqtflm.exe Vgdidn.exe K11986299022.exe K119862991512.exe K119862991613.exe K119862991815.exe K119862992016.exe K11986301162.exe K11986303952.exe K11986304017.e

Learn to use anti-virus software correctly. Do not go into the anti-virus misunderstanding.

Almost everyone who uses computers has ever experienced computer viruses and antivirus software. However, many people still have misunderstandings about viruses and anti-virus software. Anti-virus software is not omnipotent, but it is never a waste. The purpose of this article is to allow more people to have a correct understanding of anti-virus software and use

Latest virus variants Sxs.exe and Xeklsk.exe (Conan virus) Killing methods _ Virus killing

Through the U disk transmission of the virus Sxs.exe power has always been very large, once n a computer was his downfall ~ ~ Its variant is also increasingly refurbished, the pattern white ~ ~ Computer engine room and poisoned ... Each letter has hidden files, the icon is Conan head Sxs.exe and autorun, virus system into the xeklsk.exe. Hidden files cannot be displayed through Folder options. After repeate

Pandatv virus, pandatv virus exclusive, latest variant removal, recommended method

Recently, Jiangmin Technology issued an emergency VIRUS alert. A virus disguised as a "pandatv" pattern is committing a crime. Dozens of enterprises have suffered heavy losses on their local networks. When companies in different countries report to the anti-virus center of the People's Republic of China, their company is being attacked by unknown viruses, and All

The most common solution after virus virus Ultimate solution _ virus killing

First of all, no matter what virus you have, if you do not understand the meaning or suspected of a virus, please refer to my plan to try first: 4. Start = "Run =" Input: msconfig= "OK =" start = "all disabled (D) =" OK 5. Start = "Run =" Input: regedit= "OK =" hkey_local_machine\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\run\= "Right can be deleted all 6. Start = "Run =" Input: regedit= "OK =" hkey_loca

autorun.inf+ Unable to show hidden files + Virus removal method _ virus killing

Situation All the right keys are running, each disk will appear random 8-bit XXXXXXXX.exe and Autorun.inf files Internet search virus, Trojan, etc will be virus turned off, can not open nod32 and other anti-virus Software Unable to view hidden files, workaround: Method One: Modify the registry file (the following file save bit ok.reg) to run Copy Code code

Auto autorun.inf desktop.ini sxs.exe auto.exe virus-like manual processing complete technique _ virus killing

Special finishing a auto Autorun.inf desktop.ini sxs.exe auto.exe virus Manual processing complete skills, you can see the image set method, let auto Autorun.inf desktop.ini Auto.exe Virus Nowhere to hide Recently, a number of viruses, the performance of: 1, under each partition will have three files, the property is hidden, file name is: autorun.inf,,sxs.exe, which EXE file is a

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