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React Native Study notes (i) React native environment under MAC OS X

This paper introduces the construction process of react native environment under Mac OS x system.1. Environmental Requirements:1) MAC OS X operating system2) Xcode6.4 or later3) node.js4.0 or later4) Watchman and flow2. Installation process1) node.

Mac system built apache+mysql+php development environment, after installing MySQL, login error: Mac error 1045 (28000): Access

PHP Novice in the Mac system to build apache+mysql+php development environment (according to this blog to operate:, After the installation configuration MySQL finished, log in MySQL, error:

Bash Shell Learning notes (i)--common commands

One, the basic Bash Shell command 1, the default bash shell prompt is the dollar sign ($); 2. The Bash manual uses the man command to access the manual pages stored on the Linux system, such as: Bogon:~ mac$ man Kill KILL (1) BSD

LVS Detailed notes

1. Be a reliable, trusted person.2. Self-trivial to start, diligent, hard-working attitude, do not care, do not complain, good habits to start now3. Don't feel Yourself4. Concentrate your "All" on one point and you will succeed5, concentrate all of

Unix programming learning notes (23) -- initial learning of Signal Processing

Lien0000342014-10-291. Concept of Signal The description of signals in Wikipedia is as follows: In computer science, signals (English: Signals) are a restricted way of inter-process communication in UNIX, Unix-like, and other POSIX-compatible

CentOS Study Notes-firewall iptables, centosiptables

CentOS Study Notes-firewall iptables, centosiptablesLinux Firewall: iptables Iptables is a packet filtering software, and more than 2.6 of the Linux kernel is this software. This Section selects the Linux private dish of laruence-Chapter 9 server

Caché Database Learning notes (2)

Directory:Create a new Class (table) (class file) with Create routine (. Mac. Inc)Add a function to a class (Classmethod)Use of terminal==============================================================================================Create a new Class (

"Core principles and case studies of large Web site technology Architecture" Reading notes

Chapter Notes 1. Overview Site architecture Patterns: tiering, partitioning, distribution, clustering, caching, async, redundancy, automation, security. Core architectural elements: performance,

Mac uses a small skill

Xcodeブラックスクリーンの Solutions:1.CD ~/library/developer/xcode/deriveddata2.RM-FR *//NOTES:-FR and * are separate3. Close the emulator, turn off Xcode, and restart XcodeAfter restarting I create a new project, run, OK.I don't know if there is any use for

Caché Database Learning notes (3)

DirectoryQuery function and its testRebuilding the Index TableManagement Portal IntroductionRemote Access Ensemble======================================================================================================Query function and its test:How

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