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Zhou JIU Chang: three key areas of Personal Knowledge Management

Zhengzhou Aviation IndustryManagementDepartment of Information Science, Zhengzhou, 450015, China [Abstract] This article holds that personal inspirationKnowledgeManagement, personal knowledge project management, and personal learning management

Knowledge management ABC

Recently I am studying knowledge management. This is more objective.ArticleFor more information, see. Yang Feiyun Compile Discover what knowledge management is and how it helps your company win in the competition IIntroduction to knowledge

Knowledge Management: Building a Learning Team

First, let's look at what a learning team is. According to a survey conducted by Manchester Business School researchers on more than two thousand teams, there are three types of teams: creative team, regular team, and bad team. These three types of

Knowledge management System

Knowledge Management System Definition ™ two views: 1) technology and tools. It is considered that knowledge management system is the tool and technology to support various organization knowledge management practices, or knowledge management system

How to operate knowledge base effectively

In all aspects of knowledge management, knowledge base, as the storage and management center of knowledge, plays a very important role and is the key to the smooth operation of knowledge management. How can we effectively operate the knowledge base?

Kmaster recommendation for enterprise-level knowledge base systems

With the development and changes of Enterprise Informatization and the rapid growth of knowledge-based employees, enterprise knowledge management has become a step that cannot be ignored in the development strategy, however, the construction of the

Kmaster Knowledge Management Platform

Any enterprise depends on certain technologies andKnowledgeTo survive and develop, especially todayKnowledgeIn the era of economy, the competition among modern enterprises is moreKnowledgeCompetition with the ability to obtain and use

Enterprise Knowledge Portal solution

1. Portal requirements Enterprise Informatization construction has always been driven by two engines: management needs and technological development. From the perspective of management needs, the emergence of new management ideas and management

Microsoft sync framework series (6): knowledge in the Microsoft synchronization framework)

In the previous section, we said that knowledge is the metadata (metadata) in Microsoft sync framework. This metadata is used to describe all changes applied to replica. These changes are either direct, or through synchronization. MSF uses

SQL Server Learning Note (i) basic knowledge of the database, basic operations (detach, offline, shrink, backup, restore, attach), and basic syntax

In the software testing, the database is the necessary knowledge, holiday busy stealing busy, organized a little study notes, and discuss together.Read CatalogueBasic knowledge History of Database Database nouns SQL composition

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