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Dark Horse Programmer-Calculation: 2012-3-17 "to" 2012-4-6 "how many days in between?

Calculation:How many days are there in the middle of 2012-3-17 "2012-4-6"?Import Java.text.dateformat;import Java.text.parseexception;import Java.text.simpledateformat;import Java.util.date;public class DateDemos2 {//Practice://"2012-3-17" to "2012-

2018-4-20 17 weeks 3 lessons Shell function, array, alarm demand analysis

shell to customize a variety of personalized alarm tools, but the need for unified management, standardized management.• Idea: Specify a script package that contains the main program, subroutine, configuration file, mail engine, output log, and so on.• Main program: as an entry for the entire script, it is the lifeblood of the entire system.• Configuration file: is a control center that uses it to switch individual subroutines, specifying each associated log file.• Subroutines: This is the real

Question 17: How many three numbers can be composed of 1, 2, 3, and 4 distinct numbers without repeated numbers? What is it?

/*************************************** ************************* *** Auther: liuyongahui* ***** Date:* ** Language: C**************************************** ***********************//*Question 17: How many three numbers can be composed of 1, 2, 3, and 4 distinct numbers without repeated numbers? What is it? */ # Include Int main (){Int I;Int j;Int k;Int l = 0;

MVC5 + EF6 complete tutorial 17 -- upgrade to EFCore2.0, 17 -- efcore2.0

MVC5 + EF6 complete tutorial 17 -- upgrade to EFCore2.0, 17 -- efcore2.0 EF Core 2.0 was released last week and we upgraded it to core. This article is based on vs2017. Please install vs2017 (15.3) first ). This article focuses on the differences.Document directory (differences ): 1. Changes in the configuration/usage process of the newly created Project and EF I

Upgrade Linux Mint 16 petra to Mint 17 Qianna

Upgrade Linux Mint 16 petra to Mint 17 Qianna This article describes how to upgrade the existing Linux Mint 16 to Mint 17. Note: if conditions permit, it is best to reinstall Mint. Open the command line and enter the following four commands. $ Sudo sed-I's/saucy/trusty/'/etc/apt/sources. list$ Sudo sed-I's/petra/qi

2018-4-22 17 weeks 4 Lessons Shell alarm System script Configuration

# #发送邮件Fiecho "' Date +%t ' 502 $c _502"disk.sh Content#! /bin/bash# #Writen by alex##Rm-f. /log/disk.tmplang=enFor R in ' Df-h |awk-f ' [%]+ ' {print $} ' |grep-v use ' # #以一个或多个空格或% as delimiterDoIf [$r-gt] [$send-eq "1"]Thenecho "$addr ' date +%t ' disk useage is $r" >> /log/disk.tmpFiIf [-F. /LOG/DISK.TMP]ThenDf-h >>. /log/disk.tmp/bin/bash. /mail/mail.sh $addr \_disk $r. /log/disk.tmpecho "' Date +%t ' disk useage is Nook"Elseecho "' Date +%t ' disk useage is OK"Fi [%]+ represents o

Mvc5+ef6 Complete Tutorial 17--upgrade to EFCore2.0

Original: Mvc5+ef6 Complete tutorial 17--upgrade to EFCore2.0EF Core 2.0 was released last week and we are also upgrading to coreThe article is based on vs2017, please install the vs2017 (15.3) First of all.This article mainly tells the difference point, and the same as before will not repeat.Article Directory (difference point):I. New project, changes in EF configuration/use processSecond, the change of au

Mvc5+ef6 Complete Tutorial 17--upgrade to EFCore2.0

file instead.1, we first go to Appsettings.json to add a row of data.2. Similar to using context, add a service in Startup.cs > configureservices3. Use in ControllerAdd a breakpoint debugging, you can see that you can already fetch the value.SummarizeASPNETCore2.0 made a relatively large change, some in the 1.1 usage to 2.0 directly abandoned, or more radical. There are also some other minor details that have been changed, such as when specific items are encountered.We first learn how to use, h

2018-4-17 16 weeks 5 Lessons shell script date, if

later[[email protected] ~]# date-d "+1day" April 18, 2018 Wednesday 21:46:48 Cst[[email protected] ~]# date-d "+1day" +%f2018-04-18date-d "-1 days" a day agodate-d "-1 month" Month ago # #年year[Email protected] ~]# date-d "-1 month" +%F2018-03-17date-d "-1 min" A minute ago # #小时hour, seconds second[[email protected] ~]# date-d "-1 min" +%t21:47:09[[email protected] ~]# cal April 2018 1,234,561 2 3 4 5 6 7

There were 17 people in a circle, in the order of automatic arranging. Starting from the first person (from 1 to 3 off), where 3 of the people out of the circle, ask the last left is the number of the first

int n = 17;boolean[] persons = new Boolean[n];Initializationfor (int i=0;iPersons[i] = true;}int len = persons.length;//The remainder of the numberint count = 0;while (len>1) {Continue to count.for (int i=0;iif (Persons[i]) {count++;if (count = = 3) {Persons[i] = false;Count = 0;len--;}}}}There were 17 people in a circle, in the order of automatic arranging. Star

4, October 17

) Release management and release management.What is the configuration item version number rule:(1) The version number of the configuration item in the "Draft" state is formatted as 0.YZ,YZ with a number range of 01~99. With the revision of the draft, the value of YZ should be incremented. The initial value and increase of YZ is the user's own grasp.(2) The version number of the configuration item in the "formal" state is x.y,x the main version number, and the value range is 1~9. Y is the minor v

2018-4-18 17 weeks 1 lessons Shell logic judgment, File directory attribute judgment, if, case

Tags: shell20.5 logical Judgments in shell scripts• format 1:if conditions; Then statement; FiExample: a=5If [$a-gt 3]; then echo OK; Fi[Email protected] shell]# sh If1.shok• format 2:if conditions; Then statement; else statement; FiExample: a=5If [$a-gt 3]; then echo OK; else Echo Nook; Fi[Email protected] shell]# sh If1.shok[[Email protected] shell]# sh if1.shnot ok[[email protected] shell]# sh-x if1.sh+

2018-4-17 Linux Learning Notes

:%m:%s = Date +%t time Date +%s display timestamp Date +%s-d "2018-04-17 17:42:34" converts datetime to timestamp Date-d @1504620492 convert Timestamps to datetime Date-d "+1day" +%f a day later Date-d "-1 days" a day ago Date-d "-1 month" month ago Date-d "-1 hour" +%t an hour ago Date-d "-1 min" A minute ago Date +%w Day of the week Date +%w The first week of this y

1-4-17: Judging leap years

Description Determines whether a year is a leap years. Input input is only one row, contains an integer a (0 2006Sample outputNIt is suggested that the Gregorian calendar method, which can be divisible by 4 is mostly leap years, but can be divisible by 100 and not divisible by 400 is not a leap year, can be divisible by 3200 is not a leap, such as 1900 is common year, 2000 is leap year, 3200 is not a leap year.1#include 2 intMain ()

2016/4/17 removal of UL ol before Mark List-style:none List-style-type:none

correspondence.A). Using CSS formatting list characters: UL li{List-style-type:none;}B). If you want to replace the list symbol with an image, then: UL li{List-style-type:none;List-style-image:url (images/icon.gif);}C). To align Left, you can use the following code: ul{List-style-type:none;margin:0px;}D). If you want to add a background color to the list, you can use the following code: ul{List-style-type:none;margin:0px;}UL li{Background: #CCC;}E). If you want to add a mouseover background col

JS Study Note 2015-4-17 (fourth day)

Array application:var arr=[]//The brackets are like a warehouse;The subscript of the array starts with 0;ARR[ARR.LENGTH-1]Arr.push ("I Am the Last")//To add data to the last digit of the array;Small example, a lot of rotation switch graph switch button, the reason that use a tag, is a:hover state, IE is also supported, more convenient also convenience, save again to do compatibility;The array is very powerful, for example, in the case of the picture switching, the array is used, the current orde

Laravel5.1 Learning Note 17 Database 3 Data Migration

.$table->dropIndex(‘geo_state_index‘);Drop a basic index from the "Geo" table.Foreign Key ConstraintsLaravel also provides support for creating foreign key constraints, which is used to force referential integrity at the D Atabase level. For example, let's define a column on the user_id posts table that references the id column on a users table:Schema::table(‘posts‘, function ($table) { $table->integer(‘user_id‘)->unsigned(); $table->foreign(‘user_id‘)->references(‘id‘)->on(‘users‘);});Als

Study Notes 17-preprocessing command 3-File Inclusion

row 13, finally, compile the condition in 15 rows. When the second time # include "one. H ", because the macro _ one_h _ has been defined before, so the condition of the 9th rows is not true, Jump directly to the # endif of the 15th rows and end the condition compilation. It is such a simple three-sentence code that prevents the content of one. h from being repeatedly included. In this case, in Main. C: #include "one.h"#include "two.h" It becomes: 1 // #include "one.h" 2 #ifndef

2014--9=17 soft Second Class MyEclipse blue==4

(); } } Public Static voidMain (String []args) {NewTestsocket (); } PublicSocket Getsock () {returnsock; } Public voidSetsock (Socket sock) { This. Sock =sock; } PublicServerSocket getserver () {returnserver; } Public voidsetserver (serversocket server) { This. Server =server; } PublicString getString (InputStream in)throwsioexception{String str=""; byte[] b=New byte[1024]; intLen=-1; while(len = In.read (b))!=-1) {System.out.println (

17-c language preprocessing Directive 3-file contains

first include "one.h", because there is no definition of _one_h_, so the condition of the 9th line is established, and then the 10th line defines the _ONE_H_ this macro, and then declare the one function in line 13, Finally, the conditional compilation ends in line 15. When the second # include "One.h", because previously defined _ONE_H_ this macro, so the 9th line of the condition is not set, jump directly to the 15th line of #endif, end conditional compilation. This is the simple

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