kubernetes rolling update

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Kubernetes Service Rolling Update

[TOC]Introduction to Rolling UpdatesWhen a service in a kubernetes cluster needs to be upgraded, it is a traditional practice to go offline with the service that is being updated, to update the version and configuration after the business is stopped, and then to restart and provide the service. If the business cluster is large, this work becomes a challenge, and

Analysis of rolling update mechanism of kubernetes

this directory, this is a Http/json client, the main function is to send a request to Api-serverOverall, the wait on the above is the implementation of the soil, is to send an update request in the past, the subsequent polling call get to detect whether the state is in line with the final need. 5. SummaryLet's talk about the effects of these three time parameters: Update-period: After adding a pod to the n

Kubernetes Journey to the monkey (ongoing update ...)

play the devil, as soon as possible to reach Lei Yinji, to obtain the Scriptures, Amitabha.The first part converts to Buddhism A typical kubernetes workflow 100,000 of the vernacular kubernetes why Nodeport,loadbalancer or ingress? How do I choose Part II Packaged Containerized distributed Log Component exceptionless angular front-end UI Deployment

How to update a patch (Rolling Patch) in the Oracle RAC Environment

How to update a patch (Rolling Patch) in the Oracle RAC EnvironmentThe Oracle RAC database environment has many similarities and differences with the single-instance database environment. You can use opatch to update database patches. However, there are several different update Methods for the RAC environment patch

Deployment of kubernetes Calico Network update

to add these two parameters: --CNI-CONF-DIR:CNI plug-in profile directory, default to/etc/cni/net.d the contents of the configuration file in this directory need to meet the requirements of the MLM specification --CNI-BIN-DIR:CNI Plugin's executable directory, default to/opt/cni/bin Set the startup parameters for the Kube-apiserver service on master:--allow-privileged=true (because Calico-node needs to run in privileged mode on each node), after Setup, restart Kubelet. Thi

Update again! MSClass (Class Of Marquee Scroll General uninterrupted rolling JS encapsulation Class Ver 1.6)

Update again! MSClass (Class Of Marquee Scroll General uninterrupted rolling JS encapsulation Class Ver 1.6)/* MSClass (Class Of Marquee Scroll generic uninterruptible rolling JS encapsulation Class) Ver 1.6 *\Production Time: (Ver 0.5)Release date: (Ver 0.8)Last Updated: (Ver 1.6)Update Description: + added features *

"Safe Cow Learning note" Kali version update (first rolling release) and manual vulnerability Mining (SQL injection)

Tags: security+ Vulnerability Information SecurityKali version update-----first rolling releaseKali 2.0 announced that it will be updated with rolling release mode (but not implemented)Fixed-releaseFixed release cycleUse the mainstream version of software stabilizationRelease-----Mainstream-----voidMore stable, suitable for enterprise production environmentRollin

kali2.0 all fonts are displayed with a blank block after rolling update

Problem:650) this.width=650; "Src=" Http://s3.51cto.com/wyfs02/M00/82/D5/wKiom1diHNjS4hJvAAEintkfh1c778.jpg-wh_500x0-wm_3 -wmp_4-s_2440709257.jpg "title=" 0acefe737bf235cc01007d97a299d95e_r.jpg "alt=" Wkiom1dihnjs4hjvaaeintkfh1c778.jpg-wh_50 "/>Processing:Resolve new Kali Font overlay mismatchBecause the new version of Kali does not integrate some of the Chinese common fonts, it needs to be added to Kali to display properly. You can choose to install fonts and Kali fonts directly and replace Apt

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