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OLAP Engine--kylin Introduction

Kylin is a set of OLAP systems developed by ebay, and unlike Mondrian, it is a MOLAP system that is primarily used to support data analytics businesses in the big data ecosystem, It mainly uses the Precomputed method to cache the user-defined multidimensional cubes into hbase (HBase is currently only supported), which is used for both Mondrian and Kylin, and finds that the two systems are a trade-off betwee

Windows8/10+ubuntu Kylin (excellent kylin) dual system

1. Reference: The third USB stick boot mode installation completed2. Installation process:(1) First empty out a disk, do a good job of the data backup. Start win+x Disk Management, select this disk, compress the volume, turn it into an idle partition to install Ubuntu(2) Shut down the system for quick start and safe boot(3) installation system of U disk production(4) Enter boot mode (win8:f2,win10:del), the USB option is pinned to the installation step(5) Wi

Kylin Building Cube Optimization

cube chooses MapReduce, for example, Count Distinct, Top-n Simple cube select Spark, e.g. Sum/min/max/count Spark Engine The spark build engine uses the ' By-layer ' algorithm, which is hierarchical computing For example, there are 3 dimensions Abc,cube will build A,B,C,AB,AC,ABC6 combinations, here there are 3 layers, 1th Floor: A,b,c 2nd Floor: Ab,ac 3rd Floo

kylin-Practice OLAP

dimensions of the analysis model, Big data OLAP is the most urgent to solve the problem is a large number of real-time operations caused by the response time lag.2. Apache Kylin OLAP solution under Big DataApache Kylin BackgroundApache Kylin is a MOLAP system under the Hadoop ecosystem and is a distributed OLAP analysis engine that supports TB-to-PB-level data d

Best Kylin 16.10 (Ubuntu Kylin) First alpha release

Learn about Linux, please refer to the book "Linux should Learn"On June 30, 2016, the Kylin team announced the launch of the first alpha version of the 16.10 (yakkety Yak) operating system. Ubuntu 16.10 is currently in development, and the first alpha version of the optional flavors has been released, namely Ubuntu MATE, Lubuntu and Ubuntu Kylin. The alpha of the first two has been released, and the latter

Kylin Build Cube Step 2 error (Kylin installed on slave node) __kylin

40:36 2016-08-14 22:47:17,782 INFO [pool-2-thread-1] ThreadPool. Defaultscheduler:106:job fetcher:0 running, 1 actual running, 1 ready, 7 others 2016-08-14 22:47:17,788 INFO [pool-3-thread-2] Manager. Executablemanager:274:job id:4ceac957-2e0a-4760-a8e1-2b34a473a1a5 from READY to RUNNING 2016-08-14 22:47:17,800 INFO [pool-3-thread-2] execution. Abstractexecutable:100:executing >>>>>>>>>>>>> Extract Fact Table Distinct Columns 2016-08-14 22:47:17,911 INFO [pool-3-thread-2] Manager. Executablemana

Choose the floor? Or do you choose a tile? (Parrot Floor)

--Parrot Floor1 personal safety aspectsTile surface relative to the wood floor friction coefficient is small, easy to slip, if the home has the elderly or children, the floor tiles for the elderly, children hurt more serious, and the floor is not easy to skid, more suitable for home paving.2 Daily MaintenanceIn many people's eyes,

Full web most detailed Apache Kylin1.5 installation (single node) and test Case---> Now it appears that Kylin needs to be installed on the Hadoop master node __kylin

Please refer to the original author, Xie, 1. Versionhadoop2.7.2+hbase1.1.5+hive2.0.0kylin-1.5.1kylin1.5 (apache-kylin-1.5.1-hbase1.1.3-bin.tar.gz)2.Hadoop Environment compiled to support snappy decompression LibraryRecompile HADOOP-2.7.2-SRC native to support snappy decompression compression library3. Environmental preparednesshadoop-2.7.2+zookeeper-3.4.6 fully distributed Environment (HDFS, YARN HA

The evolution of the Apache Kylin Big data analytics Platform

The evolution of the Apache Kylin Big data analytics PlatformExt.: am Li Yang from Kyligence, co-founder and CTO of Shanghai Kyligence. Today I am mainly here to share with you the new features and architecture changes of Apache Kylin 1.5.    What is Apache Kylin?  Kylin is

The comparison between the indoor decoration solid wood floor and the composite floor

1. About ArchMany friends abandoned solid wood flooring and the choice of composite flooring is because the wood floor easy to arch. In fact, this view is worth studying.First of all, we should pay attention to an objective reality, that is, the quality of the decoration team on the market uneven, and solid wood flooring is a delicate thing, not all can cope. Therefore, many of these problems have been caused.For example, a friend talked about his hom

Kylin Environment Construction and operation

Kylin is an open source, distributed OLAP Analysis engine that provides SQL interfaces and OLAP interfaces based on Hadoop to support terabytes-to-PB data volumes. Kylin environment before the installation, need to install Jdk,mysql,tomcat,hadoop,hbase,hive,zookeeper and other software. Because we use Ambari to manage the cluster, these work has been done, only a brief introduction of

There is an egg on the fifth floor. If you are sure that the floor is broken, how many times do you need to throw at least in the worst case?

Problem: A rock will be broken when it is dropped at a certain height. It will not be broken below the height, but it must be broken above the height. Now there are 4 stones and a 1000-storey building. The height of the broken stone needs to be determined. The minimum number of times can be tested. Analysis: We should consider this question in turn, that is, we can use a stone to throw B at most a certain number of layers X (A, B ). Consider from the simplest stone. Obviously,X (1, 1) = 1X (1, 2

Stored squirrel (XSS) on the 19th floor, kms on the 19th floor, and other super moderators

Filtering is not strict somewhere on the 19th floor, resulting in a storage-type XSS in a sensitive place. In addition, HTTPONLY is included in COOKIES, and a small helper office on the 19th floor is successfully created. REFERER checks are available for various interfaces on the 19th floor. For various CSRF interfaces, refer ~~~ In the forum, you can find a post

Floor navigation, floor navigation js

Floor navigation, floor navigation js

Getting Started with Apache Kylin installation

Apache kylin™ is an open-source, distributed analytics engine that provides SQL query interface and Multidimensional Analysis (OLAP) capabilities on top of Hadoop to support hyper-scale data, originally developed and contributed by ebay Inc to the open source community. It can query large hive tables in sub-second. From the introduction of the official website, Kylin is an OLAP data query engine, which is c

JavaScript Math. floor (rounded down to the value), math. floor rounded down

JavaScript Math. floor (rounded down to the value), math. floor rounded down JavaScript Math. floor MethodThe Math. floor method is used to round down a value to obtain the maximum integer that is less than or equal to the value. Syntax: Math. floor (x)Parameter descriptio

Issue: Oracle Floor; Result: Oracle rounding and Rounding functions--floor,round,ceil,trunc usage instructions

Label:Oracle's rounding and rounding functions--floor,round,ceil,trunc usage instructions(2011-04-06 16:10:35) reproduced Tags: talk Category: Fade Away floor--the integer digits of a given numberSql> Select Floor (2345.67) from dual;Floor (2345.67)--------------2345 ceil--Returns th

Windows accesses Kylin via VNC

VNC (Virtual Network Computing) is a software for Remote Desktop control. The client's keyboard input and mouse actions are transmitted over the network to the remote server, controlling the operation of the server. The server's graphical interface is transmitted over the network to the client for display to the user. It is like operating the remote server directly in the same way as the local computer. in the in Kylin,VNC consists of the following fo

Kylin Task Scheduling Module

Kylin a lot of different jobs are generated during the run, how are these jobs scheduled for execution? This article analyzes how Kylin is performing concurrent execution of multiple tasks from the source level, and how to use this multithreaded model in other projects. initialization Process First, Kylin uses the spring framework to provide a restful interface

Kylin how to access or invoke the JDBC method

Tags: ETL introduction log Call Blog detail situation Test goodKylin provides a standard ODBC and JDBC interface that can be well integrated with traditional BI tools. Analysts can use the tools they are most familiar with to enjoy the Kylin brought fast. We can also customize it to develop reports, etc., the Kylin as a database server on the line. First, let's take a look at the URL format of the connectio

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