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[Fzyzoj 1320] LA

Label:P1320--LaTime limit: 1000MSMemory Limit: 131072KBDescriptionLa on the note to write n 16 binary number of a line, for some reason can only retain k, this k number of the original relative order remains unchanged, hoping to get as large as

UVA 11636 Hello world,la 3602 DNA Consensus string,uva 10970 Big chocolate,uva 10340 All in All,uva 11039 Building Designi Ng

Label:The course is very tight, can only brush some water problem, almost are greedy.UVA 11636 Hello WorldThe answer to the power of two is that the binary length minus 1, not the power of two is the binary length.#include <cstdio>intMain ()

An extension of the Nim game--51nod 1661 game on the blackboard +la 5059 Playing with stones__ number theory

A few days ago did a topic, is a NIM game expansion, also can not say expand it, just say another common state. Problem Introduction: Given n heaps of stones, each stone has VI (1<=VI<=1E5), each can take a pile of some of the stones, so that t

Tree-like array + bitwise operations LA 4013 A Sequence of Numbers

Label:Topic PortalTest instructions: N number, two operations, one is each number plus X, second is the number of query & (1 << T) = = 1Analysis: Because the accumulation is always, so can be processed offline. The tree array point is c[16]

LA 3357 (recursive search rule) pinary

Label:n bits do not contain leading 0 without a number of consecutive 1 total fib (n), FIB (n) is the Fibonacci sequence.So you can preprocess the FIB prefix and look for the nth number is the K-digit number, and then recursively calculate how many

DP (Memory Search) + AC automaton LA 4126 Password Suspects

Label:Topic PortalTest Instructions: Training guide P250Analysis: DFS memory search, the range or the graph is a known string composition of the automaton diagram, then by | (1 << i) denotes the inclusion of the I string, if the length is Len,

LA-2678 (ruler)

Label:Test instructionsIn a sequence of length n, find the shortest length sequence so that it is greater than or equal to s;Ideas:pointer, water problem;AC Code:#include <bits/stdc++.h>/*#include <vector> #include <iostream>

Simple geometry (half-plane intersection + dichotomy) LA 3890 Most distant points from the Sea

Label:Topic PortalTest instructions: The small island of the convex polygon in the sea, ask the island's point to the sea farthest distance.Analysis: Training Guide P279, two-point answer, and then the entire polygon to internal contraction, if the

LA 4108 (segment tree)

Label:Interval update + statistical update length Just a little bit of attention, T. #include <bits/stdc++.h>#defineLson L, M, rt<<1#defineRson m+1, R, rt<<1|1using namespacestd;Const intMAXN =100000+131;intma[maxn<<2],

AC automaton LA 4670 dominating Patterns

Label:Topic PortalTest instructions: South of Training (P216)Analysis: To find the most occurrences of the string, then each string map id,cnt record the maximum number of times can be.#include <bits/stdc++.h>using namespace Std;const int N = +

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