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Moe Phoenix Code generator && Decoder ver.1.3

Label:[6]9[3]42[8]3[1][5]326[2]56[4][1]9[4]81[3][3]-[9]21[2]9[5][2]3161[-]53[1]6[4]5[6]37[9][9]-[3]7[8]8[3]9↓[-][8]3 [1]1[3]0[1]55-[5]7[1]-4[0]2[-][7]1[1]93[0]2-4[1][9]-26[2]5[1]2[9]-74[9]4[1]9↑[-]7[7][4]4[5]-4[3][1]4[5]7[4]9[5 ]33[0]4[7]53[1]92[4]8[

"Bzoj" 2875: [Noi2012] random number generator (matrix multiplication + fast multiply)

Tags: des blog http io ar os sp for on words are easy to see ..... I'm not going to write it. It's too much water.Then multiply Longlong will overflow ... So we're using a fast ride ... is to

Various soft core processor binary files FPGA initialization File Generator program

Label:Whether it is MIPS, Nios II, Microblaze, MSP430, 8051, OpenRISC, OpenSPARC, leon2/leon3, etc. soft core processor, When implemented on an FPGA, we typically need a portion of the on-chip RAM storage bootloader, which can be used with GCC

Lightoj 1295 Lighting System Design DP

Tags: dpLinks: System Design PDF (中文版) Statistics Forum Time Limit: 2 second (s) Memory Limit: MB You is

JavaScript Object-Oriented programming

Label:Write the project need to put JS package processing, otherwise very messy. Then think of the front-end big God Ruan a peak, to blog search for a while really have harvestReference article:Three ways JavaScript defines classes (Class)

Yield usage in Python

Label:16.yield UseList derivation and builder expressionsWhen we create a list, we create an object that we can iterate over: >>> squares=[n*n forn in range(3)]>>> for

Python Standard library 3.4.3-random

Label:9.6.Random-generate pseudo-random numbersSource Code: lib/ This module implements pseudo-random number generators for various distributions.This module implements pseudo-random number generation and various distributions For

Python Basic Note

Tags: pythonOccasionally do something with Python, with a long time, and do not remember, and sometimes even the basic grammar are forgotten, here recorded in a piece of paper, convenient to view. Also covers more practical content, easy to twist (I

Antlr#1: Describe a simple calculator

Tags: ANTLR compiler lexer ParserWhat the hell is ANTLR? Citing the official website's instructions, What is ANTLR? ANTLR (another Tool for Language recognition) are a powerful parser generator for reading, processing, executing, or

50 lines of code to implement the network Gan_gan of confrontation generation

Turn the arrogant cow dev Nag. Dev Nag is a former Google senior engineer, AI start-up Wavefront founder and CTO, this article describes how he used less than 50 lines of code, on the Pytorch platform to complete the training of GAN. In 2014, Ian Goo

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