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ZZ:/etc/fstab file explanation

Http:// Many people often modify the/etc/fstab file, but many of them are not clear about the meaning of the file, as long as they follow a certain pattern, you can easily add a row of mounting


/Etc/fstab official documentation 1. What is fstab? 2 fstab file example 3 fstab file Composition 4. File System ID 4.1 Kernel naming 4.2 UUID 4.3 Label 5. Suggestions 5.1 atime Parameters 5.2 tmpfs 5.2.1

Fstab file in Linux

/Etc/fstab is a file used to store static information of the file system. In the/etc/directory, you can run the command less/etc/fstab to view the changes. if you want to modify the changes, run the command vi/etc/fstab to modify the changes. When

/Etc/fstab file details

Fstab (/etc/fstab) is an important configuration file in Linux. It contains detailed information about the file system and storage devices mounted at startup. The following is the fstab file on my machine: LABEL //

Fstab Document Detailed

Fstab Document Detailed Note: The iocharset=cp936 of sled is Iocharset=utf8 1 function of the Fstab file File/etc/fstab Store file system information in the system. When the file is set correctly, you can load a file system with the

"Turn"/etc/fstab function detailed

"Turn"/etc/fstab function detailedRecently went to the customer site, encountered a question about mount file /etc/fstab file, wrote a /etc/fstab file of the role of each parameter in the meaning of a file. Please correct me if you have any

Fstab automatic mounting file, fstab mount file

Fstab automatic mounting file, fstab mount file Stat view Timestamp Tip: the local system is usually mounted in fstab, and the two columns at the end do not use 1, 0 0.Fstab file description:Column 1: the device to be mounted (such as/dev/sda) or

Fstab File settings

1fstab files/etc/fstab files store the file system information in the system. When the file is correctly set, you can use the mount/directoryname command to load a file system. each file system corresponds to an independent line, fields in each row

Linux Disk Management four--(3) Mount mount,/etc/fstab configuration file

When we are finished, and the file system is formatted, the last mount Mount is mounted and the disk device is ready to use.One, what is Mount, uninstallAny block device cannot be accessed directly, and must be mounted on the directory to

/Etc/fstab file analysis (version 2), etcfstab

/Etc/fstab file analysis (version 2), etcfstab/Etc/fstab file Analysis   As mentioned above, the new partition will expire after the system is restarted. To take effect permanently, you need to write it to the/etc/fstab file.   I./etc/fstab file

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