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Differences between simplified HTML form label and normal syntax

CodeDemo and download:   Complete label syntax in HTML form, using: Gender: Abbreviated as: Gender: Conclusion: GTE IE7, Firefox, and chrome support label shorthand. Click the text to select

Html--b i del a p img H1 H2 h3 h4 h5 h6 HR ol ul label how to use the detailed

DOCTYPE HTML>HTML> Head> MetaCharSet= "UTF-8"> title>title> Head> Body> The parcel size of the B label I tag del tag is the size of the text he refers to (simple package) but the length of the p tag is the entire line

HTML 4.0 Syntax frame label

"Basic concepts of the framework" First of all, let's take a look at this picture on the right-hand side, and I'll use this picture as a commentary, which might be a little clearer. Ok! We can see that this window on the right is divided into 1, 2,

Common syntax for HTML language

1. Introduction to HTML* What is HTML?-Hypertext Markup Language: Hypertext Markup Language, Web language* * Hypertext: Beyond the scope of text, the use of HTML can easily be done* * Tags: all operations of HTML are implemented by tags, tag is tag,*

HTML---A simple label

HTML---A simple labelHTML overview and basic structure HTML overviewHTML is the initials of hypertext mark-up Language, meaning Hypertext Markup Language, hyper-text refers to hyperlinks, tags refers to the label is a language used to make Web pages,

Syntax and attribute settings of the Embed label in html

The help house ( Tutorial recently recognized the embed label due to work requirements. I used to add a flash with him. I never thought about how to use the embed label? This tag is really useful for some video files. Friends who first

Revisit the common label collation of HTML

First, the introduction of HTML1. The relationship between HTML and CSS1. HTML is the carrier of Web content2. CSS style is the expression (used to change the appearance of the content called performance)3. JavaScript is used to achieve the effects

How to underline in HTML? html<u> example of adding underscores to a label

This article mainly introduces the use of the HTML underline u tag, as well as the usage instructions and instance parsing of the HTML U tag, so that you can know the basic usage of HTML u underline tag more quickly. Now let's take a look at this

HTML <radio> radio Button control label usage resolution and how to set default check

The Radio object represents a radio button in an HTML form. A Radio object is created every time it appears. A radio button is one of a set of mutually exclusive option buttons. When a button is selected, the previously selected button becomes

Markdown Basic Syntax description

Overview Brief Introduction MarkdownMarkdown is a lightweight markup language that allows people to write documents in easy-to-read, easy-to-write, plain text format and then convert them into rich HTML pages. --from [Wikipedia]Simply put, markdown

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