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64-bit CentOS 6.0 to build the lamp environment detailed steps _linux

1 . Confirm that the environment required to build the lamp has been installed [ROOT@CENTOS6 ~]# rpm-q make gcc gcc-c++ zlib-devel Libaio Note: installation libpng need zlib-devel need Libaio When installing MySQL

Solution to lamp and related errors in centos6.5

Solution to lamp and related errors in centos6.5 I. Preparations 1. Install the compilation tools gcc and gcc-c ++ To solve the dependency, we recommend that you use yum for installation. If you cannot connect to the Internet, you can use the

What is lamp?

Introduction to "lamp": lamp combination Unstoppable Two years after the market share of the highest release time: 2006-9-27 15:52 Author: Shi Zhijun information Source: Phpchina In 1998, Michael Kunze wrote the term "LAMP" for the German computer

Linux (vii) LAMP environment construction

First, the preparatory work1. Install the compilation tool GCC, gcc-c++Note To resolve dependencies, it is recommended to use Yum installation, if not networked can use the installation CD as a Yum source--1) Edit the Yum configuration file:#

LAMP: Linux + Apache + Mysql + Php Build Environment

LAMP: LinuxApacheMysqlPhp. The combination is collectively referred to as LAMP. Here we will not discuss the independent individuals here. 1, first prepare the software package, as follows: mysql-5.0.22.tar.gzhttpd-2.2.17.tar.gzphp-5.3.5.tar.gz and

Install LAMP in source code in CentOS 6.2

Install LAMP in source code in CentOS 6.2 Purpose Install LAMP in source code mode. Major software version information Linux: CentOS 6.2 32 Apache: 2.2.29 MySQL: 5.6.22 PHP: 5.2.17 Instructions for use All source code packages and one-click

Compile and install LAMP to implement PHP as a module and FastCGI separation-php Tutorial

Compile and install the LAMP source code package to implement PHP as a module and FastCGI separation: Httpd-2.4.9 Apache2.4.9 compile the installation package Apr-1.5.1 Apache Portable Runtime Library

Detailed CentOS5.5 to build PHP environment (best lamp environment) _linux

This article elaborated in the Linux system constructs the PHP environment, because PHP is written by the C language, originally also runs in the Linux system, therefore the Linux is the PHP best environment. For the software used in this article,

2018-2-26 9 weeks 4 lessons LAMP, MySQL installation

11.1 Lamp Architecture Introduction· LAMP = Linux + Apache (httpd) + MySQL + PHPThree characters can be in a machine, can also be separated (httpd and PHP to be together)Apache extracts data from MySQL via PHP module (dynamic request)The process of

LAMP Installation Configuration Apache+php+mysql environment

LAMP installation ConfigurationConfiguring the EnvironmentOperating system: Redhat Enterprise as 4Packages installed: httpd2.0.4, mysql4.1,libxml2.6.16, zlib1.2.1.2,gd2.0.28, libpng1.2.7Description: The various installation instructions on the

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