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Do a PHP landing page, with a PC landing and using the mobile phone landing on the landing page is not the same.

Header (' content-type:text/html; Charset=utf-8 ');//define page encoding as UTF8$is _pc = (Strpos ($agent, ' Windows NT '))? Whether the true:false;//is a PC PC-side$is _mobi = (Strpos ($agent, ' Mobile '))? Whether the true:false;//is a mobile end$is _iphone = (Strpos ($agent, ' iphone ')? Whether true:false;//is an iphone$is _ipad = (Strpos ($agent, ' ipad ')? true:false;//is the ipad$is _android = (Strpos ($agent, ' Android ')? Whether true:false;

Website landing Page Design: A reference example for designing a simple landing page

content. Unnecessary graphics, colors and text will not be added to the landing page to keep the design concise and provide visitors with a clean landing page design layout and necessary information. In a minimalist design landing pa

Web landing page Design tips: Landing interface representation

usually only used, so others are basically not see, but also do not rule out as boring as I am curious about the existence of people, what all want to see, what all want to change. Then the personal landing page design is entirely to express personal feelings, reflect the personality of a place, you do not need to care about its interaction is friendly and so on. Your territory is your decision. Web

What is the landing page? Floor page production, don't out! Advertising platform. _ Landing Page

What the landing page is. In fact, the landing page refers to visitors through other sites or information, click to enter the first page. The main purpose of landing page is to undertak

WordPress on the Custom landing page and disable the own landing page

After using WordPress to create a theme, do not want his own landing page and address.1. Create a new user page to take over the action related to the loginCreate a new page-login.php in the theme root directory, get the user action by action, and then do different processing. Of course, you can just put the login acti

The issue of CAs landing page after long stay in the log back to the landing page

CAS stay on the landing page repeat time too long, resulting in repeated landing situation:After debugging the source code, the following problems are found:Flowhnadleradapter the 183th line error led to spring Direct 302 jump. The error message is as follows:Org.springframework.webflow.execution.repository.NoSuchFlowExecutionException:No flow execution could is

40 Attractive Web page registration page with eye-catching inspiration

It is incredible that a lot of websites form a bad taste in form design. A good registration form design should be confident, calm, however, a good registration page should be very concise and can provide a creative highlight to let you notice the design. Some of the pages listed below are selected because they are interested in illustrations and others because of their simplicity and ease of use. When a visitor registers your site, it is because t

Web Design Reference: Landing page (Landing pages) design examples

Article Description: landing pages are important to help the site convert visitors into sales. Therefore, the message of the product must be clear, the design must be attractive and easy to understand. Landing page design should help to attract visitors to purchase products or services provided by the website. In this article, we compile some interes

Excellent Webpage Design: contact page design that brings you inspiration

When designing a website, we need to consider various aspects, from the header to the foot, from the landing page to the page (about US page), as well as the contact page) all considerations. The contact page is an important part

PHP after landing to jump to the landing page before the realization of ideas and code

php after landing to jump to the front page, the use of $_server global variables can achieve this function, the following has a good example, I hope to help you. Recently hand a small project let me contact with PHP programming, simple landing function has been OK. But in actual use when found a problem: User A To send a link to the user B,b open

PHP after landing to jump to the landing page before the realization of ideas and code _php skills

Recently hand a small project let me contact with PHP programming, simple landing function has been OK. But in actual use when found a problem: User A To send a link to the user B,b open page prompts landing, but after the successful landing, but jump to the home page, not a

SEM Medical PPC Hand Four two-dial high conversion landing page

The author of the February 14 "Sem of medical SEO eyes aimed at the user behind the search engine", focusing on the user experience from the perspective of the implementation of the various strategies of SEO. Have friends ask, medical seo or SEO should be what the main goal. I think this problem is not an individual can answer, this should be said to be a very big topic, even can be said to involve the whole SEO industry trend. The Times can create history, web1.0, web2.0 seo, mainly for the ran

Landing page design for 14 special core websites

In the past few years, the beautiful landing page has witnessed a real shift in design trends. Whether it's iphone apps, web apps, services, or real-world products, the barriers to landing page design are escalating. I think a lot of startups have played a big part. In a start-up world, the opportunity to give a first

Enterprise website to obtain high conversion rate must rely on landing page and Traffic page (next)

The last article discusses some ways to improve the conversion rate of landing pages from the landing page that enterprises must pay attention to. And for an enterprise to improve the landing page is equivalent to open the façade of the enterprise, which is like a hotel has

How to tell whether the page is refreshed or closed, background: Vue project, requirements: Close the page, next time jump to the landing page

the page closes, only the onbeforeunload event is executed. So how do you tell if the browser is off or refreshing? I've been experimenting with all the times on the Internet. Second, wit's judgment page refresh or close Key: The OnLoad method is executed after the refresh completes, and the cookie is emptied according to the session flag variable. My idea is: refresh and close, regardless of which browse

How to use python,c# and other languages to achieve crawl static Web page + Crawl Dynamic Web page + analog landing site __python

Turn from: Http:// webpage_content_emulate_login_website/ background In the Network, Web page, site processing, a lot of people have encountered, want to use a language (python,c#, etc.), to achieve some needs, common have these categories: Want to from a static web page, extract some content want to crawl

Android Notes-4-implement landing page and jump and simple registration page

implement landing page and jump and simple registration pageFirst, let's look at the XML code for the layout login.xml  Let's look at the first line, which is mainly about XML version information and encoding format. The next is the point, the code is written, we can see how the layout of the code is also easy to debug, then this time need to click on the graphical layout below, this is a visual editing win

Design of "door"-web-end landing page in Web page

The login page is the entrance of the user into the site, just as we enter the home, into the company's "door." Imagine that we are in an environment surrounded by doors, we will choose which door to push away? Where does this door appeal to us? Can we find the handle to this door exactly? In fact, these problems also apply to the login page, for the landing

httpd2.2 (CENTOS6) Configuration authentication Landing page, based on document authentication (basic), virtual host-specific configuration and built-in status page configuration

First, basic certification:(1) Define a security domainOptions NoneAllowOverride NoneAuthType BasicAuthName "STRING"AuthUserFile "/path/to/httpd_user_passwd_file"Require User username1 UserName2 ...Allow all users in the account file to log in to access: Require Valid-user(2) Provide account and password storage (text file) using HTPASSWD command to managehtpasswd [Options] passwordfile username-C: Automatically create passwordfile, so it should only be used when the first user is added;-M:MD5 E

LP (Landing page) page Analysis: Balancing user experience and business requirements

Web page Production WEBJX article introduction: The impact of the form page content on the user churn rate. This data is from HubSpot and is analyzed for 40,000 LP (landing page) pages. Very interesting. The main purpose of the LP page is to collect user informat

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