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Problems with Flex security sandbox encountered in development

There are several solutions to the problem of security sandbox encountered in development:1.The player can use wildcard characters above 8.0 “*” To allow all ("*");If you want to allow multiple domains,

[Flex] Adobe Flex/air learning route (data in flex Part 1)

See: for details The full text is as follows:The article Adobe Flex/air learning route (Control in the flex part) introduces some experience in learning flex controls. Now I

Turn: What every Flash developer should know

Document directory 1. Elastic runway model 2. FlexSDK, mxmlc, compc... 3. Player events, custom events, and event bubbles 4. Statements, keywords, and commands 5. ASDoc 6. Manage visual resources (images, fonts, CSS, etc) 7. Understanding

China flex builder 3 help document

Recently, Adobe officially released the Flex 3 Chinese Document help, but it does not provide package download. Fortunately, some online users have made their own Download CHM, Very convenient. Now let's talk about how to turn the help of flex

AS3.0 Overview – Understanding the changes in AS3.0

With the introduction of some relevant data to as3.0, one might think that it is another language. Where is the fundamental change, and what is it? Now we need to relax a little bit. If you are familiar with as2.0, then it changes not very much, and

Tracking audio waveforms with Flash9 AS3

Actionscript 3.0 provides a new feature that uses ByteArray, Soundmixer. The code is as follows: function func (a:number) { Return num * Math.sin (a); } function Drawfunction (func:function, Thickness:number, Color:number) { Graphics.linestyle

About flex shielding default right-click menu, capture right-click events

About flex shielding default right-click menu, capture right-click events   JScript code 1 . If you are a desktop application Monitors the mouseevent. right_click event of an event. For example, you can right-click an event to

How Does Flex pop out the warning dialog box alert

Posted on May 7, 2010 by hubertfc Maxcompute:Alert. Show (text, title, flags, parent, eventhandler, iconclass, defaultbuttonflag) Data Statistics description: Text: The text that alert will showTitle: The title of the publish window.Flags: click

Flex Study Notes graphics

    The graphics class contains a set of methods that can be used to create vector shapes. Display objects that can be drawn include Sprite and shape objects. Each of these classes includesGraphicsIs a graphics object. The following are some

About loaderinfo In Flex

The loaderinfo class provides information about loaded SWF files or image files (JPEG, GIF, or PNG. The loaderinfo object can be used for any Display object. The information provided includes the loading progress, loading program URL and loading

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