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[RK_2014_0919] Linux Kernel Hacking, hacking

[RK_2014_0919] Linux Kernel Hacking, hackingKernelBuild Guide to building the Linux kernel.Where do I find the kernel? The latest source code for the Linux kernel is kept on you can either download the full source code as a tar ball (not

[Think] How to Become a hacker

ThisArticleHe is a work by Mr. Eric Raymond and translated from Ken Lee into Chinese. How to become a hacker why does this article exist? As the author of jargon file, I often receive emails from enthusiastic new online players asking, "How can I

How to become a hacker -- Eric S. Raymond

How to become a hacker by Eric S. Raymond Copyright? 2001 by Eric S. Raymond Translation: Barret translation level is limited. Thank you for your advice. My email is Barret (a), However, do not ask questions about computer technology (I

Hacker White Paper: How to Become a hacker (with FAQs)

Hacker White Paper: How to Become a hacker (with FAQs)OverviewWhy is there this document?What is a hacker?Hacker's attitudeBasic hacker skillsPosition in hacker cultureConnection between hackers and nerdSignificance of styleOther resourcesFAQ

UNIX-based Web server Security Guide

UNIX-based Web server Security Guide One. Security vulnerabilities Vulnerabilities on Web servers can be considered in the following ways: 1. Secret files, directories, or important data that you do not have access to on a Web server. 2. When

How to become a hacker _ security related

Content List Why do you have this document? What is a hacker? The attitude the hacker should have Basic skills of hackers Status in the hacker culture The link between hackers and nerds (Nerd) The meaning of style Other resources FAQ (Frequently

The Essential Skills to becoming a Master Hacker

2 Networking SkillsYou need to understand the basics of networking, such as the following. Dhcp Nat Subnetting IPv4 IPv6 Public v Private IP Dns Routers and switches VLANs OSI model MAC addressing

What are the great resources in the field of information security?

Dry Goods Broadcast! GitHub's most comprehensive penetration testing resources!Online resources:Penetration Testing Resources:Metasploit Unleashed link address-free attack safety Metasploita coursePTES Link address-penetration test execution

Programming style of C language

C language Programming Style: first: Indent formatThe tab is 8 characters, so the indentation is also 8 characters. There are a lot of weird styles, they define the indentation format as 4 characters (set to 2 characters!) Depth, which is as hard to

100 free courses & tutorials for aspiring iPhone app developers

Address: Unless you 've been living under a rock, you know that the iPhone is a big deal and it's one of the most popular subjects of

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