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C # Read ini

Although Microsoft has already suggested replacing the INI file with the Registry in windows, the INI file is still useful in practical applications, especially in the popularity of green software, more and more programs save some configuration

Go C # operation INI file

In a lot of programs, We will see a file with an. ini suffix, this file can be very convenient to set up and read some of the program configuration information, such as when we do a program background login, need to automatically log in or remote

Multi-language menu via ini

I have read the VC knowledge base from the previous article "Implementing multilingual Menus"Article. The method used in that article is to define two menus in the resource, one in English and one in Chinese... IfProgramIt is very inappropriate to

Use the INI file to implement non-flashing multi-language switching

{For example:Procedure tform1.combobox1change (Sender: tobject );BeginSetactivelanguage (combobox1.text );End; Procedure tform1.formcreate (Sender: tobject );BeginCombobox1.items. addstrings (searchmediaagepack );End;} Unit ulanguage;

Example of the INI File

Myinstall script instructions Setup.exe is the installation file.Uninstall.exe is the uninstall file.Setup.bmp is the logo called by setup.exe. The size is 48 × 48 pixels. If not, use the built-in logo.Setup. INI is the installation configuration

PHP Learning Research: PHP. INI configuration file roaming

Generally, you do not need to change the PHP settings. it usually works well according to the default configuration. However, developers who are PHP designers consider that users may occasionally need to adjust some features of the PHP language for

Php. ini full Chinese version _ PHP Tutorial

Php. ini full Chinese version. PHP is still a developing tool, and its functions are still being deleted. ini settings change can reflect a considerable change. before using the new PHP version, study php. ini will use PHP as a continuously

Simple analysis of C # operations INI file

C # language is still more common things, here we mainly introduce C # to INI file operations, including the introduction of the INI file to write operations and so on. C # operations on INI file The INI file is written and is implemented through

Enable disable_functions in php. ini to improve security

Q. I run a small Apache based webserver for my personal use and it is shared with friends and family. however, most script kiddie try to exploit php application such as wordpress using exec (), passthru (), shell_exec (), system () etc functions.

PHP performance optimization Daquan (php. ini), performance optimization php. ini_PHP tutorial

PHP performance optimization Daquan (php. ini), performance optimization php. ini. PHP performance optimization (php. ini), performance optimization php. chapter 1 of ini is aimed at optimizing too many system calls. my optimization is aimed at too

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