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sql:postgresql9.3 Using RETURNS TABLE vs. Out parameters

Http:// Geovin Du Tu--returning a single record using SQL

Considerations for Search_path functions in PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL, like most databases, logically divides the attribution of objects through schemas, as shown in the graph. Because of the concept of schema, when accessing objects in a database, we need to specify which schema is underneath.

PostgreSQL stored procedure returns result set

Recently because the work needs to write a login check function, words not much to say, paste code, because it is just a simple introduction to use, so the core judgment I have all removed.The first requirement is to return only one user ID, so a

PostgreSQL-based API Design

PostgreSQL-based API Design本文档设计思想主要是用于简化API一些重复验证工作,同时固定API入口, 在入口中做请求分发, 以便在入口做一些统计工作以及请求次数限制.-- functionapi_interface(in jsonb, out jsonb); --入口函数(存储过程)api_interface_error(code); -- 统一错误处理函数api_interface_lines(user_id, params, team_id);

Possible useful knowledge in PostgreSQL development

The time can be added and reduced directly in PostgreSQL: Query System Current Time: Select Now ();OrSelect Current_timestamp; SELECT now ():: Timestamp + ' 1 year '; --Current time plus 1 yearsSELECT now ():: Timestamp + ' 1 month '; --Current

Trigger in postgre SQL (instance application, how to back up and update the previous differential data)

There are two tables: user and diff_user_list.   When the user table is added, deleted, modified, and queried, or a field changes, the field is inserted to the diff_user_list table.   The following code stores old records in the diff_user_list table

PostgreSQL stored Procedure debug: PostgreSQL Function NOTICE

Reprinted from a PostgreSQL first (see Supplemental knowledge)Compare Oracle PL/SQLDbms_output.put_line ("This is a log") in PL/SQL; Simple commissioning is possibleOf

A preliminary study of PostgreSQL stored procedure

What is stored procedure, Baidu Encyclopedia is so defined: the stored procedure (Stored Procedure) is in a large database system, a set of SQL statements in order to complete a specific function, stored in the database after the first compilation

Use PL/pgsql to write PostgreSQL stored procedures

Today, I learned how to use PL/pgsql to write the PostgreSQL storage process. There is really little information on the Internet. The only thing I can find is to copy it. I 'd like to copy the PostgreSQL documentation, let's talk about the problem

PostgreSQL Stored Procedure

PostgreSQL Stored Procedure What is a Stored Procedure, which is defined by Baidu Encyclopedia: A Stored Procedure (Stored Procedure) is a set of SQL statements in a large database system to complete specific functions, after the first compilation,

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