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Some basic concepts of PHP are combed

Lou Zhu is a novice who just joined the work, these days just opened the blog Park Weibo, want to through this platform with you to learn and share some technical knowledge.But landlord hesitated for a long time, do not know the first article should

PHP Program Common Vulnerability attack Treasure _php

[Global variables] Variables in PHP do not need to be declared beforehand, they are created automatically the first time they are used, and their types do not need to be specified, and they are determined automatically based on the context. From the

php,21 Century Overlord German writing article, blowing marvellous _php tutorial

Translator Note: This is a German written about PHP "long-winded", the author in the text to the PHP marvellous, a great unified the posture of the lake. And do not care whether it is correct, such a classic "bragging Qiwen" for us these very scared

PHP, an article written by the German overlord of the 21st century, and a PHP Tutorial

PHP, an article written by the German overlord of the 21st century. Note: This is a "long story" about PHP written by Germans. in this article, the author puts PHP's powerful gods in a uniform architecture. Regardless of whether the idea is

Turn [PHP]-performance acceleration-turn on Opcache

Original address: [PHP]-performance acceleration-turn on OpcachePHP7 has been released as the largest version upgrade in PHP10 years, the biggest performance upgrade, PHP7 in the multi-release test showed a significant performance improvementFirst,

[Php extension development and embedded] Chapter 4th-install and build the environment

Now you may have at least one installed php and have used it for web-based application development. you may already have. net Download win32 build and run on iis or windows apache, or use your * nix (Linux, bsd, or other POSIX-compliant releases)

Why is PHP uncomfortable for large systems? _ PHP Tutorial

Why is PHP uncomfortable with large systems. I have been developing PHP applications for the past four years. PHP is indeed very easy to write. However, PHP also has some very serious defects. Next I will give my reasons why PH has been devoted to

[PHP extensions and embedded]-Installation build Environment _php Tutorial

Install the Build environment Now you may have at least one installed PHP and already use it for Web-based application development. You may have been from PHP. NET downloaded Win32 build and run on IIS or Windows version of Apache, or use the

What is a scripting language

To solve this problem, we start with the most basic programming language: For the format requirements, please: Http://51viola.topProgramming Languages Machine language: 0 and 1, human beings can hardly read or understand Assembly

PHP's Prospects and trends

BURLINGAME, Calif message: The simplicity of the PHP scripting language makes it easier to popularize and popularize in Web applications than Java, the pioneer of internet browsing, Marc Andreessen, predicted in Zend/php's Wednesday

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