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Ubuntu Science Computing Package Blas and LAPACK installation

The package is a high-performance linear Algebra computing library, and two packages are generally interdependent, so choose to also describe their installation:The official release is now lacpack-3.5.0.tgz, and the access method is the URL. But not

Compile and use the Lapack package in linux

Compile and use the Lapack package in linux-Linux general technology-Linux programming and kernel information. For details, see the following. 1. Download the source code of the latest version from

LAPACK (1) -- installation and testing

LAPACKLAPACK, short for Linear Algebra PACKage, a high-performance Linear Algebra library, home 1. Installation LAPACK is written in fortran. LAPACKE is its C language interface. If LAPACK is installed first and then

Ubuntu under compilation Installation bundler

Refer to the compiled installation, because the compilation process encountered some problems, the experience to summarize their own!One, bundler source package accessUsing the source

Compile shtools in Ubuntu

Shtools is an open-source library written in FORTRAN that is specifically used to process ball harmonic functions. For more information, see here, all of them are described in detail on the official website. Although they are very detailed, they are

Installing the scientific computing package numpy and SciPy in Python

Installing the scientific computing package numpy and SciPy in Python In Python, the installation of most toolkit is very simple. You only need to execute the "python setup. py install" command. However, the installation process is complicated due

For faster R use Openblas

from: for-faster-r-use-openblas-instead-better-than-atlas-trivial-to-switch-to-on-ubuntu/ installing additional BLAS libraries on Ubuntu For Ubuntu, there are currently three different BLAS options so can be

Armadillo Ubuntu Use note

Linux (Fedora, Ubuntu, Red Hat, SUSE, Debian, etc) Armadillo can work without external libraries. However, to get the most functionality it's recommended to install (in advance) the LAPACK, BLAS and ATLAS libraries, Alon g with the

Installation notes of Trilinos

Installation notes of Trilinos-general Linux technology-Linux programming and kernel information. The following is a detailed description. It was so nice today that I gave the research directory to sudo rm-r, and I didn't want to cry anymore. Simply

Go Caffe build: Frequently asked questions solutions and problems with Ubuntu (continuous update)

Reference URL: statement:When using command-line operations under Linux, be sure to know what the command line means and then execute it, or enter a command if you don't know what happens next, and

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