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PHP Laravel Installation Tutorials Learning Notes

PHP Laravel Installation Tutorials Learning NotesWith all the environment in place, of course you have to start to understand the framework.Standing on the shoulders of giants, learning things will be more effective. I found a good article online

PHP framework Laravel or Codeigniter?

I recently want to build a project. The project is not very large and requires some extension later. The key consideration is performance and development speed. My personal PHP basics are okay. I have only been familiar with Smarty and I am a little

Laravel4 basic tutorial: View, namespace, routing, laravel basic tutorial _ PHP Tutorial

Laravel4 basic tutorial: Views, namespaces, and routes. Laravel4 basic tutorial: View, namespace, and routing; laravel basic tutorial 1. view Separation and nesting run the command phpartisangenerate: viewadmin in the learnlaravel folder. laravel 4

I want to find a firm determination and reason to learn Laravel.

Statement: This problem is caused by the wide opening of my brain and some questions. please forgive me for anything wrong. What did Laravel subvert PHP? is it just to promote Composer? does Laravel's features violate the original intention of PHP?

PHP programmers commonly used 8 Laravel package Laravel 5 Tutorials laravel How to read Laravel development teaches

Laravel is a simple, elegant and fast-developing framework that supports design patterns such as IOC, based on PHP syntax. In the Laravel Frame Development of PHP-related applications, allowing developers to break out of the messy code of noodles,

PHP framework Laravel or CodeIgniter?

I have a project recently, the project is not very large, the need for a certain period of expansion, the key to consider is the speed of performance and development. My personal php base is OK, only contact smarty, a little familiar with MVC, did

Build PHP laravel Framework Tutorial Detailed

I. Installation of Composer The Laravel framework manages code dependencies using Composer (PHP package management tool, reference Composer Chinese document). First, you need to download the Composer PHAR packaging file (composer.phar), download it

A comprehensive explanation of the popular PHP development framework Laravel and a comprehensive explanation of the laravel_PHP tutorial

A comprehensive explanation of the popular PHP development framework Laravel and a comprehensive explanation of laravel. A comprehensive explanation of the popular PHP development framework Laravel and a comprehensive explanation of the main

The core concept of Laravel

工欲善其事, its prerequisite. In the process of developing xblog, a little bit of laravel thought was realized. Indeed, after reading this article you may not be able to write a blog from scratch, but after you know the core concept of laravel, when you

How to install the PHP framework Laravel on CentOS7/Ubuntu15.04

Hello everyone, how to install the PHP framework Laravel on CentOS7Ubuntu15.04. This article will describe how to install Laravel on CentOS 7/Ubuntu 15.04. If you are a PHP Web developer, you do not need to consider how to choose from a wide array

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