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Legendary programmer Larry Wall: Perl fun

Author: hoowa Source: AKA magazine "How did Larry Wall invent a messy programming language-and then changed the Web landscape? " Larrywall smiled and recalled the message that David Filo, the co-founder of Yahoo, sent to him a few years ago, shortly before Yahoo was publicly available. file wrote: "Without Perl, the general programming language invented by wall, Yahoo cannot begin. so, Larry, are you will

Larry pages University of Michigan speech

Speech at the graduation ceremony of the University of Michigan by Google founder Larry pages/Larry Page English Moderate Time of Beijing of dispatch of sina science and technology on May 5 message, according to foreign media coverage, author of cereal song combination pulls Lipeiji (Larry Page) was in a few days ago Mixiegen made a presentat

Larry herison _ Yale University speech

English Moderate Graduates of Yale University, I apologize if you have endured this type of prologue before, but I want you to do something for me. please, take a good look around you. look at the classmate on your left. look at the classmate on your right. now, consider this: five years from now, 10 years from now, even thirty years from now, odds are the person on your left is going to be a loser. the person on your right, meanwhile, will also be a loser.And you, in the middle? Wha

Google's founder and CEO Larry Page's Untold Story

Google's founder and CEO Larry Page's Untold StoryOne day in July 2001, Larry Page decided to dismiss Google's project manager. All the project managers.Larry Page was a 22-year-old Stanford graduate student at the time, just five years after he thought of an idea in the middle of the night. Based on this idea, he can download the entire Internet, view links on different pages, and then be able to view the

Larry Stefonic, senior vice president of MySQL

Hello everyone! My name is Larry stefonic. I am the senior vice president of MySQL. I am very happy to meet you here to introduce MySQL's enterprise-level applications and development in China. (PPT) First, let's take a look at people's attitudes towards open-source software. This is a survey report from Gartner, an authoritative research agency, ask enterprise users who want to transfer their own database from proprietary database to open-source data

Help business personnel interpret the results of Larry Ellison's meeting

-managed clusters to simplify node management and explore the network plug-and-play function of cluster technology in Oracle Database Grid infrastructure ". Let's face the reality: the Oracle openworld Conference mainly targets technicians, developers, chief information officers, and sales personnel. So what should you do if you are a business engineer and are faced with Oracle experts of up to 50 thousand people and what they say makes you confused? From time to time, the major news announced a

Larry's Array problem solving ideas and process

First throw the link Https:// first thought is: Find the minimum value from the sequence and determine the position of the minimum value.1. If the position of the minimum value is in the first digit of

Hackerrank "Larry's Array"

I caught the sparkle in my mind and got AC1! It is a great great experience!So the basic Idea:permute on 3 consecutive items doesn ' t change the parity of the No. of inversions. Each permutation can is only remove 0 or 2 inversions. So we say "YES"

RoundCube Webmail Larry skin HTML code injection vulnerability

Release date:Updated on: 2012-09-05 Affected Systems:RoundCube Webmail 0.xDescription:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bugtraq id: 55067 RoundCube Webmail is a browser-based IMAP client. RoundCube

Larry pages: If you're not crazy, you will do something wrong.

Http://   I have been worried that there may be serious mistakes in the way we operate the company. I often see reports about Google, or read reports about the technology field. The topics I talk about

What is Perl? Programming language Perl detailed introduction to _perl

Perl's original designer was Larry Wall (Larry Wall), which was published on December 18, 1987. Perl borrows the features of C, sed, awk, shell scripting, and many other programming languages. Larry Wall Published version 1.0 of the Perl scripting language in newsgroup comp.sources.misc, when he was a programmer at Unisys company. Perl borrowed from the features

MySQL read/write splitting

-mysql/mysql-proxy-0.8.2-linux-glibc2.3-x86-64bit.tar.gz /opt [root @ serv01 opt] # tar-xvf mysql-proxy-0.8.2-linux-glibc2.3-x86-64bit.tar.gz-C/usr/local/[root @ serv01 opt] # cd/usr/local/[root @ serv01 local] # music mysql-proxy-0.8.2-linux-glibc2.3-x86-64bit/mysql-proxy [root @ serv01 local] # ll mysql-proxy/total 24drwxr-xr-x. 2 7157 wheel 4096 Aug 17 2011 bindrwxr-xr-x. 2 7157 wheel 4096 Aug 17 2011 includedrwxr-xr-x. 4 7157 wheel 4096 Aug 17 2011 libdrwxr-xr-x. 2 7157 wheel 4

"Turn" BitKeeper and Linux,git prehistoric trivia relationship between BitKeeper and Linux, which lasted for several years, eventually fell into the Hollywood star marriage-style finale. They used to complement each other, but finally came to this point of regret. Kerneltrap this feature:no more free BitKeeper made a complete review. (adapted from the original)In December 1999, the Linux PowerPC project first started using bitkeeper--, a non-open source but conditionally free version control tool. By Feb

Avoid five data security risks

If the enterprise thinks its data store is very safe, then it is a big mistake. At present, the problem of enterprise data leakage is very prominent, here we introduce five kinds of common data security risk, and give the suggestion of avoiding risk. Let's think about one question: What is the biggest security threat to corporate data? If your answer is a hacker attack or an IT staff violation, that's not exactly true. Indeed, the hacker's malicious attack can always arouse people's high attent

MySQL database backup set up the method of delayed backup (MySQL master-slave configuration) _mysql

authorized user Copy Code code as follows: Mysql> grant replication client, replication Slave on *.* of ' Larry ' @ ' 192.168.1.% ' identified by ' Larry '; Step fourth, serv08 Modify master settings, open Slave, view slave status Copy Code code as follows: Mysqlgt; Change Master to -gt; master_host= ' ', -gt; master_user= '

Connect to centos remotely with VNC XP

missing. This is a known error. For more information, see CentOS-5 FAQ. 2. Set unencrypted VNC We will set VNC to three users. They are Larry, Moe, and curly. You need to perform the following steps to set up your VNC Server: Create your VNC user. Set the user's VNC password. Edit server settings. Create and customize xstartup scripts. Guide the VNC service. Test each VNC user. Set the VNC service to automatically enable upon startup. Add s

Clojure Learning 03: Data Structures (Collections)

, and almost all languages that support functional programming have similar methods.The function is to filter out the elements that satisfy the condition to form a new set of returns.The filter function requires two parameters, the first of which is a filter function to check if the element is compliant, and the second is the collection itself. The result returns a list.As in the following example:Example 1:User=> (Def stooges ["Moe" "Larry" "Curly" "

It industry has some weakness in cloud security

According to a survey by the Ponemon Institute, Two-thirds of respondents found it more difficult to protect sensitive data in the cloud.A survey by the Ponemon Institute commissioned by SafeNet said: Most organizations are confused about how to protect sensitive and confidential data in the cloud.Nearly three-fourths (71%) of IT experts believe today's cloud computing is important, with three-fourths (78%)

Redis data types and operations

This article by larrylgq prepared, reproduced please note the Source: Author: Lu guiqiang Email: Strings type The string type is binary secure. Redis strings can contain any data, such as JPG images or serialized objects. From the perspective of internal implementation, the string can be regarded as a byte array, and the maximum value is 1 GB.Struct sdshdr {Long Len; // The length of the BufLong free; // number of av

Redis data types and operations

Redis data types and operations. redis strings can contain any data, such as JPG images or serialized objects. From the perspective of internal implementation, string can be viewed as B Redis data types and operations. redis strings can contain any data, such as jpg images or serialized objects. From the perspective of internal implementation, string can be viewed as B Strings type The string type is binary secure. Redis strings can contain any data, such as jpg images or serialized objects

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