latest version of illustrator for mac

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Latest ways to update to the latest version of Mac under Nodejs

Latest ways to update to the latest version of Mac under NodejsPre-conditions* NPM installed on MacStep One: Install the N module using NPMn modules are specifically designed to manage the Nodejs version of thesudo npm install -g n 1 Tip: If you do no

Install python3.* under Mac (latest version)

Introduction: The Mac system comes with Python, but with the latest version of the current MAC system, for example, the Python version comes with the 2.* version, although it does not affect the operation of the old

The latest version of Android anti-compilation apk file under Mac Notebook

to the user's directory generated this folder, open basic can see all the XML files, absolute leverage.The above is the use of Apktool tools, no in-depth study, it will be this if there is a deep study together.Now do the APK source code research, it will need to use ourDex2jar Tools, official website:Https:// currently the latest version is; dex2jar-, after

Mac Pro installs the latest version of SVN 1.9.4

The system comes with an SVN version of 1.7.2$ svn--versionsvn, version 1.7.22 (r1694152)A bit old, install the latest versionBrew Install SVNBecause the old version is still (not deleted), the system will take precedence over the old version of SVN, configure the environmen

VMware Workstation Pro installs Mac latest system version 10.12.3

win.install in Unlocker does not run successfully, it will not show, the reason for failure please read my other article6, the middle eliminates a part of simple installation operation.7, the system installed after the completion of the key steps.8. Change virtual machine settingsThis changes to the Darwin (Darwin) file under the virtual machine installation directory. Note: Only the system needs to be changed after installation, and must change, because only modify this to update the system. T

Upgrade Ruby to the latest version under Mac

Tags: Environment online oca latest USR variable hint Visio RSAUpgrade Ruby to the latest version under Mac 在安装其他软件的时候 发现ruby的版本过低,现在准备升级夏ruby。View Ruby version命令:ruby --version提示版本如下,确实应该升级了:ruby 2.0.0p481 (2014-05-08 revision 4

Upgrade Python to the latest version on MAC

/bin/pydoc ln-s ${pypath}/bin/python "$new _version"/Usr/bin/python ln-s ${pypath}/bin/pythonw "$new _version"/usr/bin/pythonw ln-s ${pypath}/bin/python "$new _version" M-config/usr/bin/python-config python_param_list= ' cd/usr/local/bin ls-al |grep "python" |awk ' ORS= "" {p Rint $9} ' #第7步修复其他链接 for i in $python _param_list;do echo "info: $i" rm-f/usr/local/bin/${i} ln-sv/system/l ibrary/frameworks/python.framework/versions/"$new _version"/bin/${i}/usr/local/bin/${i} done #第8步. Environment v

Charles Proxy Latest v4.2 Mac, Win64, Win32 cracked version

1. Download Charles Proxy 4.2, Baidu Cloud disk download or go to the official website to download2. Open Charles once after installation (Windows edition can ignore this step)3. Download the cracked file on this website ( Charles.jar4. Replace the Charles.jar in the original folder MAC:/applications/ Windows:c:\program Files\charles\lib\charles.jar Congratulations! Crack Regis

Mac upgrade Bash to the latest version

The Mac comes with Bash 3.2, and the latest bash is 4.9 and needs to be upgraded to support new features like associative arrays.1. Brew Install Bash2, install into the/usr/local/bin/bash inside. You can complete the boot using the new version of Bash by modifying the/etc/shells file.3, however, can not change the version

2016-1-1 the latest version of the Linphone-android on the Mac successfully, while establishing the idea project

Although reference to this article "MAC OS compiled Android version Linphone SDK and app",, but in the actual compilation process still encountered a problem, my machine is MAC OSX 10.11.2. The key issue encountered is that although the installation of Grsync, while establishing a link file, let Grsynyc act as rsync, but Grsy

Mac default settings Python3 latest Version environment variable

Preface: If you are installing Python3 through brew, the latest version is python3.7.Enter Python at this time, carriage return, such as the default python2.7 old versionOf course you can also input Python3, enter as new version of python3.7 for the latest installationAs an early patient of intermittent obsessive-compu

WeChat applet test version update announcement: Latest version 0.12.131201

If your mac ends become stuck for no reason or the page debugging is blank, please upgrade the new version. This article will show you the announcement of the beta version of the applet: The latest version 0.12.131201 If your mac

Java Resources Chinese version (awesome latest version)

queries and approximate queries. Website Infinispan: Data storage for high concurrency key values for caching. Website ReleaseA tool for publishing applications in native format. Bintray: Publish binary version Control tool. Can be used in conjunction with MAVEN or Gradle. Open source free version and several commercial charge versions available. Website Central Repository: The larges

The latest Mac OS X 10.12.1 cocoapods installation and Usage Details, 10.12.1cocoapods

The latest Mac OS X 10.12.1 cocoapods installation and Usage Details, 10.12.1cocoapods Cocoapods Official Website: https://cocoapods.org1. What is CocoaPods? When each language develops to a stage, corresponding dependency management tools, such as Maven in Java and npm in nodejs, will appear. With the increasing number of iOS developers, the industry has also seen a tool that provides dependency management

Latest Mac OS X 10.12.1 installation cocoapods and usage details

source for current Ruby)Gem Sources--remove (removes the current ruby source)Gem sources-a (set current Ruby source for my celestial)Gem Sources-l # (see the current Ruby source again)If the terminal output:Current SOURCES * * * proves that Ruby's software source has been set OK.2. Set the gem to the latest versionIf the gem is too old, you can try upgrading the gem with the f

Search for Divine Weapon under Mac Alfred 3.1.1 Latest Harmony Edition

Http:// Mac-Spotlight Search has been very powerful compared to Windows, especially in Mac OS Yosemite, where spotlight has been significantly updated to support simple unit conversions, display search locations in maps, Directly displays the contact information you have searched for and directly searches for media information in the itunes Store, among

Mac installs the latest TensorFlow encounters the pits that record the convenience of posterity

, turning to Libressl, but it still needs OpenSSL when compiling grpcio.Resolution:1. Install BREW:/USR/BIN/RUBY-E "$ (curl-fssl"2. Execution: Brew Install OpenSSL3. Add environment variable: Echo ' Export path= '/usr/local/opt/openssl/bin: $PATH "' >> ~/.bash_profile4. Perform the OpenSSL version again to display OpenSSL, perform which OpenSSL display/usr/local/opt/openssl/bin/openssl

2016 latest Mac under Vscode configuration Golang development Environment Support DEBUG

Online currently can not find a complete Mac under the Golang environment configuration support, I configured the success, now collated to share out.Mac better install Xcode, as if it had dependenciesInstalling homebrewOpen terminal window, paste script execution/usr/bin/ruby-e "$ (curl-fssl"Install the latest

Build openwrt compilation environment record under Mac OS (for the official latest 2015.01.20 trunk)

PrefaceIt has been built in MacOS under the OpenWrt of the compilation environment, did not expect to update to the latest official trunk, the nightmare began. A record of the thinking process and the coping methods are now made.Background KnowledgeOpenWrt recommends using MacPorts to build relevant tools in MacOS. MacOS comes with GCC with the following version information:Configured with:--prefix=/applica

Jad-the latest version

BEOs 5.0 on Intel Platform (245422 bytes)-statically linked.Jad 1.5.7b for Mac OS X (Rhapsody 5.3) on powerpc platform (372317 bytes ).Jad 1.5.7a for Solaris 7 on Intel Platform (252582 bytes)-try the version for Solaris 8 instead.Jad for AIX 4.2 on ibm rs/6000 platform (360970 bytes ). Installation Unzip file into any appropriate directory on your hard drive.This will create two files: -A

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