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CentOS 6.4 system uses Vim-latex typesetting

First, Introduction This tool is about the same as MS Word, and why should I learn it? Pack 13!! About Latex information information on its own Baidu. Second, the choice of tools Tools have a lot of ctex,turbotex,vtex and so on, and I as a vim

Naive Bayesian Classification algorithm (3)

Transferred from: Bayesian is a very good classifier, in the use of naive Bayesian classifier to divide the message there is a simple introduction to naive Bayesian.If a sample

Introduction to using latex to write mathematical formulas

Latex uses a special pattern to typeset mathematical symbols and formulas. The mathematical expression in a paragraph should be placed between (and), $ and $ or begin {math} and end {math. $ C ^ {2} = a ^ {2} + B ^ {2} $ For larger mathematical

A tutorial for writing a simple Lisp interpreter in Python

This article has two purposes: one is to tell the general method of implementing the computer language interpreter, and the other is to show how to use Python to realize a subset of the scheme of Lisp dialect. I refer to my interpreter as Lispy (lis.

A tutorial on writing a simple Lisp interpreter in Python _python

This article has two purposes: one is to describe a common method for implementing a computer language interpreter, and the other is to highlight how to use Python to implement a subset of the Lisp scheme. I refer to my interpreter as Lispy (

Detailed and comprehensive MATLAB drawing tutorial

MATLAB plot The powerful drawing function is one of the characteristics of MATLAB. MATLAB provides a series of drawing functions. You don't need to think too much about drawing details, but you only need to give some basic parameters to obtain the

Drawing of Matlab Two-dimensional drawing

Common two-dimensional graphics commands: Plot: Plotting two-dimensional graphics Loglog: plotting with full logarithmic coordinates SEMILOGX: plotting with semi-logarithmic coordinates (X) Semilogy: Drawing with semi-logarithmic coordinates (Y)

Monte Carlo Approximations

Prepare to summarize a few notes about Markov Chain Monte Carlo.This series of notes is mainly translated from the link given under a Gentle Introduction to Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) article.Monte Carlo Approximationsmonte Carlo approximation

When working with formulas in a Python drawing, solve the problem that the font of \frac{}{} is too small

When using matplotlib drawing to add a formula to a picture, it is generally necessary to use the text or annotate function, combined with latex grammar ' $...$ '.For fractions, if you use \frac{}{} directly, the characters on the numerator

Use a powerful pgfplots drawing package in latex __latex

Http:// Pgfplots Package The Pgfplots package is a powerful tool, based in TikZ, dedicated to create scientific graphs. Contents  [Hide] 1 Introduction 2 the document Preamble 3 2D plots 3.1

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