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Use GIMP (Photoshop under Linux) for easy and free image processing

Use GIMP (Photoshop under Linux) for easy and free image processingAuthor: Making good use of best soft Date: 2013-02-16 Category: 2 image video tag: GIMP, image1. What is GIMP?What is GIMP? The most accurate statement: The GNU image Manipulation program's abbreviation, an image editing handler written in GTK.The easie

Gimp plug-in Structure

Copyright Disclaimer: During reprinting, please use hyperlinks to indicate the original source and author information of the article and this statementHttp:// Gimp is based on the plug-in structure. The plug-in structure features a small amount of content in the core part, and more functions are implemented through the plug-in. Gimp is an image processing program that

A less-brief LATEX tutorial Lshort–a Short Introduction to Latex 2elshort–a shorter introduction to Latex 2e

Lshort started as a translation and rationalisation of a ground-breaking german-language introduction to L at EX. It has since taken in a momentum of its own, and have itself been translated into a number of languages. Thus We have introductory text available to a wide proportion of the user community. The archive holds versions in Bulgarian, Chinese, Dutch, 中文版, Finnish, French,german, Italian, Japanese, KoreaN, Mongolian, Persian, Polish,portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, S

"Latex" Latex small white Primer (1)--How to convert paper illustrations to the *.eps format required for latex

Write in front:In the postgraduate stage of academic children's shoes are likely to come into contact with latex This paper format editing tools, generally when the paper submissions, most journals and conferences will give a latex template, require you to edit your paper in Latex. pdf version. The latex little white h

linux--Installing and Upgrading GIMP

1. Installing and Upgrading GIMP1.1. Do not install or remove GIMP before upgrading1.1.1. Add a software source.sudo add-apt-repository ppa:otto-kesselgulasch/gimp Figure 2 sudo apt-get update Figure 3 1.1.2. Installing GIMP.sudo apt-get install gimp gimp-plugin-regis

How to install GIMP 2.8.16 on Ubuntu 16.04, 15.10, and 14.04

How to install GIMP 2.8.16 on Ubuntu 16.04, 15.10, and 14.04 GIMP image editor 2.8.16 was released on its 20th birthday. The following describes how to install or upgrade GIMP in Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 15.10, Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 12.04 and its derivative versions, such as Linux Mint 17.x/ 13 and Elementary OS Freya. GIMP

Add your own GIMP features

Why use GIMP? One of the most important reasons for using free or open source software is that it provides an opportunity for users to select the product, allowing them to add whatever features they want or need. However, the ability to add attributes is limited by the size and complexity of the project and the nature of the available documents. So while GIMP is one of the most famous and successful Open-s

[Pivotus Notes] gimp experiences

1. Gimp introduction: Gimp is a cross-platform image processing program. Gimp is the abbreviation of GNU Image Manipulation Program. Gimp can meet various image processing requirements, including photo polishing, image synthesis, and image creation. Gimp has many functions,

GimpPaintStudio: wings your Gimp

GimpPaintStudio can add a series of paint toolbox and more for your gimp to bring your work to the next level. Let's take installing GimpPaintStudiobeta in Ubuntu10.10 as an example. Unzip the. ZIP file and move the file to the corresponding gimp folder. You can see the location of the target folder in our system... Note: before moving the GimpPaintStudio file to the corresponding folder,

GIMP Chinese tutorial and topic creation tutorial

GIMP Chinese tutorial and topic creation tutorial-Linux general technology-Linux technology and application information, the following is a detailed description. [I = s] This post was last edited by greatesteclipse GIMP Chinese tutorial and topic creation tutorial Http:// from here GIMP Chinese tutorial

Ubuntu gives up Gimp as a mature Performance

Canonical held a Ubuntu developer Summit (UDS) in Dallas, Texas last week to discuss the development plan for Ubuntu10.04 with attendees. One important thing is that GIMP will no longer be used as the default installer for Ubuntu10.04. Although this decision has aroused a lot of controversy, the basis behind the withdrawal of the default program GIMP is indeed very good. Many industry analysts believe that,

The culture of Debian GIMP, the Chinese installation

Because the working environment is all under Debian, so sometimes you have to use the change map, no PS, just gimp instead. Installation #aptitude Install GIMP Chinese. Go to csdn here to download, do not integrate the After decompression, put the /usr/share/locale/zh_cn/lc_messages Replace Now you can open the Chinese version of

A powerful image processing tool in Ubuntu: GIMP [group chart]

Ubuntu8.04 comes with a powerful graphic image processing tool, GIMP, which is comparable to AdobePhotoshop in Windows. It is often compared to open-source Photoshop. In a sense, perhaps more powerful. GIMP helps you create and process images to meet your needs! GIMP includes functions and plug-ins of other well-known image processing software. If you need to use

How to install GIMP 2.8.16 (similar to PS software) in Ubuntu 16.04,15.10,14.04

The GIMP Image editor 2.8.16 version was released on its 20 birthday. Here's how to install or upgrade GIMP in ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 15.10, Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 12.04 and its derivative versions, such as Linux Mint 17.X/13, Elementary OS Freya. GIMP 2.8.16 supports layer groups in Openraster files, fixes layer group support in PSD and various user interface improv

Ubuntu16.04 Install GIMP tutorial

The GIMP 2.8.16 supports the layer groups in the Openraster file, fixes the layer group support in the PSD and various user interface improvements, fixes the build system on OS X, and more new changes. Please read the official statement. GIMP Image Editor 2.8,16 How to install or upgrade Thanks to the Otto Meier,ubuntu PPA, the latest GIMP kit is a

Use GIMP to draw three-dimensional images under Ubuntu7.10

When I was in middle school, I read "Reader". It often comes with 3D computer painting. GIMP now has this plug-in. You can manually create a personalized image and print it out to give it away. In Ubuntu7.10, you can use GIMP to draw your favorite three-dimensional images. You have tried it and I found that some of my friends have already achieved it when I went online. Next we will briefly introduce what t

Use GIMP to draw a 3D stereoscopic image

Use GIMP to draw a 3D three-dimensional diagram-Linux general technology-Linux technology and application information. The following is a detailed description. Preparation: Install the gimp libgimp2.0-dev package I mentioned in the published PDF. Sudo apt-get install libgimp2.0-dev Stereograph-gimp-1.5 plug-in package Compile and install $ Sudo make install Gi

GIMP: A Powerful open-source Photoshop in Ubuntu [group chart]

The Linux operating system is designed to be open-source and free. Ubuntu should be a very good Linux release for domestic users. Most of the software we use in Windows is basically available in Linux, adobe ignores Linux, and its well-known image editing software Photoshop is the most popular software for Linux users. Although google has already begun to provide technical support to Adobe to implement PS/PS2 Linux, but it may take a while to publish it! Okay The Linux operating system is design

[Linux software tutorial] image editing software GIMP Single Window Mode settings

[Linux software tutorial] image editing software GIMP Single Window Mode settings GIMP is known as the PS software of Linux. Although GIMP is not as powerful as PS, it is already the best picture editing software in Linux. It can be installed in the Ubuntu Software Center, after installation, the windows of the software are scattered. The tool list, images, and

GIMP of qinggao-an Open Source world different from PS

GIMP of qinggao-an Open Source world different from PS-Linux general technology-Linux technology and application information. For more information, see the following. (This series of tutorials is dedicated to Sun changyun, who served Marx. From him, I obtained the first PS pirated copy and the last copy .) Although the PS technology cannot be compared with those who rely on it to make money, it is at least a small achievement and is often used to pro

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