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Inserting C language code into latex

Latex is a text-typesetting language that can be formatted with all the effects we want. And the advantage of code layout is easy to modify the plate, so in the text content of the composition, latex application is very extensive.When we need to

LaTeX notes: NFSS that little thing _latex

Zero I do not write "LaTeX notes (a): NFSS that Thing", so that you hope that there are two ... This article is closer to the subject of Texnique. To understand the content of this article, you should at least read Texbook or TeX by topic. One NFSS

Use Latex to write a graduation thesis

Write a beautiful dissertation (from Wloo) in LaTeXHave always felt the need to write such an article, because the degree paper from the format is more like a book, and the composition of the article is different, not only more than the contents of

Quick mastery of Lua 5.3--string Library (3)

Q: Under what circumstances does "pattern" match an empty string?A: Be careful to use * and as - they can match 0 times.-- 如果你打算用"%a*"匹配单词,你会发现到处都是单词。print(string.find(";$% **#$hello13""%a*")) --> 1 0print(string.find(";$% **#$hello13""%a*"6)

Go Summary of font settings in latex

Using the Times New Roman font should use the Txfonts macro package.Use the BM macro package for bold characters./BF converted to Roman, upright shape, blackbody series font attributes.It is converted to Roman, italic, and medium-weight series font

Go Summary of font settings in latex

Using the Times New Roman font should use the Txfonts macro package.Use the BM macro package in bold text./BF into the Roman, upright shape, bold series of font attributes./It converts to a Roman, italic, medium-thick series of font attributes./rm

LaTex mathematical symbols + code running results

\[\Gamma_{ij}^{k}=\frac{1}{2}(\frac{\partial g_{il}}{\partial u^j}+\frac{\partial g_{jl}}{\partial u^i}-\frac{\partial g_{ij}}{\partial

Capture in Lua

Capture Capture is a mechanism in which part of the pattern string can be used to match part of the target string. Enclose the pattern you want to capture in parentheses and specify a capture.When string. Find uses capture, the function returns the

Ubuntu does not have vnc login resolution settings

Ubuntu has no display. The vnc login resolution settings encountered a problem during the test: The VNC was not started successfully, the interface was lost, and the desktop system crashed. Then, execute the following three commands in sequence, and

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