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Several implementations of dynamic routing for PaaS 7 layer

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. absrtact: with the advent of Docker, PaaS, CaaS (Container as A Service), and even DCOs (DataCenter OS) present an explosive development. In PAAs, because instances generally default to dynamic IPs, for 7-layer calls (such as HTTP requests), 7-tier dynamic

Network Layer Routing and Application Layer Routing

Network Layer Routing and Application Layer Routing In the IP connection network, the correct communication between hosts is ensured by the correct routing. Here, the routing is not a hardware router, but a

Two-layer switch when three-layer switch uses one-arm routing to implement VLAN interoperability on layer Two switches

discarded. This creates a great deal of waste. So is there any way to implement the function of the three layer switch on the basis of still using the two layer device?The principle of layer one or three switches:Before we tell you how to solve the problem, we need to first understand how the three-layer switch works.

Layer-4 and layer-7 Load Balancing details, layer-4 and layer-7 Load Balancing

Layer-4 and layer-7 Load Balancing details, layer-4 and layer-7 Load Balancing I. background of SLB: SLB (Server Load balancer): when multiple servers provide the same service, the Server Load balancer device has a virtual service

Layer-3 extension layer-7, layer-3 layer-7

Layer-3 extension layer-7, layer-3 layer-7 In the process of data center cooperation, the idea of three layers (UI--BLL--DAL) is used to expand to seven layers, and SVN is used for cooperative development. During development, da

Principle and difference of two-layer switching, three-layer switching and routing

Two-tier switch:Two-layer switching technology is the development of more mature, two-layer switch is a data link layer device, can identify the MAC address information in the packet, according to the MAC address forwarding, and these MAC addresses and corresponding ports recorded in their own internal address table.Specific as follows:(1) When the switch receive

Layer-3 switching and dynamic routing, half-arm Routing

Labels: routing and switching technology Lab 01: Layer-3 switching and Dynamic Routing Lab Objectives: I. layer-3 switching for communication between different VLANs 2. layer-3 switching and dynamic routing for communication in t

Inter-VLAN Routing: One physical connection per VLAN, one-arm routing, three-layer switching

Inter-VLAN Routing 3 ways: One physical connection per VLAN, one-arm routing, three-layer switching.One physical connection per VLAN: A separate interface is assigned to each VLAN on the router, and a physical link is used to connect to the Layer two switch. When the host between the VLANs needs to communicate, the dat

Concept Analysis: Switching, routing and layer-3 Switching

broadcast to all ports. When the target machine responds to the source machine, the switch can learn which port the target MAC address corresponds, the next time you transmit data, you no longer need to broadcast all ports. The second-layer switch creates and maintains its own address table. Because L2 switches generally have a wide switching bus bandwidth, they can exchange data for many ports at the same time. If a L2 Switch has N ports, and the ba

Layer 3 switching and Routing

increasingly popular requirements for Multi-Point multicast, such as distance vector Multicast Routing Protocol DVMRP ).The layer-3 Switch also supports self-learning. It can automatically discover the ing between the host's IP address and the connection port without using any routing protocol. Once a vswitch is connected to the network, it continuously learns t

In-depth exploration of layer-2 to layer-7 Route Exchange Technology

At present, China's routing industry is developing rapidly, and it also promotes the update and upgrade of the Routing Switching Technology. Next we analyze the layer-2 to layer-7 Routing Switching technology. In the specific netw

Implementation of domain name-based layer-7 Forwarding (NAT + reverse proxy) and layer-7 nat

Implementation of domain name-based layer-7 Forwarding (NAT + reverse proxy) and layer-7 nat In the company's actual office network, because there is only one outbound IP address, port ing is required to provide external services. If multiple services are to be opened to the outside world, this can only be distinguishe

CISCO PT Simulation Experiment (9) Inter-VLAN routing for layer three switches

gateway configuration switch>enswitch#config tswitch (config) #vlan 2Switch (Config-vlan) #vlan 3Switch (Config-vlan) #exitSwitch ( Config) #inter f0/2switch (config-if) #switchport access VLAN 2Switch (config-if) #exitSwitch (config) #inter F0/3switch ( config-if) #sw ac VLAN 3Switch (config-if) #exitSwitch (config) #inter f0/1switch (config-if) #sw mode Trunkswitch ( CONFIG-IF) #endSwitch #show VLANs3560 configuration Switch>enswitch#configtswitch (config) #vlan

Data Center reconstruction-Layer 7 package diagram, reconstruction of Layer 7 Package Diagram

Data Center reconstruction-Layer 7 package diagram, reconstruction of Layer 7 Package Diagram The typical three-tier Data Center reconstruction is changed to seven, with the appearance layer, factory layer, and IDAL

Two methods for communication between different VLANs (single-arm routing and layer-3 Switching)

Two methods for communication between different VLANs (single-arm routing and layer-3 Switching)Test environment: Third data center, second floor, east suburbInvestigational device: Catalyst 2950-24 (SW3)Cisco 2611 (R2)Catalyst 3750 SERIES (with two SD interfaces, S8----SW-2L)Real machine (PC5, PC6 ).Objective::1. Communication between different VLANs through single-arm Routing2. implement communication bet

HTTP Layer--routing

instance with an ID of 1.If the matching model instance does not exist in the database, the HTTP 404 response is automatically generated and returned.Custom parsing logicIf you want to use a custom parsing logic that requires a Route::bind method, the closure passed to bind the method gets the value in the URI request parameter, and returns the class instance that you want to inject in the route:$router->bind (' User ', function ($value) { return app\user::where (' name ', $value)->first ();

Comparison of layer-2 switching and routing technologies

development status is satisfactory. Therefore, the focus of selection is not at this level. However, as the core of the network, there is no substantial breakthrough in the router technology that acts as the interconnection between networks. Therefore, a new routing technology came into being-layer-3 switching technology, which is a routing technology because it

Introduction to Layer 3 IP protocol and Routing

Over the past 20 years, network technology has continued to develop, from the initial X.25, frame relay, to Ethernet, FDDI, to the popular ATM, different technologies provide diverse network options. To achieve network interoperability among various types of LAN and WAN, you need to use the network protocol. The network protocol stack used by the Internet not only has low-level protocol specifications, such as TCP and IP protocols, in addition, high-level applications such as object email, analo

Experiment six using three-layer switch to implement inter-VLAN routing

the packet, finding the route table for routing and forwarding, the three layer switch can realize mutual access between different VLANs by using the Direct connect route. The layer three switch configures the IP address for the interface. The use of SVI (Exchange Virtual Interface) to achieve inter-VLAN interconnection. SVI refers to creating a virtual interfac

Introduction of switching technology from Layer 2 to Layer 7

between subnets, however, the layer-4 exchange technology alone cannot achieve mutual access between subnets. To solve this problem technically, network vendors developed a layer-3 Switch, also known as a router switch, using layer-3 exchange technology. It is a smart combination of traditional switches and routers.To put it simply, the

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