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BenQ (BenQ) fp71e LCD monitor boot black screen Repair process

I haven't written a computer repair experience for a long time, think about it, big things, small things are quick to make me not like people, hehe! Well, today in the shop finally idle down to write a monitor repair feeling, just repaired a benqfp71e LCD screen boot black, the failure of BenQ machine has high pressure

Yiyang finger? Unexpected LCD screen repair highlights

Starting from my job search... er, is it too far away? In short, it is the highlight of the LCD display that the company has provided me after work, that is, the kind of LCD display that Asus claims will never appear in their notebook. The highlight is: in the pure black or white background, the point is always green. Because it is a company computer, no one has

LCD Driver transplantation of linux- kernel LCD touch screen transplantation tslib-1.4 Transplantation

Linux- transplantation LCD Driver LCD touch screen driver tslib-1.4 Before using tslib, your kernel must have an LCD driver and a touch screen driver, This is an LCD Driver transplant: (1) Add header files in arch/ARM/mac

LCD screen boot screen what to do

LCD LCD screen boot, the display of the screen to fulfill the white (screen) fault, this is the boot screen screen fault phenomenon.

5s Jailbreak white Apple how to repair _iphone5s White Apple Repair method tutorial

What is a white apple White Apple is when we restart the iphone you will find that the Apple phone has been stuck on the white Apple, this has been no response, so we call it the white Apple. White Apple Repair method 1, pres

Fix laptop LCD screen bad point

Because of the particularity of the notebook LCD screen, LCD panel in the factory or in the use of the process is very easy to have a bad situation, once encountered them, if the manufacturers have a better policy to protect the point, can be replaced by distributors or return to plant repair, but if within the scope o

How should the notebook LCD screen be maintained and maintained?

of splashing on the LCD and leaving some difficult to clean stains. Tips: For the sake of computer cleaning and your health or eat things to work again, after all, while eating food on your body is also a certain danger. V. Pay attention to prevent the LCD from being scratched A lot of computer users have the habit of using their fingers to point on a computer scree

What should I do if I enable the white screen on my computer and how to solve the white screen?

Based on our experience, we will analyze the troubleshooting ideas of the white screen on the boot screen.1. First split the shell of the LCD screen, and then check whether the screen line interface is loose or not connected. Chec

Required parameters for the customized LCD screen

customer-Customized LCD screen parameters 1, Size: Large LCD LCD screen length and width, small LCD LCD screen length and width 2, display

iOS7 jailbreak after the white Apple how to repair _iphone5 white Apple?

folder software is generally not likely to cause white apple Solving method 1, press the Power off the machine2, press the power supply, at the same time long press volume + key4, always press the volume + key until a lock screen interface, this time into a safe mode5, into the safe mode, before the installation of Plug-ins, themes are invalid, unlock into the desktop6, open Cydia, remove the most recent

What to do with screen and lack of color in LCD monitor

point of the motherboard voltage, to pay attention to the voltage (4.8V), reset voltage (high or low level, according to different models), MCU voltage. If a power supply short circuit, to carefully find short circuit position, there will be PCB board copper foil may be short circuit (2) Find out whether the contact between the MCU and the motherboard is good (3) Check whether the motherboard chip and MCU work, can be used to measure whether the crystal oscillator vibration (4) Replace the M

The difference of TN,HTN,STN type LCD screen

TN,HTN,STN Type LCD screen difference!appearance Differences1.1 TN LCD (Twist nematic Liquid crystal Display) Twisted nematic liquid crystals are generally light gray-bottomed,A glyph or graphic that is displayed as black.The 1.2 HTN LCD (high Twist nematic Liquid Crystal Display) is typically a yellowish green bottom

What to do when the LCD screen appears bright spot

A few days ago, the customer brought a notebook computer, said that the screen appeared bright spots. He started to think it was the video card, but after reinstalling the video driver, the spot still existed. In fact, the LCD screen appears white spots mostly because of the physical damage to the

What to do with LCD screen flashing

In the CRT era, screen flicker is a common fault, usually caused by insufficient refresh frequency of the display card. Many users do not know what the refresh rate is, plus the system default is 60 Hertz, many users often use a lot of years low refresh rate to understand the CRT screen can not flicker. To the liquid crystal display era, environmental protection without radiation, and no flicker and othe

How to detect a LCD screen

value is of course the higher the better. Detect the bad point switch to "system detection → system performance test", in the right pane, you can test the CPU, memory, video card, hard disk, LCD bad point, click the "Check Now" button after "LCD bad check", and then the screen will be full screen in turn to display b

Computer boot screen How to do, boot white screen solution

Computer boot After you have encountered screen phenomenon, boot screen is what caused it, this article for you to introduce some causes of the fault and troubleshooting methods, the following to see the specific content. The cause of the failure of the Power-on monitor screen LCD

What should I do if a white screen fails on the USB drive system?

Recently, small series found a phenomenon, many friends in the reinstallation of the system or installation system, will tend to use a U disk system, whether this is a trend or a habit, we have to say, U disk installed system has become a popular way to the public. However, although this form is good, but also inevitably encounter some problems, such as a friend mentioned, in the installation of the system when encountered white

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