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LA 4513 (Stammering Aliens-Hash for LCP) [Template: hash for LCP], 4513lcp

LA 4513 (Stammering Aliens-Hash for LCP) [Template: hash for LCP], 4513lcp 4513-Stammering AliensDr. ellie Arroway has established contact with an extraterrestrial civilization. however, all efforts to decode their messages have failed so far because, as luck wowould have it, they have stumbled upon a race of stuttering aliens! Her team has found out that, in every long enough message, the most important wo

Python enables green software upgrades, including single-file upgrades and multi-file upgrades

, destzippathtmp) my_copytree (srvzippathtmp, destzippathtmp) # Copy the file you want to upgrade to a target zip file that has been unpacked Destzippat Htmp in print "[Create new Zip file] srv:{0} dest:{1}". Format (destzippathtmp, Outzippath) Zip (destzippathtmp, Outzip Path) # Delete temporary file Shutil.rmtree (srvzippathtmp) if os.path.exists (srvzippathtmp) Else ' Shutil.rmtree (destzippathtmp If Os.path.exists (destzippathtmp) Else ' print ' success "if __name__ = = ' __main__ ': number

LCP data packets of PPP protocol

We have introduced the basic content of the PPP protocol, the PPP data frame and the PPP mode. Here we will explain the content of the LCP data packets of the PPP protocol. Through the previous article, we know that LCP data packets are exchanged during the link establishment phase and are encapsulated in the PPP data frame information domain as the net load of PPP. The content of the information domain is

Suffix array, LCP

, J] and rank [K, I + k] = rank [K, J + K], suffix [2 K, i] = suffix [2 K, J] If rank [K, I] = rank [K, J] and rank [K, I + k] If rank [K, I] In this way, the size of suffix (2 ^ K, I) can be compared within the constant time, so as to sort suffix (2 ^ K, I), and finallyWhen 2 ^ K> N, the size between suffix (2 ^ K, I) is the size between all suffixes. So I figured out the sorting of all suffixes. what is the use? It is mainly used to obtain the longest common prefix (

Understanding ppp and LCP (1)

There are many topics to explain about the PPP protocol. This protocol is also widely used. Here we will focus on the content of LCP. First, let's take a look at the specific architecture of the ppp protocol. I. Overview 1. It is a layer-2 protocol with the same status as HDLC and RARP. 2. PPP architecture: (1) supports multiple upper-layer protocols, such as IP, IPX, and AppleTalk. (2) It includes two Protocols: Network Control Protocol (NCP) an

About LCP negotiation

About LCP negotiationDuring LCP negotiation, the two parties send configure-request to each other and then respond to configure-ack. Either party can send the request to the other party, or the other party can respond.PAP verification process:Two handshakes: when the two links can transmit data to each other, the authenticated Party sends the user name and password of the local end to the authenticated part

About LCP negotiation

Copyright Notice: During reprinting, please use hyperlinks to indicate the original source and author information of the article and this statementHttp:// During LCP negotiation, the two parties send configure-request to each other and then respond to configure-ack.The other party sends a response. PAP verification process:Two handshakes, when the two links can transmit data to each other, the verified Party

HDU 5635--LCP Array —————— "idea question"

LCP ArrayTime limit:4000/2000 MS (java/others) Memory limit:131072/131072 K (java/others)Total submission (s): 830 Accepted Submission (s): 232Problem Descriptionpeter has a strings =s1s 2 sn , letSuffI= Sis I+1 sn Being the suffix start withI-th character ofs. Peter knows the LCP (longest common prefix) of each of the adjacent suffixes which denotes asAI=Lcp

bzoj3277&&bzoj3473 string (sa+ +LCP)

First old routines, we put all the strings together, separated by separators, do SA, find H Array, and the St table for LCP. Then we analyze the topic and we count the answers separately for each string. Suppose we're doing the I-string, starting with the STA in the total string and ending with Ed. What we are asking for is each suffix a[sta...ed],a[sta+1...ed]...a[ed] contribution to the answer and. Suppose we are seeking A[j...ed] to contribute to t

hdu-5635 LCP Array

LCP ArrayTime limit:4000/2000 MS (java/others) Memory limit:131072/131072 K (java/others)Total submission (s): 358 Accepted Submission (s): 102Problem Descriptionpeter has a strings =s1s 2 sn , letSuffI= Sis I+1 sn Being the suffix start withI-th character ofs. Peter knows the LCP (longest common prefix) of each of the adjacent suffixes which denotes asAI=Lcp

HDU 4898 LCP + greedy thinking

Cut a string into k blocks to minimize the largest block in the Lexicographic Order. Orz wjmzbmr. It takes only one day to understand the problem. You can use LCP (longest common prefix) to quickly compare the size of two substrings. It is enough to compare the size of the next character with the common prefix. With this idea, we can first pre-process the LCP (suffix array + record O (2 nlog (2n) + O (N * n

"Bzoj" 1014: [JSOI2008] Martian prefix (splay+hash+ II +LCP) SB wrong tune cry Qaq ... Insert there. Insert to x behind ... I...... Written in the front of the first x ... It's a tune! Good! Long!QaqThe God LCP procedure .... Indicates that only the height of the SA is offline .... This kind of online I just qaq to make a sad expression ...Then worshipped the puzzle .... Good god. Splay Maintenance Interval ... hash+ Two-point maintenance

Hdu 3518 boring counting suffix array LCP

Topic linksTest instructions: A string containing only lowercase letters for a given length of N (n InputAAAAAbabcabbaaaaaa #Output233 idea: The suffix array is applied to solve the SA array and the height array, and then the common prefix length I of the enumeration suffix, because it cannot overlap, so the adjacent height does not satisfy the LCP >= I. write an understanding of the postfix array multiplication algorithm:1. If you want the value of t

Suffix array hash for LCP Bzoj 4310: Flea

The suffix array has not been put in the title Blog. So dug up a write to enrich the next blog by the way to stay as a Board.A string s in which the contents of different substrings have sigma{n-sa[i]+1-h[i]} (oh H[here) is known Height[])So l=1,r= the above Sigma dichotomy is the number of substrings in the dictionary sequence.Then ask S in the K-large substring w: because h[i] is related to i-1, so we have to subtract from N Downto 1,k-=n-sa[i]+1-h[i] to K.Apparently sweep the substring dictio

Suffix array Template/LCP template

1 //suffix array template, Manx size of the arrays2 //the supported operations have a computed suffix array (sa array), which computes the longest common prefix (height array) of the two adjacent elements, using get_height ();3 //calculate the longest common prefix for two suffixes A, and B, first use Lcp_init (), and then call GET_LCP (A, b) to get4 //The following n is the length of the input string +1 (n = strlen (s) + 1), and M is the range of the template m=128 expressed in letters, numbers

The practice of URAL-1297 suffix Arrays LCP application

Test instructions: Finding the longest palindrome stringThis has a special O (n) set of board algorithms, but as an exercise or a suffix array to solve itSimply reverse the same string (in the middle with a sufficiently small and non-appearing character), then enumerate the midpoint of the palindrome, and continue to solve the forward and backward calculation of \ (lcp\) .There's a bug in the template that's been changed.One notable place is the probl

HDU 4691 longest common prefix suffix array +lcp+rmq

Http:// summer, more school races were titled. At that time, there was no suffix arrayToday will be, in fact, its own suffix array combination rmq or to, but, test instructions understand a problem, and then toss it for a long time,,,Here is a brief explanation of the topic, hoping to help the reader to take the last set of data as an exampleMyxophytamyxopodnabnabbednabbingnabit62 {9 1616 1919 2525 3232 37The first two lines do not explain, the topic is

Leetcode LCP (Longest Common Prefix) problem

This is also a simple topic, but the key is test instructions understanding.The title is in the sentence: Write a function to find the longest common prefix string amongst an array of strings.Test instructions is a string array that finds the longest common prefix of all strings in this string array.Note that it is a qualified prefix, not a substring.So, the direct solution is to compare each character by the first string as a benchmark. The algorithm complexity is also obviously O (m*n), M is t

CF 504E Misha and LCP on tree (tree chain + suffix array)

Title Link: Http:// instructions: Give a tree, with a letter on each node. Each query gives two paths, asking the longest common prefix of the strings for both paths.Idea: The tree chain, record each chain of strings, both positive and negative are recorded, forming a large string. Record the position of each chain corresponding to the string in the large string. The suffix array is then evaluated for the large string. The last question is the query on

Ural1297palindrome (suffix array +lcp)

Find the longest palindrome substring, and this problem requires the first appearance, SA+LCP solve. Original idea: First inversion, splicing the original string and the reverse string, and then the longest common prefix of the two, the only thing to note is if there are more than one group to output the first group to appear. The original idea was wrong. Counter example: Zzzdzaadzzz. Can find their own, really not, to the Great God blog under the rea

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