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Linux--Directory service configuration and application (LDAP protocol) (2)

14.5 setting up a master-slave LDAP serverAt some point, you may want to set up multiple LDAP servers in order to load balance the LDAP server. The key issue for setting up multiple LDAP servers is the synchronization of data, using the SLURPD

Use OpenLDAP to build an LDAP Server

Use OpenLDAP to build an LDAP Server On the big data platform, unified account management and authentication for LDAP and Kerberos are essential. The following describes how to use OpenLDAP to build an LDAP server. 1. Install the openldap Software

LDAP installation configuration under ubuntu14.04 Install and configure

https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/openldap-server.htmlIf error occurs in reinstall, try this:"1) sudo apt-get purge slapd2) sudo apt-get install SLAPD ldap-utils" You can configure LDAP after install:When the installation are complete, we


Gerrit IntroductionGerrit is a web-based code review tool built on Git. As you all know, Git is a distributed code versioning tool that is often used in collaborative development work environments where programmers submit their own modified code to

Linux cluster Authentication

When an organization adds applications and services, centralization of authentication and password services can increase security, reduce management overhead, and reduce the burden on developers. However, clustering all services on a single server

Build a RADIUS server in Linux on a detailed

as a network administrator, you need to hold user information for administration for each network device that you need to manage. However, network devices usually only support limited user management functions. Learn how to use an external RADIUS

Use a Linux cluster for uninterrupted authentication

Article Title: Use a Linux cluster for uninterrupted authentication. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open

Configure OPENLDAP service records under Linux __linux

Absrtact: Recent departments need to integrate all the systems, so the leadership said that through the OPENLDAP database to achieve the unified management of all systems, so the need to configure the server on the LDAP service, we choose here is

Configure OpenLDAP to use SSL/TLS to encrypt data communication

OpenLDAPAndOpenSSLIntroductionOpenLDAP is one of the most common directory services. It is an open-source project developed and managed by open-source communities and volunteers. It provides all the functions of directory services, including

Apropos: a powerful help command except man in Linux

Apropos: In Linux, man is a powerful help command except man. in Linux, man is always used, provided that you know how to write this command. What can I do if I want to complete a function but forget the specific command. Newly discovered apropos

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