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Ad/ldap Configuration in JIRA

= = = = Add a LDAP Directory = = =1. Log in JIRA2. Setting3. User Management4. User Directories5. Add Directory (Internal with LDAP authentication, Next)6. To Configure Internal with LDAP authentication User Directory, see the both screenshots


1, First, need to install the configuration OpenLDAP:Yum install OpenLDAP openldap-servers openldap-clients openldap-devel compat-openldapCp/usr/share/openldap-servers/slapd.conf.obsolete/etc/openldap/slapd.confKeep only slapd.conf cert Schem slapd.

Php connection to LDAP Server (ActiveDirectory) and Information Retrieval

LDAP is a Protocol, which is commonly used in the following three solutions: 1NDS (NovellDirectoryServices) 2MicrosoftActiveDirectory3OpenLDAP to implement LDAP, the first step is to design DIT (DirectoryInformationTree ). The following connection

How to operate LDAP using Php

1 LDAP is a protocol used to publish directory information to many different resources. It is usually used as a centralized address book, but it can be more powerful according to the organizer's needs. The most basic form of LDAP is a standard

LDAP Error Codes

Error/data Code Error Description 0 Ldap_success Indicates the requested client operation completed successfully. 1 Ldap_operations_error Indicates an internal error. The server is

What is LDAP?

What is LDAPLDAP LDAP is a protocol used to publish directory information to many different resources. Generally, it is used as a centralized address book, not what LDAP is. LDAP is a protocol used to publish directory information to many different

Add, delete, modify, and query an ad domain account using LDAP

Today, I am in a bad mood. The boss who doesn't know anything has directly modified my needs and confidently said to our R & D staff: "His product manager has done a good job! ", Here, I replied, with so many years of experience as a dog, I still

Installation and use of the LDAP server

Installation and use of the LDAP server-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information. For details, refer to the following section. Install with the source code as the root user Because openldap requires the use of Berkeley DB to

Build an LDAP server in WINDOWS

LDAP server: http://download.bergmans.us/openldap/openldap-2.2.29/openldap-2.2.29-db-4.3.29-openssl-0.9.8a-win32_Setup.exe Modify the include./schema/core. schema in slapd. conf: Include./schema/core. schemaInclude./schema/cosine.

Build an LDAP server in Windows

Http://wiki.zimbra.com/wiki/UNIX_and_Windows_Accounts_in_Zimbra_LDAP_and_Zimbra_Admin_UI   Address: http://mguessan.free.fr/nt/openldap_en.html LDAP server:

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