ldap connection timeout

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Tool Class 2 for encapsulating JNDI operations on LDAP Server

PackageCom. Common. ldapconnection; ImportJava. util. properties; ImportJavax. Naming. context; ImportJavax. Naming. namingexception; ImportJavax. Naming. Directory. dircontext; ImportJavax. Naming. Directory. initialdircontext; ImportOrg.

Encapsulates the tool class _java for JNDI operations LDAP servers

LDAP Operation Encapsulation Class Objective: The user only needs to use the LIST,MAP data structure to encapsulate the operation of the LDAP Class: There are three main classes1 env class contains connection information for LDAP2

LDAP ad domain objectguid objectsid

Package Org. JD. test; import Java. io. unsupportedencodingexception; import Java. SQL. connection; import Java. SQL. drivermanager; import Java. SQL. preparedstatement; import Java. util. hashtable; import Java. util. vector; import javax. naming.

LDAP error message

Ldap_success = 0 // successLdap_operations_error = 1 // operation ErrorLdap_protocol_error = 2 // Protocol ErrorLdap_time_limit_exceeded = 3 // exceeds the maximum time limitLdap_size_limit_exceeded = 4 // exceeds the maximum number of returned

IBM/Lotus Domino and WebSphere Portal: Single Sign-on)

SummaryIBM WebSphere Portal brings great value to IT companies, enabling them to create powerful web applications that allow users to access in a centralized manner and provide personalized information. Companies can benefit from portals, such as

Linux cluster Authentication

When an organization adds applications and services, centralization of authentication and password services can increase security, reduce management overhead, and reduce the burden on developers. However, clustering all services on a single server

Curl--connect-timeout Judging the network Windows batch processing at home and abroad

1. Download the compiled Curlcurl:http://curl.haxx.se/download.html, download and unzip to a directory, use the "Visual Studio Command Prompt (2010)" In the VS developer tool to open the command line,Switch to source directory

A timeout setting for curl in the embedded system FTP download

Reprinted please indicate the source and the author contact: http://blog.csdn.net/mimepp Contact information: Yu Tao A timeout issue in the FTP download process of curl has recently been involved. Record it here. Curl is a good open source for

List of CURL status codes (details)

CURL status code list Status Code Status reason Explanation 0 Normal access 1 Incorrect Protocol Unsupported protocol. This version of cURL does not support this protocol. 2 Initialization

List of CURL status codes (details)

This article provides a detailed analysis of the CURL status code list. For more information, see CURL status code list Status Code Status reason Explanation 0 Normal access 1 Incorrect protocol

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