ldap filter contains

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Using PHP and LDAP to authenticate under Windows and UNIX

My current boss has asked me to provide a standard authentication method for Web services within the enterprise. One of the main problems I encountered was that our company used two main platforms: Unix and. So my first thought was not very

How to configure OPENLDAP and perform LDAP administration tasks

Provide: Zstack Cloud Content Introduction If you are not familiar with the system configuration or know how to get the necessary critical information, then the management task of the OPENLDAP system is indeed a headache. In this tutorial, we'll

What is LDAP?

What is LDAP?LDAP is a lightweight product (lightweight). It is a directory (d) access protocol ). I want to emphasize that LDAP is a database, but not a database. He is a database, because he is a data storage thing. But he is not a database,

Example 2: LDAP Injection

Overview LDAP Injection is an attack used to exploit web based applications that construct LDAP statements based on user input. when an application fails to properly sanitize user input, it's possible to modify LDAP statements using a local proxy.

LDAP prohibits anonymous access

LDAP defaults to allow users to access anonymously, such as: When using the tool connection, check the anonymous binding, do not need to enter USERDN and password may be connected to the LDAP server, but only read and search operations. No

LDAP basic noun explanation (3)

noun explanation objectclassLDAP object class, which is an LDAP built-in data model. Each objectclass has its own data structure, such as we have a "phone book" objectclass, will certainly have a lot of properties (attributes), such as name (UID),

Watch your door-attack data storage (6)-LDAP Blind injection

The first thing to declare is that this article is purely an ignorant view of a little developer without foresight and knowledge, and is intended only for reference in Web system security.Part of the content comes from the web and translation1, some

Installation and use of the LDAP server

Installation and use of the LDAP server-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information. For details, refer to the following section. Install with the source code as the root user Because openldap requires the use of Berkeley DB to

LDAP error message

Ldap_success = 0 // successLdap_operations_error = 1 // operation ErrorLdap_protocol_error = 2 // Protocol ErrorLdap_time_limit_exceeded = 3 // exceeds the maximum time limitLdap_size_limit_exceeded = 4 // exceeds the maximum number of returned

Using Acegi to protect Java applications, part 2nd: Using LDAP directory servers

Implementing access control using ApacheDS and Acegi Having learned the basics of the Acegi security System (ACEGI), we will introduce more advanced applications of the system. In this article, Bilal Siddiqui shows you how to combine the use of

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